Gluten Free Cannon Beach Oregon: The Complete Travel Guide (2023)

Are you looking for the best places to eat gluten free in Cannon Beach Oregon? I’ve got you covered with this detailed gluten free Cannon Beach guide.

Cannon Beach holds a very special place in my heart. I’ve visited multiple times over the years and on my most recent visit, I actually got engaged here (at sunset in front of Haystack Rock!). This is one of my very favorite places in the United States and I know I’ll be returning through the years.

Luckily for me (and anyone else with celiac disease or gluten intolerance) the gluten free Cannon Beach scene is growing. When I first visited Cannon Beach in 2015 there were limited gluten free options, especially ones that were celiac safe. On my most recent visit, however, I dined to my little gluten free heart’s stomach’s content!

Read on for everything you need to know about gluten free Cannon beach restaurants, grocery stores, hotel recommendations, and more! (Oh, and if you’re pairing a visit to Cannon Beach with a trip to Portland, check out my gluten free Portland Oregon guide!).

This gluten free guide was published in 2023.

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A pulled pork sandwich on a gluten free bun in Cannon Beach Oregon.
Just one of the many delicious gluten free meals you can find in Cannon beach… read on…

Gluten Free Cannon Beach Oregon

Cannon Beach is truly a magical place (in my opinion). This is a place for long beach strolls with your morning coffee, exploring tide pools, hiking coastal trails, devouring clam chowder, spotting elk, and finishing the day cozy in your favorite sweater with a beach bonfire.

Oh, and of course eating some really good gluten free food.

I loved Cannon Beach before it had the amazing gluten free options it currently does. Now there’s even more to love! And I want you to love Cannon Beach, too. Hopefully this gluten free Cannon Beach guide can help.

While there aren’t an overwhelming number of celiac-safe places to eat in Cannon Beach, I have put a ☆ next to my very top picks.

Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach
Iconic view of Haystack rock.
Sarah and Dan smiling on Cannon Beach at sunset on their engagement
Dan and I on our engagement on Cannon Beach!!

Gluten free Cannon Beach Map

To help you navigate your way around Cannon Beach, I created this map of gluten free options, color coded by how celiac-safe they are. You can download it to your phone and use it yourself!

Gluten free Cannon Beach map key:

  • Blue: Celiac-safe non-dedicated gluten free restaurants.
  • Gray: Non-dedicated gluten free restaurants that MAY be celiac safe; double check on cross contact.
  • Orange: NOT CELIAC SAFE, yet advertise gluten free options.
  • Yellow: Grocery stores.
  • Maroon house icon: My top recommended places to stay for celiacs.

Dedicated Gluten Free Cannon Beach Restaurants

Unfortunately there are currently (2023) no dedicated gluten free restaurants in Cannon Beach. This is definitely a shame and I’ll keep my eye on developments because there’s definitely a market for it in this little coastal Oregon vacation town.

Don’t worry, though. There are still a couple impressively celiac-safe restaurants in Cannon Beach (see below). And you only have to drive 1.5 hours to Portland, where you have the highest number of 100% gluten free restaurants and bakeries anywhere in the United States!

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Selfie of Sarah and Dan at Cannon Beach.

Non-Dedicated Gluten Free Restaurants in Cannon Beach

Below I’m listing the best restaurants in Cannon Beach that provide gluten free options. I’ve eaten at most of them myself, but added in a few that are on my list for next time, that I think are celiac-friendly.

I’ve listed them roughly in order from most safe to least safe for celiacs (and ended the list with my favorite coffee shop). Read the descriptions because I’ve provided notes about potential cross contact and questions to ask your server!

Public Coast Brewing Company ☆

Public Coast Brewing Company is the #1 place to eat in Cannon Beach if you’re gluten free. Yeah, I said it.

This is an extremely celiac-friendly brewing company where you can get a gluten free version of almost every item on the menu. YES that includes everything fried. They have a dedicated gluten free fryer!

Dan and I actually ate here the night we got engaged (yes, feeding me with delicious gluten free food was part of his plan…). I ordered a juicy burger with a gluten free bun (+$2 extra), a pile of crispy french fries, and gluten free battered onion rings with root beer BBQ sauce!!

Other notable gluten free items on the menu include battered fish and chips, fish tacos, a root beer float, chicken wings, and clam chowder. I found the staff here really knowledgeable of celiac as well. It was such a treat to not have to worry!

