52 Actually Scary Halloween Costumes for Terrorizing the Neighborhood Children

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There are several reasons to love Halloween. For many, it’s a time to enjoy guilt-free, unrestricted quantities of candy and horror movies. For others, the joy of the holiday is hosting a yearly Halloween get-together with friends. And for some, Halloween offers a chance to petrify people with their selection of this year’s most popular scary Halloween costumes for men. 

For many reasons, finding the scariest Halloween costume can be challenging yet enjoyable. There are, of course, several decisions that need to be made to arrive at the perfect terrifying Halloween outfit for you.

  • Traditional vs. Contemporary Character: The first decision you must make is choosing a traditional favorite, like a mummy, werewolves, vampires and more. Alternatively, one might take on a contemporary character like Pennywise from It or Michael Myers to make the most of their current popularity. There are, of course, positives and negatives to both, centering around how recognizable you want to be.
  • Solo vs. Group Costume: Secondly, you may choose to go as part of a group to your Halloween party or when you’re out and about. A group costume opens up avenues for more creative collaborations, but it can be tough to get everyone to agree. We’ve focused our selections on solo costumes, but there are plenty of great group costumes that will make everyone scream with fright.
  • Budget: It can be challenging to stick to your financial guns with fantastic makeup and professional-standard costumes. If the cash in your pocket doesn’t limit you, the sky’s the limit, and there are some genuinely spectacular scary costumes for sale.

Once you’ve decided on your answers to the above, keep reading.

We’ve put together 50 of our favorite scary Halloween costumes for men. This list includes options for all types of scares across classic and contemporary choices. You’ll also find quick outfits for last-minute decisions and other costumes you can add to with fake blood, wigs, and other accessories for a more committed look.

Scroll through our favorites and find the outfit you think will score you the most scares this Halloween.


1. Squid Game Halloween Costume


Get dressed up in these costumes inspired by one of Netflix’s most-watched series of 2021 to give neighbors, family, and friends a creepy and of-the-moment surprise. Nobody is scarier than the red enforcers, and we’ve got a spot-on mask and dark pink getup below to have you looking the part.

squid game mask, scary halloween costumes

Buy: Cosplay Squid Game Halloween Mask $10.98


red squid game jumpsuit, scary halloween costumes

Buy: Halloween Adult Red Jumpsuit $36.99


2. Fun World Men’s 3D Zombie Costume


Go full-on zombie apocalypse with this 3D zombie costume. It features exposed bones and decaying flesh to sell the look. This set comes with pants, a shirt, a pair of gloves, and a mask with a wig.

Zombie Costume Buy: Fun World Men's 3D Zombie Costume $40.06

3. Eyeless Jack Morphsuit


Being served undercooked pasta is awful, but running into one of these on Halloween night in a dark alley might take the cake. This Eyeless Jack morphsuit is terrifying and is the perfect costume if you want to lose your identity for a night and freak people out.

The suit is made with 4-way stretch with reinforced stitches at stress points so you can move how you need to. It’s also designed so you can easily breathe and even drink through it.

eyeless jack morphsuit, scary halloween costumes

Buy: Eyeless Jack Morphsuit $39.95


4. Creepy Metallic Halloween Masquerade Mask


With its intimidating mechatronic exterior and patched eyeball, this cyborgian mess of veins will turn some heads at your next Halloween party. It’s a handmade piece from Etsy with plenty of intricate detail so that you won’t need many other elaborate costume pieces to pull off a great look. Just a black sweatshirt or jeans will suffice.

Halloween masquerade mask, scary halloween costumes

Buy: Creepy Halloween Masquerade Mask $125.00


5. Infected Adult Zombie Mask


Nothing is more terrifying than a zombie with an appetite for human flesh, and this ravenous mask is absolutely savage. The bloody full-face mask — complete with lifeless black eyes, bulging veins, and a bloody mouth — looks like a Hollywood effects studio created it. It’ll have everyone running for the hills.

infected adult mask, scary halloween costumes

Buy: Infected Adult Zombie Mask $19.99


6. Leather Plague Doctor Mask


Whether you’re aware of the origins of this costume or not, it’s hard to deny that it gives off a genuinely creepy air. According to legend, this creepy bird-like mask was initially designed and worn by doctors treating the bubonic plague. And considering that we all just survived a plague of our own, this Leather Plague Doctor Mask will give people the creeps on All Hallows’ Eve. Is it in good taste? Maybe not. Is it a terrifying Halloween costume? There’s no doubt about it.

scary halloween costumes for men Leather Plague Doctor Mask

Buy: duduta Leather Plague Doctor Mask $24.98 (orig. $42.98) 42% OFF


7. Morphsuit Mask


We know you know the Morphsuit look at this point. Creep up behind someone wearing this scary Halloween mask, and you’re sure to give them a scare — you don’t even have to say “Boo!” While there aren’t many people sporting them during Halloween anymore, this blank white mask is an excellent and unsettling way to throw together a last-minute Halloween costume. You don’t have to do too much with this one; we suggest maybe thrifting an old-timey suit and briefcase and stay silent the whole night. We promise you’ll freak some people out.

