5 of the BEST Lululemon Leggings Dupes | Starting at Just $9.99!

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Love Lululemon? So do we… but we love Lululemon leggings dupes even more!

Our team has personally tried tons of leggings to find the very best Lululemon dupes and we’re here with our tried and true brands that totally trump Lululemon’s! No matter your shape or size, there’s a pair perfect for anyone.

There’s something about having a great pair of leggings, and this Amazon pair was one of our favorite original Lululemon leggings dupes. We love this dupe so much, we’ve got a whole post dedicated to them, and I think around half our team owns them now!

But that sparked the conversation – could there be more amazing Lululemon leggings dupes out there? With these recommendations, you’ll get the same high-quality pieces, but for a WHOLE lot less than the $100+ pairs of leggings everyone obsesses over!

Here are 5 leggings that remind us of Lululemon’s:

1. Danskin leggings with pockets

Buy them at Costco | $9.99 in-store price or $14.99 online 

Could a Lululemon leggings dupe get any more inexpensive?! We surely don’t think so! In fact, one of my Hip sidekicks said this was her favorite purchase all year! WOW! Now I can’t wait to try them for myself!

A couple of things to keep in mind…

The sizes available online are pretty limited so make sure to swing by the clothing section the next time you’re at your local Costco if you need more availability.

Check out these helpful reviews from my Hip sidekicks:

“I loved these leggings so much that I went back for more! I would say they have a medium compression. They are such great quality, have pockets, and I love that they are so darn comfy especially in the waist. I do recommend sizing down if in between sizes. I tend to wear leggings at home often and can pair mine with an oversized tunic or button-down shirt for comfort and still feel stylish.” – Lina, Hip sidekick

“I should have sized down to my normal size for these Costco leggings. I usually get a 6 in my Align pants because I like them a little roomier, so I bought a medium in the Costco leggings, but they’re almost too roomy for me.” – Paige, Hip sidekick

“I love these leggings! They actually made #1 on my list of favorite buys this past year! They are so soft and comfortable. They’re my new go-to work-from-home pants! LOL! I have them in all three colors – purple is my favorite! I love the high waist because it helps to cover my mom-belly, and I’m also digging the fact that they do not shrink when you wash them!

I have other brands of leggings and they seem to get staticky after the first wash and everything sticks to them. NOT with these though, they’re perfect!” – Jessica, Hip2Save sidekick

“These are the most comfortable leggings I have ever owned! Bought 3 pairs for myself, and 3 for my daughter!” – Amanda 

Not a Costco member? Sign up HERE or you can also check out other ways to shop without a membership!

2. Zella Live In high waist leggings

Buy them at Nordstrom | $59 (or less when you score them during the Nordy Sale or use Nordy Cash!)

I’m personally obsessed with these leggings and have been rocking the same pair of black ones for over 2 years now! They’re my favorite bottoms to wear while I’m working from home, but at the same time, I love to dress them up with cute outfits too.

The compression and comfort of the fabric are incredible which makes them my favorite Lululemon leggings dupe! They hold up so great and show no wear even though I’ve probably worn them over 100 times. I cannot get enough of them and think they’re right on par with Lululemon quality!

I’m a firm believer you get what you pay for, however, you can even score these leggings on sale during the annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale which is exactly what I did! The year I got mine was the first-ever they were apart of Nordstrom’s huge sale and they’ve been apart of the sale ever since!

I scored mine for under 40 bucks, but if you’re not a Nordy member yet, you can even score Nordy Cash just for signing up right before the sale, which might just cover the entire cost of your new Zella leggings. You’re welcome.

3. Colorfulkoala Buttery Soft High Waisted Leggings

Buy them on Amazon | $22.99+

This brushed, buttery soft stretch fabric will deliver the naked sensation and unrestricted movement even the biggest Lululemon fans are jumping ship for! Reviewers on this Lululemon leggings dupe are stocking up on these and there are so many stunning colors to choose from!

Since there are numerous colors to choose from, they’ll go with anything in your closet and they’re so cheap you could buy 4 pairs for the same cost as the popular Lululemon Align leggings!

“I LOVE these Amazon leggings so much – the fit, the feel, and the price! They remind me of pricey Lululemon leggings but for a fraction of the cost. The high waist is so flattering and they have just the right amount of compression. I now own them in 3 colors! Oh and I love that they are so easy to dress up or down.” – Collin, Mrs. Hip

Better yet, Taylor found a pair by the same brand on Amazon that she loves! These come in a shorter length with side pockets.

“I love these leggings SO much and wear them more than any of my other leggings. I’m 5’4″ so the 7/8 length is just right and the stretch is super comfy. The pockets are also really convenient so you don’t have to carry your phone around while you workout. I highly recommend these if you’re in the market for a high-quality pair of leggings that won’t break the bank!” – Taylor, Hip sidekick

4. Old Navy Elevate leggings

Buy them at Old Navy – $27.97+

Need a bold print or color to style yourself with? Old Navy has ya covered with another great Lululemon leggings dupe and they’re starting at just under 30 bucks! People are raving about these popular Old Navy Elevate leggings that are stretchy, breathable, and still offer the perfect amount of compression. Even sweeter, when you use their current promo codes that pop up at the bottom of their site, you can save even more on your total!

“These leggings are so comfy – I can wear them all day! They are buttery soft and stretchy, and they have just enough compression to hug in all the right places without squeezing too tight. They are high waisted, but the best part is that they don’t roll down when I’m in the middle of a run or workout. I also love the pockets so I can carry my small items and even my phone to be hands-free on the go!” – Heather, Hip sidekick

“As someone who used to work at Lululemon, I can attest to the comparable quality of Old Navy leggings — I own probably 25 pairs and I love the Elevate ones the most! The high waist band at the top is so comfy, doesn’t roll down, and won’t feel like it’s cutting into the torso when sitting. And the price can’t be beaten!” – Emily, Hip sidekick

Expecting a baby?

You don’t need to give up your favorite pair of Lululemon legging dupes if you’ve got a bun in the oven because Old Navy even has plenty of affordable maternity options for Elevate leggings. So whether you’re looking for a side pocket, full panel, or a little extra compression, there’s something for everyone rocking a cute bump.

“When I became pregnant, I knew I’d be wearing leggings a lot. I saw tons of Instagrammers mention how the Lululemon Aligns were great through pregnancy but I was not about to drop $100 on a pair of leggings. I found the Old Navy maternity Elevate leggings and loved that they had a good compression to them which made me feel like I was wearing a super comfortable support band on my belly. And they’ve been great postpartum too!” – Alana, Hip sidekick

5. Yogalicious Ultrasoft High-Waist Leggings

Buy them on Amazon – $18.99+

Meant to feel like a second pair of skin, these incredibly soft leggings you can score for cheap on Amazon are just what any yoga-lover needs. With 10 different colors, these leggings offer a high-end look with high-end performance. So not only will you get to enjoy your favorite yoga poses, but many of the 4,000 5-star reviewers even stated they’re squat-friendly too. Impressive!

“These leggings are a beautiful color and are insanely buttery soft. I’m very impressed with the quality and stitching too. The fabric of the Yogalicious leggings is great for winter as the fabric is slightly thicker. If you’re someone who does more gentle forms of exercise such as yoga or walking, these leggings are for you.” – Tasha, Amazon reviewer

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