Note that the beer here is NOT gluten free, but they usually also have a variety of ciders. I had a local blueberry cider and it was delicious!

Address: Public Coast Brewing Co., 264 Third Street, Cannon Beach, OR

A gluten free Cannon Beach staple: burger and fries at Public Coast Brewing Company.
My gluten free burger and fries at Public Coast Brewing Company.
A dark brown cider in a glass that says Public Coast Brewing Company
(Gluten free) blueberry cider at Public Coast Brewing Co.
Gluten free onion rings
Gluten free sweet onion rings, yes please!!

Seaside Brewing Company (Seaside, Oregon) ☆

Seaside Brewing Company comes in at the #2 best gluten free spot, and that’s only because they’re technically not in Cannon Beach.

Yup, this little craft brewery is actually in the town of Seaside which is a 12 minute drive north of Cannon Beach. However their menu is SO amazing for celiacs that you must make the short drive to eat here (chances are, most people visiting Cannon Beach have a car with them anyway!).

The menu here is very BBQ-focused and much of it is gluten free. There is a dedicated gluten free fryer for everything deep fried.

They also happen to ship in the BEST gluten free brioche buns from a bakery in Portland – yes I triple checked it was gluten free when it was served to me because it just looked too damn good. Our waiter here was incredibly knowledgeable about celiac disease and cross contact and it put me at ease.

I ordered the pulled pork sandwich with Carolina BBQ sauce with pork belly baked beans, a plate of fries, and a cider to wash it all down. Other gluten free options (all labeled on the menu) include fish and chips, burgers, clam chowder, ribs, and brisket.

Address: Seaside Brewing Company, 851 Broadway, Seaside, OR

Gluten free pulled pork sandwich
The pulled pork sandwich with an incredible gluten free brioche bun!!
Gluten free cider
My cider – unfortunately no gluten free beers here!
Gluten free french fries with two glasses of beer and cider in the background
My french fries with “seagull sauce” – cooked in a dedicated gluten free fryer!

Yellow Curry Cozy Thai (Seaside, Oregon)

Yellow Curry Cozy Thai is your next most celiac friendly restaurant in the Cannon Beach area, after those two breweries. Again, this is in Seaside but it’s worth the drive for dinner!

I did not personally get the chance to eat at Yellow Curry Cozy Thai because they were closed during our most recent trip. However, they’re top of my list for next time!

This is a Thai restaurant and most items on the menu are gluten free. Notably, all the sauces are gluten free and they only use gluten free soy sauce! If you eat here, comment below and let me know how it is.

Address: Yellow Curry Cozy Thai, 20 N. Holladay Dr, Seaside, OR

Suzy’s Scoops ☆

Suzy’s Scoops is a cute ice cream shop in Cannon Beach. I had one of my most memorable gluten free experiences here!

I was really craving ice cream and we saw this place. Now, in my experience, ice cream is one of the HARDEST things to find gluten free because cross contact is rampant. However, Dan encouraged me to go in and at least ask some questions.

Well, I asked my gluten free questions, and guess what? Not only was Suzy happy and willing to confirm the ingredients were gluten free, but she also got a fresh scoop and scooped from new, unopened ice cream containers.

And guess what else? She has TWO types of gluten free ice cream cone!!!

This was such a happy surprise for me. It’s not often as a celiac that you get to be spontaneous like this, and have it actually work out. I absolutely recommend Suzy’s Scoops!

Address: Suzy’s Scoops, 231 N Hemlock St #113 Cannon Beach, OR

Opening dates: Please note that Suzy’s Scoops is a seasonal business. They typically close from November-April. Please check their website for the most updated opening dates!

Double scoop ice cream in a gluten free cone with Suzy's Scoops sign in the background
Sarah with her gluten free ice cream smiling in front of sign that says Suzy's Scoops

Tom’s Fish and Chips

Tom’s Fish and Chips is a quick-service seafood place in Cannon Beach where you can get gluten free clam chowder. They are also able to prepare gluten free fish and chips, because there is a dedicated fryer for the fries. However be aware the fish is grilled, not fried and battered.

You can get battered gluten free fish and chips at both Public Coast Brewing and Seaside Brewery, and for that reason I haven’t tried out Tom’s Fish and Chips myself (yet).