Morphsuit Mask

Buy: Morphsuit Mask $14.95 (orig. $26.00) 43% OFF


8. Spirit Halloween Adult Haunting Scarecrow Costume


“What’s that in the cornfield?” Whatever it is, you will surely not want to find out. This undead scarecrow costume comes with gear covering you from top to bottom. The set includes a two-in-one shirt, belt, gloves, mask, hat, and pants, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

scarecrow halloween costume Spirit Halloween Adult Haunting Scarecrow Costume

Buy: Spirit Halloween Adult Haunting Scarecrow Costume $59.99


9. Donald Trump Mask


The 45th President of the United States is perhaps the most divisive figure in the history of the world. For progressives, the mere sight of his orange countenance and blonde hair is enough to scare you. For conservatives, there’s nothing more satisfying than scaring liberals. So if you’re looking for a scary Halloween costume that’s 100% guaranteed to trigger people, this is it.

Donald Trump Mask

Buy: Donald Trump Mask $19.99


10. Ghoulish Masks Smiley Stitches Monster


Don’t frown! This smiley creeper elevates any traditional mask to the next level. With a daunting, noseless happy face, darkened, bloody eyes an exaggerated, creepy, sinister stitched-up smile, this mask will send shivers down anyone’s spine. Pair it with a dapper suit, and you’ll have a super scary Halloween costume for men this year.

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Creepy Pasta Mask

Buy: Ghoulish Masks Smiley Stitches Monster $33.06


11. Adult Demon Reaper Costume


Somebody call a priest because this costume might require an exorcism. The demonic look comes with a hooded reaper robe and a blood-splattered, pointy-eared mask that will have even the darkest creatures of the underworld growling.

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Demon reaper halloween costume

Buy: Adult Demon Reaper Costume $49.99


12. Hugz The Clown Costume


Although you might see a scary clown costume one or two times in this round-up, none have as sinister an intention as Hugz the Clown. From the horrifying mask to the blood-splattered onesie topped off with a “Free Hugz!” sign dangling around the costume’s front, scare the hell out of local kids and neighbors this year with a look that will have them running for their lives.

Hugz The Clown Costume

Buy: Hugz The Clown Costume $54.99


13. Kvvdi Blank Face Mask


Could you imagine walking down the street and seeing someone wearing this? Even though it’s a straightforward mask, it’s still downright creepy. The plain white mask has an elastic strap and a foam pad on the forehead to keep the emotionless face snug.

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Plain white halloween mask

Buy: Kvvdi Blank Face Mask $8.99


14. CreepyParty Releastic Baby Mask


Boohoo. A crying baby. But, this isn’t just any crying baby. Unlike the whines and cries you’d get from a real-life infant, this stuck-crying baby mask is terrifying. It’s oversized to fit your adult head and will surely get laughs and cowers from onlookers.

CreepyParty Releastic Human Mask

Buy: CreepyParty Releastic Baby Mask $14.99


15. California Costumes Men’s Werewolf Costume


Halloween falls on a full moon this year, so if you’ve ever contemplated dressing as a werewolf, this is the year to do it! Now it’s time for the beast to come out and play. Pair this mask, glove, and shirt combo with some ripped jeans, practice your howls, and you’ll be good to go.

men's werewolf costume

Buy: California Costumes Men's Werewolf Costume $66.23


16. Ghoulish Productions Momo Mask


You might remember the eerie Momo meme circulating the internet over the past few years. Well, now there is a mask so you can bring the creepy, bug-eyed face with a sinister grin to life. This is easily one of the scariest masks for men this year.

momo meme halloween mask, scary halloween costumes

Buy: Molezu Momo Meme Halloween Mask $22.99


17. Annabelle Costume


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably heard through some hilarious Twitter memes that the haunted doll Annabelle escaped from her encasing at the museum she was on display at the Warren Occult Museum in Connecticut last year. Though that was just a rumor, there were loads of knee-slapping memes that came from the thought of her runaway, with photos of her in a bikini in the Bahamas to a TikTok skit imagining Annebelle’s post-escape phone call with the devil. That said, Annabelle will make an excellent costume this Halloween.

