10 Things you must never tell to your Girl

Gender discrimination is a major setback in most Indian Cultures. While one can offer to agree or disagree on this I go by percentage and I’m sure this exists vastly in our region too. Many age-old beliefs and customs prefer a male child in a family and this brings in worry to many parents. Knowing or unknowingly we are grown with the same traditional values and hence sometimes there are chances that we miss to say a few things to our Daughter or any Girl we come across and hurt them or embarrass them.

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Here’s a list of things you can be cautious about to NOT TO SAY TO A GIRL CHILD

1. You are Beautiful 
I like your eyes, I love your hair. Try not to mention their looks. There is more substance in our personality than just looks. It’s so difficult to bring up a girl with values that portray her skills.

2. I’m fat, I’m dark 
Never condemn yourself in front of your girl especially with the looks factor. Today I’m not looking good. Especially the make-up factor must never get into your girl. Do things within the limit.

3. You are a Girl 
The whole of Indian society always wants and wanted a boy. The first child being a boy is considered lucky and at least the second needs to be a boy is evil. The complete family notion is so bizarre that it’s time we outgrow this mentality.

4. Be Nice 
Can’t shout or hit – Girls in a family are always asked to or demanded to be soft, nice, and gentle especially with their siblings. She can have her own personality and never object to it. Gandbiri thara aadbeda is the most common saying in our region and that needs to end.

5. Give me a Kiss 
Everybody likes to see a baby girl. Pulling their cheeks, asking them to kiss, and kissing them is common. Even I like it when someone says your daughter is cute and kisses her. In many public places like stores, malls, and restaurants I’ve seen people freely doing this. But one must understand where it goes, till what the impact can be. As a child, they understand that it’s ok to kiss and touch and evil people may take advantage of it. The child may not be in a position to share it with you as you think IT IS OK. Check our video on GOOD TOUCH AND BAD TOUCH.

6. Don’t wear that Dress 
Girls are always looked upon for what they wear and how they wear. As far as they are wearing clothes that are comfortable to them we should never restrict them. I’m sure you will teach your kid to dress up according to the place and occasion. Don’t wear pants, shorts and this generation will definitely not like it.

7. Play with Dolls 
Girls can choose to play with whatever toy they wish to. Stop gender biasing in toys. Let them choose legos, guns, cars if they want. Girls are also not allowed to choose the sports they want to opt for. There is always a restriction and sports which require physical strength is looked down. Allow them to play out, get dirty, choose adventure sports

8. Go to the kitchen 
Another common belief is that all girls must learn cooking and household chores. Yes, they must and their brothers too. Hence allow them to play if they want to when their sibling is playing. Divide household chores amongst your kids

9. Become a Teacher 
You can’t go to Army, Navy, Air Force or you can’t aspire to become an IPS officer or whatever. One must not be restricted to opt for any career one want to choose. No job is less or more for a female provided you give correct guidance and support.

10. A Prince is waiting for you 
No there is no Prince waiting for you there. You have to build your life, make something out of your life and then think about marriage. Girls are not born just to marry somebody and go. This house is yours as much as it is your brother’s. Just taking a degree doesn’t help. Empower them to gain knowledge and choose careers to take care of their life.

If you think “We were bought up like that and what is wrong in bringing up our child so?”. The whole notion doesn’t hold good today as the world we were bought up in doesn’t exist anymore. Children are no safer; Girls are not restricted to choose to do what they want. Slowly but steadily it’s changing and let’s contribute our best.

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