Address: Tom’s Fish and Chips, 240 N Hemlock St, Cannon Beach, OR

Dooger’s Seafood and Grill (Seaside, Oregon)

Dooger’s Seafood and Grill is another option in nearby Seaside. This restaurant has been a staple of the Oregon Coast community for over 40 years, and they provide many gluten free options.

According to their website: “With few exceptions we are happy to provide Gluten Free options for our entire menu.” They have gluten free breading for seafood, and state that they will pan fry gluten free dishes instead of grill to prevent cross contact. They even guarantee to always double wash the pans!

Address: Dooger’s Seafood and Grill, 505 Broadway, Seaside, OR

Pizza A’ Fetta

Pizza A’ Fetta is an extremely popular pizzeria in downtown Cannon Beach that offers gluten free pizzas. However there are some important things you need to know.

First, their menu lists 20 flavors of “99% gluten free pizza.” Uhhh… say what? Obviously, pizza (like ice cream) is one of the harder things to prepare gluten free in a non-dedicated environment.

I messaged with them and it turns out that Pizza A’ Fetta WILL take precautions against cross contact: change gloves, clean utensils, clean pan to cook gluten free pizzas, separate storage space for gluten free bases. But they use the same oven and it’s a shared environment with gluten – hence the 99% statement.

I remained uncomfortable with the cross contact situation and ultimately decided not to eat here. I will say that I DID eat a gluten free (crab flavored!!) pizza from Pizza A’ Fetta back in 2015, with no ill effects (to my knowledge at least).

I’ve become both more sensitive to gluten and more cautious of cross contact since then. Plenty of celiacs still eat here, so ultimately it’s up to you.

Address: Pizza A’ Fetta, 231 N Hemlock St, Cannon Beach, OR

Gluten free pizza in Cannon Beach
The gluten free crab pizza I ordered from Pizza A’ Fetta back in 2015.

Ecola Seafood Restaurant & Market

Ecola Seafood Restaurant & Market is probably the most popular place in Cannon Beach to get seafood. You can either order off their menu and dine-in (off paper plates and a plastic tray) or bulk order seafood to go.

The clam chowder here IS gluten free and this is what I ordered back in 2015 (see the photo below – the hush puppies and Texas toast are obviously not mine, lol). I double checked and as of 2023 clam chowder is still listed gluten free on their menu!

Note that there is no dedicated gluten free fryer here nor do they really go out of their way to provide any gluten free option other than clam chowder. You could order the fish tacos on a corn tortilla, potentially, but I think the risk of cross contact is probably high.

Ultimately, this is a good option if your gluten-eating travel companions want to try out seafood from a Cannon Beach staple. You could order the clam chowder and not feel left out.

Address: Ecola Seafood Restaurant & Market, 208 N Spruce St, Cannon Beach, OR

Seafood platter in Cannon Beach Oregon
The clam chowder (upper left) and boiled crab (lower right) are gluten free but that’s it. This is what my family ordered back in 2015.

The Wayfarer Restaurant and Lounge

The Wayfarer Restaurant and Lounge is a more upscale restaurant serving seafood alongside other locally-inspired dishes.

This place has some mixed reviews from a gluten free perspective. Apparently, they used to have gluten free crab cakes but no longer offer this. It seems your best bet here are naturally gluten free dishes like fish, meat, and salads.

For that reason, I didn’t dine here on my most recent trip to Cannon Beach. However it’s a potential option for you, especially if you’re traveling with gluten-eaters. If you eat here, leave me a comment below to say how it was!

Address: The Wayfarer Restaurant and Lounge, 1190 Pacific Dr, Cannon Beach, OR

Pig ‘N Pancake – Potentially Not Celiac Safe

Pig ‘N Pancake is most definitely an Oregon institution. This is a casual breakfast/brunch chain that is local to Oregon with quite a few locations throughout the state.

Disclaimer, I had some absolutely incredible gluten free blueberry pancakes here back in 2015 after a long beach walk… they cooked them in a clean separate pan and it was a wonderful experience. However I’m not sure this place is still celiac safe.

Their menu now lists the pancakes as “gluten friendly.” (I genuinely despise that phrase). The reason for this is the same as Pizza A’ Fetta’s – an abundance of caution related to potential cross contact.

I think your best bet here is to go early or late, at a non-busy time, and ask your server to take precautions and cook your pancakes (or hashbrowns, or whatever you order) in a clean pan. Your experience is probably going to depend on your individual server. It’s definitely worth calling ahead to discuss.