Annabelle Costume

Buy: Annabelle Costume $54.99


18. Leka Neil Old Man Mask


This highly detailed old man mask will have you screaming “get off my lawn” at the neighborhood kids in no time. The creepy mask uses a soft, non-toxic latex material that pays extra close attention to the details around the cheeks and nose — making it eerily realistic.

old man halloween mask

Buy: Leka Neil Old Man Mask $16.99


19. CASACLAUSI Jason Mask


You may not have realized it, but the original mask used in the 1980 Friday the 13th film was modeled from a Detroit Red Wings goalie mask. This visual would become one of the most recognizable Halloween costumes over the years and remains that way, even today. In this CASACLAUSI Jason Mask, you’ll be able to become the face behind the mask and also have the choice of six different colors for your spin.


Buy: CASACLAUSI Jason Mask Cosplay Halloween Costume Mask Prop Horror Hockey Black Eyes Adult $7.99 (orig. $10.19) 22% OFF


20. XuanYou Upside Down Mask


If you want a quick and creepy answer to your Halloween costume this year, try this XuanYou Upside Down Mask. In your hands, it may appear just like any other weird mask, but it’s only when you put it on that you’ll realize the true beauty of the face cover. The head is mounted upside down, meaning the eyes are down and the mouth is up. It’s a costume that creates severe discomfort in onlookers because they are witnessing something truly unnatural. Add in a few painful screams, and you’re sure to give kids (and adults) some sleepless nights.

man wearing a mask that makes his head look upside down

Buy: XuanYou Upside Down Mask $19.60


21. Moonideal Halloween Light Up Mask


The Moonideal Halloween Light Up Mask is simple yet effective. It’s available in orange, purple, red or green and looks scary enough in the light with its cross-stitched eyes and mouth. However, when the lights go off, the mask comes to life as the wire used for the eyes, mouth and outer lining is Electroluminescent (EL) Wire, delivering a haunting, in-your-face look that’s hard to miss. The mask can easily work by itself or combine with other costumes to boost the impression. This is a great choice for low-light events like discos, raves and evening events.

scary halloween costumes for men moonideal

Buy: Moonideal Halloween Light Up Mask $9.99


22. Adult Psycho Straitjacket


Make it look like you’ve just escaped the ward to celebrate Halloween this year with this straitjacket suited for all the psycho things you’re going to get yourself into this year. Whether you’re headed to a Halloween party, giving candy to kids or roaming around town, you will need a helping hand at some point. You know, since you won’t be able to use your hands.

Adult Psycho Straitjacket

Buy: Adult Psycho Straitjacket $29.99


23. Morphsuits Alien Chest Illusion Costume


Picture the scene: everyone’s disappointed you decided not to partake in the costume competition this year. Then, after just enough time passes for people to be genuinely convinced, you run into the middle of the room, scream and rip open your shirt to reveal an alien making its way through your rib cage (*bursting ketchup packets optional). All you need to pull off this costume is this illusion costume, a disposable button-up shirt and a low-level ability to act.

scary halloween costumes for men morphsuits

Buy: Morphsuits Alien Chest Illusion Costume $29.99


24. Xiao Chou Ri Ji Scary Latex Mask


A pig-headed person is always going to leave a lasting impression. In the case of this Xiao Chou Ri Ji Scary Mask, you have a double whammy on your hands as the mask looks exactly like the one used in the original Saw film (minus the hair). As such, it brings back the fear the mask induced in people who have seen the movie. It’s also hideous enough to scare someone who has no idea about the film reference. This versatile option can be used with any outfit, making it a great last-minute choice.

scary halloween costumes for men xiao chou

Buy: Xiao Chou Ri Ji Scary Latex Mask $22.98


25. It: Chapter Two Tattered Pennywise Costume


No matter what year it is, a Pennywise costume is a standout every Halloween. Like, come on. That dude is way too creepy. There are tons of Pennywise costumes to choose from online, but this one is taking the cake for us right now. Just looking at that face is giving us the shivers. This is a terrifyingly scary Halloween costume for men year after year.

