Monday Men’s Sales Tripod – Italian Traveler Wool Blazers, Nordy’s NOT final sale section, & More

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The Thursday Handfuls are great, but what if Monday (or Tuesday) rolls around and there are a few sales that can’t wait until the weekend? You’ll find three of the best, with a few picks from each, to start the week below.


Nordstrom: Their Sale section (which is NOT final sale) is stocked

Nordstrom Tripod 13023

Y’know what’s nice? When a retailer runs a sale and it’s not final sale. So you can actually return something if it doesn’t work out upon arrival. Thank you, Nordstrom, for your free shipping and returns policy, as well as your enormous sale section. Sizes are scattered, but picks above had at least a decent size selection at post time. It’s clearance season, so stock is probably limited.


Spier & Mackay: Extra 20% off sale items w/ SALE20

Spier Tripod 13023

This is one of their bigger sales. And while there’s lots of tempting outerwear, those Italian traveler wool twill blazers have to be the star of this sale show. Fabric has natural stretch, water & stain-resistant properties, and it’s wrinkle-resistant. Travel has gotten big, real big, once again. One of those blazers could be a real companion out on the road/up in the skies. Code SALE40 runs through this Wednesday, February 1st.

Also… They’ve updated their return policy: Click on the USA Tab here. They’re still offering free returns for US customers on the first purchase of a Suit/Sport Coat, Shoes, Dress & Casual Trousers, Outerwear, and Dress & Casual Shirts. But after that they’ve reduced the price (I think?) on smaller item returns:

  • $7.95 per return for shirts, trousers, accessories, and small items
  • $14.95 for suits, sport coats, outerwear, & tailored clothing

Also, and this is very relevant to the above sale picks: Items that are purchased on sale or using a promo/discount code are eligible for returns within 14 days from the date of delivery. If it’s full price you get 30 days to decide. So the window on sale goods is smaller.

Final sale still means no returns or exchanges. None. Zilch. No exceptions.

Big thanks to Mark for sending in the tip on the return policy update.


Grant Stone: Sale section is still unusually great

Grant Stone Tripod 13023

Another NOT final sale batch of picks. Goodyear welted, terrific attention to detail, and well respected by our shoe expert Adam. Plenty of models to pick from, and as long as you steer clear of the B Grades and “Last Chance” section, you should be able to return them if they show up and they’re not your particular deal.


Also worth a mention…

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