13 Ideas for Self Care at Home

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Most of us have been spending LOTS of time at home lately, mostly apart from our friends and even some family. I’ve talked to a lot of my girl friends lately, and many are struggling with no time to themselves. I’m finding the best way to keep my head up is to find ways to self care. Nothing is EASY about virtual schooling 5 kids (with an infant), while working from home, and maintaining some resemblance of a clean house – BUT, if I can take time to do simple projects, move my body, do things I love, and maybe even shower occasionally, I’m finding this experience is actually a time to learn and grow.

Self care is SO important at all times, but even more so during this time. We’ve teamed up with Zulily to tell you about some of our top picks for self care support. The definition of self care totally varies person to person, but hopefully you find something to support your goals! I’ve shopped Zulily for years and always find special finds at incredible prices.  Every day, they launch new sales featuring all the latest fashions, kids’ apparel, shoes, home décor, toys, unique gifts and so much more. 

Self Care at Home

1. Peel and Stick Wallpaper – Many of us are taking on DIY projects and maybe even decorating that room that’s been sitting empty for awhile. Wallpaper is making a comeback, but if you’re more non committal, this is an amazing option. Lots of fun prints available! I love the floral for a little girl’s room!

2. Puzzles, Puzzles, Puzzles – No better way to keep your brain sharp and pass the time. They can be hard to find right now, but Zulily has you covered.

3.  Inspirational magazines – Flipping through a magazine poolside are the things dreams are made of. My favorite are interior design type magazines that inspire me to create beautiful spaces. There are some amazing deals on print magazines available here. 

4. Get more sleep – No better way to relax than in a sanctuary YOU create! Maybe you need to replace all that old bedding with something fresh and new? I found amazing deals on plush, bright bedding! I love the pink dot option here, but there are many more here. 

5. Add some color to your kitchen – You would not believe the amount of BAKED goodies we’ve been making at our house! Maybe you’re doing the same? Nothing says happy like some bright new kitchen accessories. Check out these bright colored strainers. Tell me these won’t make cooking dinner a little more fun!

6. Create something beautiful – Have you ever tried water colors? I haven’t, but I want to! There are lots of different online lessons and tutorials. Never a better time to try something new. You can get a beautiful set at a great price HERE.

7. Get organized – I’m not going to lie. Kids school work is strewn across my whole kitchen. I spied these rolling carts and have to have one. Great way to get things under control!

8. Get outside and PLAY – The weather here has been gorgeous, and even if it’s not where you are, it soon will be! Get outside. Get that dose of sunshine and happiness. While you’re out there, have some fun with some lawn games! This game is like a giant Jenga – great for the whole family. 

9. Move your BODY – Sometimes it’s the LAST thing I feel like doing but every time I get moving in ANY way, I feel so much better. Treat yourself with a pair of comfy new shoes. Zulily has the BEST deals on name brand shoes like these New Balances. Comfy AND cute!

10. Pamper your face – Have you heard of microneedling? Well, now you can do it at home a little less invasively. This microneedle roller help stimulate new collagen growth and rejuvenates your skin. Great way to treat yourself when you can’t get to the spa!

11. Spend some time in the water – If you’re lucky enough to have access to a pool or hot tub, spend some time relaxing! This huge rubber ducky float is bound to bring some smiles!

12. Light a candle – What is it about a candle that instantly sets a mood of relaxation? I absolutely LOVE Anthropologie candles and I’m sure this won’t disappoint. 

13. Treat yourself with a new pair of “yoga” pants – Heaven knows you’ve been wearing the heck out of them! Why not treat yourself with a new comfy pair like these plus size versions? You can find lots more, at awesome price points HERE too.

We hope you are taking time for yourself today and every day. As my grandma used to say, “You can’t take from a well that’s dry!” Fill your self care well in a way that sounds good to you. From spa nights at home to laughter with the family – Zulily has your back. 

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by Andrea via Home And Garden

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