Address: Pig ‘N Pancake, 223 S. Hemlock, Cannon Beach, OR

Gluten free blueberry pancakes
Gluten free blueberry pancakes from Pig ‘N Pancake back in 2015. I opted not to eat here on my most recent visit – but I think it could still be done in a celiac-safe way, depending on your server and communication with them.

Pelican Brewing – Not Celiac Safe

Pelican Brewing is another brewery in Cannon Beach that you may come across because their menu lists quite a few gluten free options: flatbread pizzas, cheeseburger, steaks, and a root beer float.

However, they do not take precautions against cross contact at this restaurant and that makes it a firm NO from me.

I also noticed the menu here has “gluten reduced beer.” The current recommendation is that gluten-removed beer is not safe for celiacs, backed up by this study by the Gluten Intolerance Group and University of Chicago Celiac Research Center.

Address: Pelican Brewing, 1371 S. Hemlock Street, Cannon Beach, OR

Sleepy Monk Coffee Roasters ☆

After going down the ranks of celiac-friendliness in this section, I’ve decided to end on a positive note: COFFEE! Yup, the very best coffee in Cannon Beach can be found at the adorable Sleepy Monk Coffee Roasters.

Every time I’ve visited Cannon Beach, it’s been my morning routine to walk here for a to-go cup, then stroll the beach (and every time, I’ve waited in a friendly line with other people doing the exact same thing). I love this place and its warm, cozy vibes.

One thing you need to know as a celiac is that NOT ALL THEIR SYRUP FLAVORS ARE GLUTEN FREE! I know that on my last visit, their caramel flavor was not gluten free. Please double check before you order any specialty drink! I typically go for a simple cappuccino.

They also sell gluten free baked goods like banana bread, but I personally didn’t feel comfortable ordering them.

Address: Sleepy Monk Coffee Roasters, 1235 S Hemlock St A, Cannon Beach, OR

Coffee to go cup in front of Sleepy Monk Coffee Sign
Sleepy Monk Coffee Roasters sign in Cannon Beach Oregon

More Restaurants in Cannon Beach with Gluten Free Options

There are a lot of other restaurants in Cannon Beach that provide gluten free options, but the tricky part is knowing whether they are celiac safe.

Unfortunately, I find that apps like Find Me Gluten Free and Tripadvisor reviews are useful to a certain point… until they actually make choosing a gluten free restaurant more difficult. Especially in a place like Cannon Beach, you have people writing reviews who consider gluten free a “lifestyle choice.” That makes it challenging to tell which restaurants provide food that is ACTUALLY gluten free.

In an effort to make this gluten free Cannon Beach guide as complete as possible, I’m including some additional restaurants below that, based on my research before our most recent trip, do serve gluten free food.

More Cannon Beach restaurants with gluten free options:
  • Stephanie Inn: A fine-dining restaurant that can accommodate gluten free orders. Apparently, the owner’s son has celiac disease and they offer gluten free bread and other baked goods.
  • Oros Fireside Restaurant: A cozy breakfast/brunch place that according to reviews offers gluten free crab cakes, eggs benedict, and gluten free bread.
  • Osprey Cafe (Seaside): An American-style cafe that lists quite a few gluten free options in their menu online.
  • Driftwood Restaurant & Lounge: One of the longest-running Cannon Beach restaurants. Their menu lists gluten free items, which are all naturally gluten free options.
  • Tsnuami Sandwich Company (POTENTIALLY NOT CELIAC SAFE): A popular sandwich restaurant in Seaside that offers Udi’s gluten free bread, but according to recent reviews they prep all sandwiches in the same place and don’t take any precautions for celiacs anymore.
  • Seasons Cafe (POTENTIALLY NOT CELIAC SAFE): Another cafe and sandwich place that offers gluten free bread and wraps (+$2 extra), however it’s unclear if they take precautions for cross contact based on recent reviews.
  • Mo’s Seafood and Chowder (NOT CELIAC SAFE): Popular seafood place with a very small gluten free menu. Staff is not trained in celiac nor do they follow cross contact precautions.
  • Local Grill & Scoop (NOT CELIAC SAFE): Labels gluten free options and has gluten free bread, however the menu states the “kitchen is not certified gluten free” – whatever that means – and according to reviews they do not do anything about cross contact.
  • Crepe Neptune (NOT CELIAC SAFE): They provide gluten free buckwheat crepes but they are all cooked on the same crepe plate.

