10 Hotel Tricks You Should Know. They Will Make Your Trip More Comfortable

Whether you’re going to a hotel because you’re on vacation or a business trip, you definitely want the place to be cozy and meet all your needs. Staying in a hotel often means that you miss out on certain opportunities, such as ironing your favorite shirt or warming up a meal you bought “on the town.

Things that you can easily do at home, suddenly seem impossible to do in a hotel. But, impossible does not mean that you actually have to give them up! Here are a few tricks that may come in handy while traveling and staying in a hotel room!

#1 Place Your TV Remote Control in a Bag


Room cleaning usually ends with changing the sheets, vacuuming the carpet and cleaning the bathroom. It’s common to forget to clean the remotes for the TV or air conditioner, so to make sure you don’t catch any germs from a previous guest, it’s a good idea to hide the remotes in zip bag.

#2 Turn Your Sink Into a Freezer


Ask a hotel restaurant to get you an ice bucket. Bring into the bathroom and place in the sink to cool your drinks or yogurt.

#3 Use a Sheet as an Organizer When There Are No Bedside Tables Near by


Some hotel rooms are not equipped with bedside tables. By folding the sheet on the outside of your mattress, you can make a pocket to keep some stuff handy.

#4 Secure Your Curtains Using a Hanger


Most hotel rooms come with at least a couple of pants hangers, so you can use them to keep curtains in place . This way, in the morning, you won’t have to worry about the sun’s rays waking you up after a long trip.

#5 Clog the Sink To Do Mini Laundry

Did you stain your business shirt? Or maybe you ran out of clean underwear? If there is no stopper in the sink (which often happens), just take a plastic bag and a few coins. This will fill the sink with water and make it easier to wipe off stains from your dirty shirt.

#6 Instead of a Hotel Card, Use a Piece of Paper


In some hotels, the slots only work when the card is inserted in the reader. If you need to charge your phone in your absence, insert a plain piece of paper into the reader. It should work 90% of the time.

#7 Iron Your Clothes Without Using an Iron


If you don’t have an iron (and you can’t prepare breakfast, much less iron your clothes!), it’s worth considering other ways you can get rid of creases from your clothes. You can hang your clothes near the shower or in the shower (after getting out of the shower). The hot steam will make the creases disappear.

#8 Use a Shower Cap To Pack Your Shoes


If you’re afraid the dirty soles of your shoes will stain your packed clothes, use a shower cap to protect them.

#9 Use a Metal Basket as a Stool


If you’re traveling with a small child, they may have trouble brushing their teeth or hands in a tall sink. But if you have a sturdy trashcan in the room, flip it over and use it as a stool for your toddler.

#10 Pack a Laundry Clip in Your Makeup Bag


Think of how much bacteria could get on your toothbrush if you put it on the sink in a hotel! If you don’t have a special container for your toothbrush, you can use a laundry clip to protect your toothbrush.

Which trick do you like best? Let us know if you use them on your next trip!

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