150 Posh Baby Names for Boys

If you are looking for the perfect baby name for your son, but want his name to be something that sounds rich and sophisticated – you have come to the right place. We have chosen 150 posh baby names for boys. These names are from royalty, from billionaires and names that have been popular for over two thousand years (true!).

The good thing about ‘posh’ baby names is that they are typically timeless. Some of these names are quite unique too – so have a look – is your perfect baby name there?

Posh Baby Names for Boys


Albert is a royal baby name, given to Kings and Princes through multiple generations. Albert can be shortened to ‘Bertie’ and it means ‘Noble and Bright’.


Alexander is a Greek posh baby name for boys and it means ‘Defending Men’ or ‘To Ward or Fend Off’. The name Alexander has been popular for the last few thousand years, so you know it will never ever go out of style.

Our favourite Alexander is the delicious Alexander Skarsgard.

Five Minutes With: Alexander Skarsgard | MiNDFOOD


Alistair is claimed to be both Scottish and Greek. We aren’t sure. But our favourite Alistair has to be Alistair Crowley from Supernatural.


Anders is a Scandinavian posh baby boy name meaning ‘Lion Man’. It has become a very popular baby name in 2021.


Archer is an English baby name meaning ‘Bowman’ (der of course!). It sounds very pompous and flash.


The newest English Prince is called Archie and is was popular in the 1960’s as a character from a comic book.

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Banks means ‘Edge of the River’ but it sounds regal and posh – like a business man smoking a cigar whilst his mistress gives him head under his desk on a Friday morning.


The posh baby boy name Barclay is Scottie in origin and means ‘Birch Tree Meadow’.


Was a great baby boy name until an Australian Politician ruined it for everyone.


The baby name ‘Bates’ means ‘Son of Bartholemew’. I loved the character Bates from Downton Abbey.


Beau is traditionally a French baby name that means ‘Handsome’. So your posh baby boy can be handsome in looks and in name.


Beckett may sound posh – and it is – but it was always meant to be a surname. It is English and means ‘Bee at the Cottage’.


Bennett is a Latin based baby name that means ‘Little Blessed One’. It is another posh baby name that traditionally was used as a surname.


I love the name Bernard. It means ‘Strong, brave bear’. But I think of Bernard Curry, or a Saint Bernard Puppy. It is a strong baby name.

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Bertram is very 1930’s chic. It means ‘Bright famous raven’ and is an Old French and Old German baby name. It screams ‘I’m a billionaire, dahling…’. The name Bertram was super popular in the 1880s and stayed popular until the last 30 years. But we think it’s going to come back into vogue!


Blaine is a gender-neutral baby name that is Irish in origin meaning ‘Slender and Angular’. It was typically used as a surname but as they have become popular as first names – Blaine is popping up in baby name lists more and more.


Blake was originally a nickname for people who had extremely light hair or skin. It is now a popular gender-neutral baby name. Famous Blake’s include the delicious Blake Shelton (pictured) and Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively.

Who Has Blake Shelton Dated? | POPSUGAR Celebrity


Brooks has an English origin and means ‘Of the Brook’.


Bryce is a Scottish baby name that means ‘From Britain’. Famous people called Bryce include:

  • Bryce Dallas Howard
  • Bruce DeWitt
  • Bryce Gibbs


A Ye Olde English baby name that means ‘Cold Well’. It sounds fancier than it means.


Camden is a Scottish baby name meaning ‘Winding Valley’.

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Carlisle is an old English baby name – it has become popular after the Twilight series with the head of the Cullen family being Carlisle Cullen. The name means ‘From the walled city’.


Gaelic meaning ‘Follower of Michael’. We presume that is the Archangel Michael who was a real bastard in Supernatural.


Carter literally means ‘To Cart’. It is a very old Scottish and English baby name.


When I think of the name Conrad, I think of one thing. Hilton Hotels. Paris Hilton’s father, Conrad Hilton is the grandpapa of the Hilton Hotel empire – mega dollars, uber-rich. He farts gold coins.


Another name that is traditionally a surname. It means ‘Where the Crows gather’.


I think of the band Crosby Stills & Nash. Or Crosby Sweater – oh no that’s right it is Cosby Sweater. Crosby is Irish and it means ‘Village with crosses’.


Dalton sounds like he drinks martini’s, shaken, not stirred. The name Dalton was popular in the early 1990’s but is seeing a resurgence today. It means ‘Settlement’ and is English in origin.