If you dine at any of the above restaurants, I would absolutely love for you to leave me a comment below and update on cross contact and your experience!

NOTE | I have NOT eaten at any of the restaurants in this section myself, so the notes above about cross contact are purely from my own research! Please do your own due diligence before dining at any of these restaurants.

Sarah wearing white sweater and jeans facing away from the camera standing in front of Haystack Rock
Haystack rock in Cannon Beach Oregon

Where to Buy Gluten Free Groceries in Cannon Beach 

The truth is there just aren’t quite enough celiac-safe restaurants to comfortably dine out for every meal over a 3+ day trip to Cannon Beach. Plus, you will save money (and energy on the “gluten conversation”) by preparing some of your own meals. Below are the best places to pick up gluten free groceries in Cannon Beach. 

Mariner Market

Mariner Market is the best market in central Cannon Beach. They have lower prices than Fresh Foods (below) and are a decent place to pick up some essentials – however they don’t have a ton of gluten free specialty products.

Address: Mariner Market, 139 N Hemlock St, Cannon Beach, OR

Fresh Foods

Fresh Foods is the place to go for gluten free products and any other gourmet items you may want. This market is in south Cannon Beach so depending on where you’re staying, you may have a long walk or short drive to get here (there is a small parking lot).

There are sooo many gluten free products here – from Tate’s cookies to gluten free breads and more. We picked up breakfast and lunch a few times from here. The prices are pretty high due to the specialty nature of the products they sell.

Address: Fresh Foods, 3401 S Hemlock St, Cannon Beach, OR

Tate's chocolate chip cookies
Gluten free products are pretty intermixed with other groceries at Fresh Foods. I found tons of gluten free cookies!

Where to Stay in Cannon Beach if You’re Gluten Free

While there are some great restaurants to eat gluten free food in Cannon Beach, I do think you’ll feel more comfortable staying at an accommodation with a kitchen. Below are my recommended places to stay in Cannon Beach (I’ve stayed at the first two myself!).

Hidden Villa Cottages

Hidden Villa Cottages is where Dan and I stayed on our most recent trip to Cannon Beach and I highly recommend it for celiacs (or anyone, for that matter)!

First of all, the location is ideal: just a couple blocks from the beach and walking distance to Public Coast Brewing, Sleepy Monk Coffee, and many of the other gluten free restaurants I list above. There’s also a fully equipped kitchen!

This is also one of the very best deals you’ll find for accommodation in Cannon Beach (which is generally an expensive place to stay). Keep in mind that it’s simple and has retro charm, but for the price, location, kitchen, and parking spot, this truly can’t be beat.

Book your stay here.

The full kitchen in our apartment at Hidden Villa Cottages.
The cozy little living room in our apartment at Hidden Villa Cottages.

Grey Whale Inn

The Grey Whale Inn is a little row of apartments just a block from the beach, on the south end of Cannon Beach. It’s away from the hustle and bustle, but still a 5 minute drive to the center of town (or a 35 minute beach walk). The apartments are simple and clean with old-school beach vibes, and most importantly three of them have a kitchenette.

This is where I stayed on my first visit to Cannon Beach back in 2015 and I have incredibly fond memories of this place. Since then the inn has transitioned management to the former managers’ daughter. She did some remodeling (which is why we couldn’t stay here on our most recent visit) and now lists the apartments on Airbnb.

Book your stay here.

The Waves Oceanfront Hotel

The Waves Cannon Beach is a step up in luxury from my other recommendations. It’s an oceanfront hotel with wonderful reviews, hot tub, ocean views from most rooms, and a good location walking distance to many of my recommended gluten free restaurants.

Each room at The Waves has a “kitchenette” but some are better equipped than others. Some kitchenettes are just a mini-fridge, sink, and microwave, whereas others also come with a stove top.

Book your stay here.

The Waves is an oceanfront hotel! Each room comes with a kitchenette- ideal for celiacs. Photo credit: The Waves.
This is an example of a room at The Waves. Notice the small kitchenette in the back has a sink, stovetop with two burners, kettle, microwave, and mini fridge! Photo credit: The Waves.

Gluten Free Cannon Beach Itinerary Example

As celiacs, we often have to plan our trips around where we’re going to get our next gluten free meal. This can be frustrating and overwhelming. That’s exactly why I started writing “gluten free itineraries” with my San Francisco gluten free guide and Portland gluten free guide – and I got feedback that they were really helpful!

