10 Things I Love Sunday

Hi!! It’s that last little bit of summer and we are trying to soak up all we can while starting to get those slightly chilly mornings and smell of fall in the air here and there. I’m totally a full on summer person as I hate being cold at all, so it’s always a bit of a sad time of the year for me, but I just have to focus on the things I do like about the cooler seasons and be excited for all the fun fall activities to come. Lola loves all the seasons, so I think it helps to see things through her kiddo eyes as well, haha.

-It’s still August, so I was trying to hold off on the pumpkin spice items for a little while longer, but these totally got me at the grocery store this week. Sorry, not sorry!!

-Got this budget-friendly skirt for fall and I can’t wait to wear it with boots and a cozy sweater! The camel color is so pretty, and I have a black version that I’ve worn for literally 10 years now, so I know it’s a classic shape that will always be in style (here’s a cute version in plus size as well).

-Lola will be starting preschool in a few weeks (cue all the tears) and we stocked up on cute basics from our fave kids store (one of Elsie’s faves too for Nova and Goldie) since the school asks that they come in clothes they can move/play in rather than fancy stuff. These pants are my fave everyday pants to get for her (she loves the pockets and I love all the colors) and I’m definitely going to add these chunky beanies to her fall closet. Also, they really do have some of the cutest toys/accessories out there. I want them all!

-I’ve heard good things about Function of Beauty and their completely customized shampoo and conditioner options that are made just for your own hair needs, and I’ve always been curious to try my own order, so I finally did! I chose a lavender scent and pink bottle options, and it’s so nice to have products that are specifically for your type of hair to help you get all your hair goals achieved (order through this link and you can get 20% off your first order!).

-It’s been a while since I’ve eyed a new phone case, but I love this one!

-I’ve seen Emma talk about how much she loves her sustainable Allbirds sneakers, so I decided to try them when I needed some new running shoes this month and they are great! They seem comfortable for actual running but also for errands, and I like that they are designed to be worn sockless as well if you are into that (which I am) and they have a lot of colors to choose from.

-It’s kind of surprised me how much I’m into shackets (shirt + jacket = shacket). I think they are kind of going to be my fall staple this year since they are casual and cozy, but can still look put together with cute accessories. I like this one, this pink one, and this purple one is cute, too (here’s the plus size).

-Bought this lamp for my office to sit on top of my desk and I love it. It gives me all the chic ’70s mushroom vibes and the brushed brass makes it also feel super modern.

-Gonna order a fall-themed sweatshirt—do you like this single ghost one, this double ghost one, or this funny one best?

-For some reason, I’ve been craving this birthday cake popcorn this week. I haven’t had it in years, but it is SO good and I think when I have a really hard week my brain is scanning the universe for a tasty treat to make up for it, and this may just be it!

We are crossing off the last of our summer bucket list items, but I know we will be in full fall mode pretty quick and I’m so glad we decided to get a gas fireplace log set in our fireplace this year. Are you a sucker for a cozy fireplace as well? xo. Laura

P.S. I’ve been super into that cute sweatshirt with the smiley face elbows, and the leggings and bra set I was so excited to get is amazing! I’ve been wearing the leggings set on weekends to brunch with cute sneakers and a sweatshirt tied around my waist. It feels super casual, but also put together and cute at the same time (use our link and new customers can take $25 off your first $100 purchase!).

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