Dante is an Italian baby name meaning ‘Enduring’. Famous Dante’s include Dante Alighieri, Italian Poet who lived in the 1300’s.

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Darby is a gender-neutral baby name that means ‘Free from Envy’. An alternative meaning is ‘Deer Park’ but that doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.


Darcy is much like Darby as it is a gender-neutral name but was typically a female baby name in the past. Darcy is a variation of the name ‘Darcie’ which means ‘Dark’. Famous Darcy’s include:

  • Mr Darcy – the character from the Jane Austen books
  • Darcy Gardiner – an Australian Rules Footballer
  • Darcy Dallas, a Canadian Ice Hockey Player


Dashiell is a French baby name that doesn’t have a confirmed meaning – so that means you can make any meaning you like up! It is Scottish in origin.


Digby is an Old Norse baby name meaning ‘Town by the Ditch’. Doesn’t sound like a pleasant town…


Dimitri is a traditional Russian baby boy name meaning ‘Follower of Demeter’. Demeter was the Greek Goddess of fertility.


Donovan means ‘Dark or Brown Haired Chief’.


If I had another baby boy, I would have called him Dorian. Named after the character ‘Dorian Gray’, from Oscar Wilde’s novella ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’


The first person I think about when I hear the name Edgar is Eric Edgar Cooke, the last man hung in Fremantle for being ‘The Night Stalker’ of the northern suburbs in Perth in the 1960’s. There is an excellent book on him called ‘Broken Lives’ by Estelle Blackburn.


Elon is traditionally a Jewish name however it has become popular in the last 10 years or so after the rise of billionaire Elon Musk who created the Tesla. He is one of the richest men in the entire world.


Ellsworth is my favourite character (played by one of my favourite Supernatural actors) in the HBO series Deadwood.


Emmett is a Hebrew and German baby boy name that means ‘Universal’. This name became popular again after the Twilight series with the character of Emmett Cullen who became a vampire after being left for dead by a bear, then being ‘reincarnated’ by Rosalie Hale who became his girlfriend. He is played by Kellen Lutz.

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Fergus Roderick MacLeod was a human who becomes the King of Hell in the series Supernatural. He is better known by the character name ‘Crowley’ in Seasons 5 – 12.


Bueller. Bueller. Ferris Bueller. Save Ferris.


Filmore is a great baby name to have for your son, because it means ‘Very Famous’.


Fletcher has a Middle English origin and sounds both adorable and pompous. It means ‘Arrow Maker’.


Forbes has a Scottish origin and means ‘Field’ – but most think of Forbes Magazine that outlines the worlds richest businessmen every year.

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Frederick means ‘Peaceful Ruler’ and is German in origin. Famous Frederick’s include:

  • Frederick McKinley Jones (Entrepreneur)
  • Fred Rogers (Mr Rogers the American television personality)
  • Fred Armisen, American actor and comedian
  • Fred Savage, American Actor from the beloved series ‘The Wonder Years’


Garrison means what it stands for ‘A spear fortified town or stronghold’.

Gilfoyle or Guilfoyle

Gilfoyle is the best and funniest character from the television show ‘Silicon Valley’.


Griffin is an old English baby name meaning ‘Strong Lord’.


Haines is a gender-neutral baby name that is also a traditional surname. It is English in origin and means ‘Dweller by the Encloser’.


Hale is another gender-neutral baby name that is Old English in origin and means ‘Hero’.


Hammond is a Norse baby name that means ‘High Protection’. It is usually used as a surname but is surging in popularity as a given name.

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Hannibal is a Hewbrew baby name that means ‘Grace of Baal’. Baal was the God of fertility and fortune. Most people know the name Hannibal from the character ‘Hannibal Lecter’ from Silence of the Lambs. He ate people – so there is that.


Harding is a gender-neutral baby name of English origin meaning ‘Hard Working and Strong’. I really love the name and the meaning.

Harris or Harrison

Harris is a variation of the name Harrison – so I thought I’d include them both together here. It means ‘Son of Harry’. Perhaps Prince Harry should have called his son Archie Harris! It’s a pretty adorable baby name. But then again – Archie is a super cute name too!


Hoyt is an English baby name that means ‘Skinny’ or ‘Long Stick’. We just love the character Hoyt from the television show ‘True Blood’.

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Humphrey is an English baby name meaning ‘Peaceful Warrior’. It sounds very Lord like, and very ‘plum in the mouth’.