Below is my suggested three day itinerary for anyone who’s gluten free in Cannon Beach.

3 Day Itinerary for Celiacs in Cannon Beach

Day 1

Arrive to Cannon Beach and check into your accommodation – I recommend Hidden Villa Cottages (budget), The Waves Oceanfront (luxury), or another option with a kitchen. Then, drive to Fresh Foods and pick up some gluten free specialty groceries for your stay. Walk down Warren Way to the beach and get your first glimpse of Haystack Rock. Drop your groceries back at your accommodation and walk to Public Coast Brewing Company for an early dinner. Time it so you can walk to the beach for sunset over the rock formations.

Day 2

Start your day early at Sleepy Monk Coffee Roasters. Order to-go and walk down the beach. For breakfast, either eat back at your accommodation or try Pig ‘N Pancake (double check about cross contact here). Drive south to Hug Point (time this for low tide). Explore the waterfall, sea caves, and tidepooling. Drive back to Cannon Beach, stopping at Silver Point Interpretive Overlook on the way. For lunch, order gluten free clam chowder from Tom’s Fish and Chips or Ecola Seafood. Spend your afternoon relaxing or exploring the quaint town. For dinner, drive to Seaside Brewing Company for ciders and BBQ, before ending the night with a bonfire back on Cannon Beach.

Day 3

Begin your day with another Sleepy Monk Coffee Roasters visit and beach stroll. For breakfast, head to Oros Fireside Restaurant for their famous gluten free crab cake benedict. Then, pack some gluten free sandwiches for lunch and drive up to Ecola State Park for epic ocean views, possible elk sighting, and some relatively short hikes. Eat lunch at the picnic tables at the overlook. Drive back to Cannon Beach and spend some time either popping into boutiques or walking the beach. For dinner, either return to one of the breweries, or try out Yellow Curry Cozy Thai. Leave yourself time to pick up a gluten free ice cream cone from Suzy’s Scoops! End your evening with another beach sunset and bonfire.


What are the best Cannon Beach gluten free restaurants?

The best Cannon Beach gluten free restaurants are (far and away) Public Coast Brewing Company and Seaside Brewing Company. Both take many precautions to be celiac-safe.

Where can you get gluten free fish and chips in Cannon Beach?

The best places to get gluten free fish and chips in Cannon Beach are Public Coast Brewing Company and Seaside Brewing Company. Both sell gluten free fried and battered fish and chips. Tom’s Fish and Chips sells gluten free grilled fish alongside fries cooked in a dedicated fryer.

Where can you get gluten free clam chowder in Cannon Beach?

There are five restaurants that offer gluten free clam chowder in Cannon Beach: Public Coast Brewing Company, Seaside Brewing Company, Tom’s Fish and Chips, Dooger’s Seafood and Grill, and Ecola Seafood Restaurant & Market.

Where is the best coffee in Cannon Beach?

The best coffee in Cannon Beach is resoundingly Sleepy Monk Coffee Roasters. This is a local institution.

What are the best gluten free Oregon Coast restaurants?

There are so many great gluten free Oregon Coast restaurants! You will not be disappointed if you’re a celiac planning an Oregon Coast road trip.

Some of the best gluten free Oregon Coast restaurants include:

  • Public Coast Brewing Company (Cannon Beach)
  • Seaside Brewing Company (Seaside)
  • Bridgewater Bistro (Astoria)
  • Little Brown Hen Cafe (Florence)
  • Tony’s Crab Shack (Bandon)
I had one of my favorite gluten free breakfasts EVER at Little Brown Hen Cafe in Florence, Oregon. And yes, that pancake the size of my whole family is gluten free.
This is Natural Bridges, part of the Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor along the Oregon Coast. If you get the chance to go on an Oregon Coast road trip, make this one of your stops for sure!!

Final Thoughts on Being Gluten Free in Cannon Beach Oregon

There you have it… my complete gluten free Cannon Beach guide, years in the making!

I truly hope this article is helpful to you as you plan your trip. I’ll keep this post updated as things change, and as Dan and I revisit our much-loved Cannon Beach through the years. If you have any updates or suggestions of your own, please leave me a comment below!

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Check out this guide to the best gluten free Cannon Beach restaurants, grocery stores, and hotels, all written by a celiac traveler!
Check out this guide to the best gluten free Cannon Beach restaurants, grocery stores, and hotels, all written by a celiac traveler!

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