It Chapter Two Tattered Pennywise Costume

Buy: It Chapter Two Tattered Pennywise Costume $60.00 (orig. $76.99) 22% OFF


26. H&ZY Halloween Hooded Cloak


There are few scarier things in the world than the unknown. And by putting this H&ZY Unisex Tunic Halloween Hooded Cloak over you, bystanders will have no idea what lies beneath. Such mystique gives the cloak versatility for Halloween and other occasions, like masquerades and costume parties. It can also be worn without additional accessories, making it a great last-minute costume idea. Alternatively, it can be paired with an even scarier mask or face paint for a truly terrifying reveal.

man wearing a black cloak so you can't see the man himself

Buy: H&ZY Halloween Hooded Cloak $21.99


27. Cafele Halloween Michael Myers Mask


Whether you see it or not, Michael Myers is scary. Eleven feature films (and counting) suggest that while people remain scared by his seemingly endless love for the murder of everyone he encounters, the public simply can’t get enough of this character. This Cafele Halloween Michael Myers Mask comes straight from the 2018 film and combines well with a set of his favorite overalls to give you an outfit to span the ages. Remember, Michael first appeared in 1978’s Halloween.

Cafele Halloween Michael Myers Mask

Buy: BUY NOW: $19.99


28. Rubie’s Scary The Nun Movie Deluxe Costume


Did you know the nun from The Conjuring movie was so scary that they gave her her own movie called The Nun? You can channel that same horror with Rubie’s Scary The Nun Movie Deluxe Costume, which is surprisingly affordable for a complete set. It comes with a full habit, a veil and a mask for a terrifying look. And even though nuns are traditionally women, this costume is officially unisex, and a tall or built man will certainly make the outfit look imposing and noticeable.

scary halloween costumes for men rubies the nun

Buy: Rubie's Scary The Nun Movie Deluxe Costume $32.00 (orig. $46.99) 32% OFF


29. Twisty the Clown Costume


Are you an American Horror Story buff? Then you’ll know damn well who this creepy clown is. Twisty is a murderous serial killing clown with a traumatic past that lead to his desire to kill. Below his mask is an even more heinous face, so the mask is solely used to cover up his true identity. Though this costume doesn’t come with a mask reveal similar to that scene in the series, you’ll look menacing as can be dressed as Twisty.

Twisty the Clown Costume

Buy: Twisty the Clown Costume $59.99


30. CreepyParty Deluxe Dog Head Mask


Sometimes scary doesn’t have to be complicated or clever. You just imagine something creepy and make it. Enter the CreepyParty Deluxe Dog Head Mask. Shockingly realistic, you can pair this mask with regular, human clothes for a confusingly creepy costume. Anatomically, the mask has a poodle’s fur, snout and piercing eyes. While this isn’t the type of mask usual nightmares are made of, it will surely inspire a few after you wear it to the Halloween party. Like we said, sometimes scary is simple.

scary halloween costumes for men creepyparty

Buy: CreepyParty Deluxe Dog Head Mask $23.99


31. Headless Horseman Costume


Rocking a look this scary is a no-brainer. Literally. Proving that spooky doesn’t always have to include your face, this headless horseman costume is a shocking costume choice that will confuse at least a couple of people — trying to take the level to the next level? We suggest you DIY a head to carry the whole night.

Headless Horseman Costume


32. Crooked Crow Masks Scary Rabbit Mask


Yeah, we know, wrong holiday. But, incorporating familiar faces from different holidays can make for one of the scariest Halloween costumes of the year. Just check out this terrifying rabbit mask from Crooked Crow Masks on Etsy. It’s made using traditional paper mache methods and includes burlap to seal the deal. This makes for one of the scariest Halloween masks ever, so much so that kids in the neighborhood will never want to celebrate Easter again.

Crooked Crow Masks Scary Rabbit Mask

Buy: Crooked Crow Masks Scary Rabbit Mask $64.95


33. FunWorld Killer Clown Costume


People tend to either love them or hate them, but surely everyone can see how clowns are at least a little creepy. In the case of this FunWorld Killer Clown Complete Costume, clowns are incredibly creepy. FunWorld has created a clown costume to put fear into everyone by adding evil and murderous elements. It’s made of a polyester jumpsuit with a ruffled collar and a 100% latex mask. You can also add your choice of weapon for a more complete and terrifying outfit.

scary black and white killer clown costume

Buy: FunWorld Killer Clown Costume $38.41


34. Disney Men’s Oogie Boogie Vinyl Mask


We’re willing to bet that if you’ve seen the Nightmare Before Christmas, you’ve always been a little scared of the Oogie Boogie Man. After all, anything that could be so cruel to Santa deserves a little fear. Bring that feeling to your Halloween party this year with this Oogie Boogie Vinyl Mask. If your friends aren’t too scared, they’ll be nostalgic about their favorite animated Halloween movie.