Hugo is a Germanic baby name that means ‘Of the Mind’. It is the Latin form of the name ‘Hugh’.

Some famous Hugo’s include:

  • Hugo Weaving (Australian Actor)
  • Hugo Chavez
  • Hugo Speer
  • Hugo Lloris (French Profesional Footballer)


Jefferson means ‘Son of Jeffery’ and is English in origin.


Jasper is a Persian baby name meaning ‘Treasurer’. It is another baby name that has become popular after the Twilight franchise came out. Jasper Cullen was played by Jackson Rathbone.

Twilight: 20 Wild Details Only True Fans Know About Jasper Cullen


Jonathan is one of the many baby names that means ‘Gift from God’. It is a biblical baby name and has been popular for centuries.


Jude is a Greek baby name meaning ‘To be praised and risen up’. Famous Jude’s include:

  • Jude Law (American Actor)
  • Jude Bolton (Australian AFL Player)


Keaton is an English old baby name that means ‘Place of the Hawks’. Perfect if you are a fan of the Hawthorn Football Club).


Kellen is a gender-neutral baby name that is Gaelic in origin and means ‘Slender’. Kellen Lutz plays the character ‘Emmett Cullen’ is the Twilight franchise.

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Kennedy is a gender-neutral baby name that is Irish Gaelic in origin. It means ‘Misshapen head’. Most babies have a misshapen head when they are born.


The baby name Kensington means ‘The Town of the Cynsige’s People’. This place is located in London. Kensington Palace is a royal residence located in London and is where Princess Diana is buried.


Kieran means ‘Little Dark One’ and is Irish in origin. Famous Kieran’s include:

  • Kieran Culkin (American Actor star of the tv series ‘Succession’)
  • Kieran Darcy-Smith, Australian Actor
  • Kieran Kane, American Country Music Artist

Lawson (or Lawrence)

Lawson is an old English baby name meaning ‘Son of Lawrence’. It is a particularly good Australian baby boy name – after the famous Poet Henry Lawson.

Leighton or Leyton or Lleyton

Leighton is a gender-neutral baby name of English origin that means ‘From the town by the meadow’. Famous Leighton’s include:

  • Lleyton Hewitt, Australian tennis player
  • Leighton Baines, English footballer
  • Leighton Meester, American actress
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Leopold is German in origin and means ‘Brave People’. It is a aristocratic and royal name. Famous Leopold’s include Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany who was married to Princess Helen of Waldeck. Prince Leopold was the son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and he suffered from haemophilia which ran strongly in the royal family.


Lloyd is Welch in origin and means ‘Sacred and Grey Haired’. We love the charcter Lloyd from the show Entourage.


Louis is a very Royal Regal name, with countless kings and princes’ holding this iconic moniker. It is French in origin and means ‘Warrior Knight’.


Luther is an old Germatic name that means ‘Army People’. Famous people called Luther include:

  • Luther Vandross, American Singer
  • The character ‘Luther’ played by Idris Elba in the tv series ‘Luther’


Magnus is a Latin baby name meaning ‘The Greatest’. Many of the old English and Norman Kings were called Magnus.

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Marshall is traditionally a French baby name that means ‘Keeper of the Horses’.


Mason is a gender-neutral name that has become popular as a boy’s first name in the last 20 years. It means ‘Stone Worker’.


Maxwell has a Scottish origin and means ‘A Great Stream’.


Miles has a Latin background and it means ‘Soldier’. There have been many famous people called Miles including:

  • Miles Davis, Famous American Musician
  • Miles Brown (Actor)
  • Miles Austin (Football player)


I always think of the delicious Australian chocolate drink Milo when I hear this name, but it has been around for a long time and is traditional Slavic in origin. It means ‘Beloved’.


Montgomery is very pompous and is Old French in origin. All I can think of is Montgomery Burns from The Simpsons.


I love this name – I called my first born son Nathaniel and he shortens it to Nate. It means ‘Gift from God’ and is English in origin. But I named him Nathaniel after the character in Six Feet Under.


Oliver is a very popular baby name and is French in origin and is derived from Latin meaning ‘Olive Tree’. It can be shortened to the very cute ‘Ollie’.


Not just a place in the United States or Katy Perry’s husband, Orlando is Italian in origin and means ‘From a glorius land’.

