9 Energy-Fueled Snacks to Eat While Black Friday Shopping

healthy Black Friday snacks to keep you energized

For many of us, before weve even finished wolfing down the last slices of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, were thinking about all the deals were going to score during Black Friday shopping.

But running through the mall or camping out on a long line to get our hands on some doorbuster deals requires energyand youll need some portable food to provide it.

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Here are the best energy-fueled snacks to bring along with you so you dont have to rely on the food court.

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thai beef jerky


Jerky is much more than just a gas station snack. In addition to new inventive flavors hitting shelves, the snack provides a hefty serving of protein, which will make sure youre full as you make your way from store to store. Its not too hard to make your own jerky, either. Get our Spicy Turkey Jerky recipe.


mixed nuts


Whether you grab almonds or pistachios, youll get a winning combo of fat and protein, which will keep you going for those long checkout lines. You can snag a pre-portioned package before you head out shopping or create your own with a sandwich bag. Get our Spiced Candied Pecans recipe.

Pre-Cut Vegetables


Just because youre on the go doesnt mean you have to forego everything green. A small to-go package of pre-chopped veggies like carrots or celery along with hummus makes for a mini-meal that can hang out in your bag while you camp out for a new TV. Get our Easy Hummus recipe.

Granola Bars


Use some critical thinking skills when picking out your granola or cereal bars. Nix anything that overdoes it on the sugar (since it will set you up for a crash later) and pick some that have few ingredients and provide a good amount of protein to keep you satiated. Get our Cherry Power Bar recipe.

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Spicy Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn


If youre killing time waiting for a store to open, you might want to reach for some popcorn to fill you up. It doesnt require refrigeration, is low calorie (provided its not doused with butter), and is the ideal food for waiting. Get our Spicy Cinnamon-Sugar Popcorn recipe.

Trail Mix


Alright, youre not exactly headed into the wilderness, but going shopping on Black Friday can be a bit of a jungle. Trail mix is lightweight and easily transportable and can give you the energy you need to hunt through racks of clothes for your size. Skip the sad store bought version and try our Gourmet Trail Mix recipe instead.

Nut Butter

how to make homemade nut butter

MAIKA 777 / Moment / Getty Images

Looking for a hands-free snack? Then a to-go package of nut butter is the perfect choice. Squeeze packs mean you dont even need a spoon to get the hit of calories, fat, and protein you need to walk from one side of the mall to the other and back again. But you can also make homemade nut butter. Get this Chai Spiced Almond Cashew Butter recipe.

Kale Chips


No matter if you make your own (or reach for a package of ranch or BBQ flavor at the store), kale chips are a better choice than your standard chip. Youll get a serving of vitamins, along with fiber, which means your hunger pangs wont distract you from getting that new fancy phone youve been eyeing. Get our Toasted Sesame Kale Chips recipe.

Fresh Fruit

How did apples get their names?


In a pinch, fresh fruit that doesnt bruise or smush easily is a good choice for an easy-to-travel snack. Apples provide fiber, while a banana contains a slew of vitamins and can easily be paired with a nut butter packet for a mini-meal. For something a little fancier, get our Tropical Fruit Salad with Cacao Nibs recipe.

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