scary halloween costumes for men disney oogie boogie

Buy: Disney Men's Oogie Boogie Vinyl Mask $50.99 (orig. $57.99) 12% OFF


35. Red Suit Devil Costume


No party is complete without the world’s number one hated guy. He’s always up to no good, and with this Red Suit Devil Costume, you’ll be able to play that part, too. The costume includes a headpiece with horns and pants and a jacket to create a formal incarnation of the red-bodied personification of evil from Hell. Add a pitchfork, red face paint and a pointed tail to complete this instantly recognizable outfit.

Scary halloween costumes devil

Buy: Red Suit Devil Costume $39.99


36. Inflatable Killer Surgeon Costume


We’ve shown you a few inflatable costumes in other roundups, so we couldn’t resist adding one here. What’s scarier than a killer surgeon? Well, a killer surgeon after you’ve signed away your rights to sue for medical malpractice or negligence, but that’s a scary conversation for another time.

inflatable doctor killer costume

Buy: Inflatable Killer Surgeon Costume $55.00 (orig. $69.99) 21% OFF


37. Adult Chucky Costume


You might think dressing up is child’s play, and once you’ve put on this Adult Chucky Costume, you’d be correct. The kit includes a mask and jumpsuit to transform you into everyone’s favorite creepy little doll with a passion for killing. Add your choice of weapon to complete the look, and to get into character, why not try occasionally appearing out of nowhere to give your friends a sudden fright?

Scary halloween costumes chucky

Buy: Adult Chucky Costume $99.99


38. Crooked Crow Masks Scary Weird Mask


Some of the scariest Halloween masks for men are handmade from Etsy. Like, just check out this wild-looking mask covered in raffia. With a spooky mask like this as part of your ensemble, scary Halloween costume ideas are endless. Will you be a scarecrow? Someone participating in The Purge? A burn victim covering his wounds? It’s all up to your imagination.

Crooked Crow Masks Scary Weird Mask

Buy: Crooked Crow Masks Scary Weird Mask $69.95


39. LEKA NEIL Zombie Mask


Complete any old zombie look with this realistic-looking, gory as hell mask that looks like it’s falling apart in front of your eyes. The flesh on this thing looks like it is disintegrating from the face and sliding right off. Add the right, ripped-up, bloodied pair of Salvation Army jeans and a tee to pull this look together and make it look like you crawled right from the dead.

LEKA NEIL Zombie Mask

Buy: LEKA NEIL Zombie Mask $25.99


40. Zagone Studios Supersoft Doa Mask


Is that grandpa or a super wrinkly mask for Halloween? The world may never know. This extra-saggy mask for Halloween is realistic enough to fool (and spook) tons of people in your neighborhood. Wear it with everyday clothing, or make it even creepier by adding blood and a cloak to make it a super scary Halloween costume for men.

Zagone Studios Supersoft Doa Mask

Buy: Zagone Studios Supersoft Doa Mask $52.41


41. Goosebumps Slappy Adult Costume


Who didn’t love reading Goosebumps growing up? Now, the young adult books have become a series of feature films, introducing a new generation to the RL Stine classics. And, of course, everyone’s favorite character, Slappy the Dummy, plays a significant role. Take on that role yourself with the officially licensed Goosebumps Slappy Adult Costume. It includes a jacket with a flower, a pair of pants and a bow tie. Just add face paint. And, if you really want to freak your friends out, keep muttering, “Karru marri odonna lorna molanu karrano!” to see if you can bring other dummies to life, too. Plus, all your favorite episodes from the series are now on Netflix! 

scary halloween costumes for men goosebumps slappy

Buy: Goosebumps Slappy Adult Costume $49.99


42. Rubie’s Costume Screaming Corpse Overhead Mask


I’m melting; I’m melting! Although no part of this mask resembles The Wizard of Oz in the slightest, this skin-melting mask is an excellent response to that line. Look like every aspect of your face’s skin is melting with this terrifyingly gory mask. Maybe add some fake blood and get the ball rolling with this one!