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Oscar is Irish and means ‘Spear of the Gods’. In Irish legend, Oscar was one of the mightiest warriors who ever lived. Famous Oscar’s include:

  • Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street
  • Oscar de la Renta, Fashion Designer
  • Oscar Pistorius, Shooter of Girlfriends
  • Oscar Wilde, Author and Playwright


Otis has an Old German background and means ‘Wealthy son of Otto’. Famous people called Otis include:

  • Otis Redding
  • Otis Harlan

But many people associate the name Otis with the hit movie ‘Milo and Otis’. Otis was pug.


Penn has an Old English origin and means ‘Animal Enclosure’. Alternative meanings include ‘He who lives by the hill’. The name has seen a recent resurgence with the popular magician Penn Jillette, actor Penn Badgley and Sean Penn.


Phineas has a Hebrew origin and means ‘Oracle’. The cartoon ‘Phineas and Ferb’ has made the name popular again.


Prescott screams ‘I went to a posh all boy’s school’. It means ‘From the Priest’s Cottage’ (hope nothing happened there).


Quinton means ‘Queen’s Settlement’ or ‘Queen’s Manor’ and has an English origin. This name was commonly given to the fifth child born.


Radcliffe is an English baby name that means ‘Red Cliffe’. Daniel Radcliffe who played Harry Potter made the baby name popular again in recent times.


Rafferty is an Irish baby name that means ‘Abundance and Prosperity’.


Reginald means “King’ and Latin in origin derived from the Old French names ‘Reinald’ or ‘Reynaud’. It can be easilsy shortened to ‘Reggie’ which is pretty damn cute. Famous Reginald’s include:

  • Reginald Dwight (Elton John)
  • Reggie Bush (American Footballer)
  • Reggie Watts (American Comedian)

Reece or Rhys

A gender-neutral baby name of Welsh origin. Is means ‘Passion and Enthusiasm’


Rhett is an English baby name made famous by the character Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind. It means ‘To give Counsel and Advice’.


Richard is a Germanic baby name given to many Kings and Duke’s over the centuries. It is also short for ‘Dick’ which is funny.


Royce is an German baby name meaning ‘Famous’. We think of Rolls Royce, the car of the rich and famous.


Roman is an Italian baby name that means ‘Strong and Powerful’ or ‘Citizen of Rome’.


Rupert is German for ‘Bright Fame’. There have been many famous Rupert’s including:

  • Rupert Grint (English Actor from Harry Potter)
  • Rupert Everett (American Actor)
  • Rupert Murdoch (Australian Entrepreneur)


An English baby name meaning ‘Woodcutter’. We loved the character Sawyer from the tv series ‘Lost’.


Sebastian is a Greek baby name that means ‘Honorable’. It is often shorted to ‘Seb’ or ‘Sebbie’.

172389 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au


Silas has a Latin origin and it means ‘The Roman God of Forrest’. The name is derived from the old fashioned name ‘Silvanus’ which was a Biblical name. Silas has become popular – with stars such as Justin Timberlake and Jessica Beil calling their son Silas.


Spencer means ‘Dispenser and Distributor of Goods’. It is English in origin and for the rich, they had a House Steward who was the ‘Dispenser of Goods’ in the household.


Sterling is an English baby name meaning ‘Of the highest possibly quality’. Hence Sterling Silver.


Tate is a Norse baby name that means ‘Cheerful’. Famous people called Tate include:

  • Tate Donovan (American Actor)
  • Tate George (American Footballer)
  • Tate Houston (American Saxophonist)


Theodore is a Greek baby name meaning ‘Gift from God’ (there are quite a few baby names that mean that’. The feminised version is Theodora and the shortened version is Theo.


Thornton is an Old English baby name meaning ‘Thorn Bush Settlement’.


Tobias is a Greek baby name meaning ‘God is Good’.


Tolliver is a gender neutral baby name that means ‘Metal Worker’.


Tristan is a class baby name that has a Celtin origin and means ‘Sorrowful noise’. It is a medieval name that was made popular by the ill-fated knight Tristan and Isolde (which is a great movie starring Henry Cavill). Chris Hemsworth called his son born in 2014 Tristan.


Vincent is a Latin baby name meaning ‘Victorious’. Vincent can be shortened to Vinnie, Vince or Vin.


Willoughby isn’t just a fancy suburb in Sydney, it is also a English boys baby name that means ‘Farm near the Willows’.


Xavier is a Arabic baby name that means ‘New Bright House’. There is also the biblical connection with the name used after Saint Francis Xavier.

There you have it – all 150 Posh Baby Names for Boys.

Which do you love? Which do you hate?

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