Hot Banana Toast !

This a real quick one for a chilly autumnal day.

Sugar – free!

I used Date Syrup which is an interesting sweetener; it has a particular and quite tangy flavour, which goes well with some things and definitely not with others! It’s still a good one to keep in the cupboard as a healthier alternative to sugar!

It’s a great match for bananas and cinnamon – which …. luckily, are the other ingredients for hot banana toast! :)

(P.S. Cinnamon is said to have all sorts of health benefits.  Check it out on-line!)


  • Take a piece of lightly toasted bread.
  • Drizzle and spread with Date Syrup.
  • Slice a banana fairly finely and then lay the sliced banana over the date syrup.

Sprinkle with powdered cinnamon and toast under a pre-heated grill for 2-3 minutes.

Serve and eat immediately! It’s great with coffee!






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