Rubie's Costume Screaming Corpse Overhead Mask

Buy: Rubie's Costume Screaming Corpse Overhead Mask $5.00 (orig. $42.00) 88% OFF


43. California Costumes Sadistic Scarecrow Costume


“Dorothy, where’s Toto?” It turns out Scarecrow might have eaten him, especially if this California Costumes Sadistic Scarecrow Costume is anything to go by. Of course, there’s no evidence to suggest the two are related, but this high-quality costume could easily become part of a mutated Wizard of Oz group costume. The outfit comes with a plaid shirt, burlap collar, a hat and a waist tie. For further gruesomeness, you could add fake blood and a pitchfork.

man wearing a scary scarecrow costume

Buy: California Costumes Sadistic Scarecrow Costume $59.92


44. Realistic Gorilla Costume


For whatever reason, there is truly nothing scarier than a humungous gorilla charging at you in the middle of the night. It’s probably because it seems the most realistic in a way. Did it escape from a nearby zoo? Did you accidentally cross into another dimension that accidentally brought you to an African rainforest? This costume is so realistic; nobody will ever know.

Realistic Gorilla Costume

Buy: Realistic Gorilla Costume $50.75 (orig. $59.99) 15% OFF


45. The Goonies Sloth Mask


You can’t hate on Sloth, even if he is, well, terrifying-looking, which makes him a great scary Halloween costume for men. The Goonies portrays Sloth as the classic bad guy that’s actually good, but we can’t lie; we were still absolutely spooked when first introduced to his character. If you’re trying to get some scared looks from those who don’t know and a couple of “awwwws” from those who do, throw this mask on and call it a night.

The Goonies Sloth Mask

Buy: The Goonies Sloth Mask $14.99


46. Inflatable Reaper Costume


We know you’re still young and (relatively) innocent, but we’re afraid it’s your time to go. In this Inflatable Reaper Costume, you’ll find that the Reaper has you in his deathly clutches, and your outlook is pretty bleak. Luckily, we’re pretty sure he’s a reasonable guy and willing to let you have the whole Halloween night for fun before you have to head off to the other side. Add the Reaper’s famous death sickle for a more recognizable look.

Scary halloween costumes reaper inflatible

Buy: Inflatable Reaper Costume $74.99


47. WWE Undertaker Men’s Costume


Usually, real people don’t make for the scariest Halloween costumes, but we’ll make an exception for the WWE Undertaker. He is the harbinger of death, after all. This costume includes everything you need to become a WWE wrestler (temporarily). It features a pair of pants, a tank top, an overcoat, a hat and gloves. You’ll have to bring the attitude and perhaps practice your Tombstone Piledriver before October 31, so you can pull off the part.

scary halloween costumes for men wwe undertaker

Buy: WWE Undertaker Men's Costume $79.99


48. Scary Animal Bloody Pig Latex Mask


You’ll surely scare a few vegans away with this mask and probably a few others with this bloody swine exterior. With droopy, bloody eyes and slightly open mouth, you’ll win the prize at the state fair for “creepiest” or get blood splashed on you by PETA. Either way, it’s sure to be an eventful evening.

latex bloody pig mask, scary halloween costumes

Buy: Scary Bloody Pig Mask $22.98


49. Dark Harvest Ani-Motion Mask


This creepy, gnarled gourd mask evokes a jack-o-lantern that nobody will want to carve, and it’s made with Ani-Motion technology that gives it lifelike features for extra movements and extra terror. The lips can open and close and snarl as you freak out the other guests at the party and make them swear off pumpkin spice lattes for life! When it comes to scary Halloween costumes, this one perfects the balance between festive and scary.

dark harvest ani-motion halloween mask, scary halloween costumes

Buy: Dark Harvest Ani-Motion Mask $34.99


50. PartyHop Frog Mask


Ribbet . . . Ribbet . . . Go full-on amphibian for a night with this slimy-looking frog costume that takes the game to another level. You’ve probably heard of that conspiracy theory, the one that explains alien reptilians have taken over the world? The most ridiculous conspiracy theory on the planet? Reimagine the conspiracy as if it were frogs instead and hop around your neighborhood. Start practicing your croaking now.

PartyHop - Frog Mask

Buy: PartyHop Frog Mask $16.99


51. Rubie’s Deluxe Frankenstein Adult Costume


Frankenstein’s monster is an infamous scary Halloween costume for men for a reason: He’s creepy and super recognizable. If you’re looking for a convincing Frankenstein costume this Halloween, this isn’t it. He was, in fact, the creator, not the monster. This costume is, however, a great way to look like Frankenstein’s famous creature creation. The Rubie’s Deluxe Frankenstein Adult Costume comes with everything you need to look the part, including a headpiece, a padded jacket and pants.

rubie's frankenstein halloween costume, scary halloween costumes for men

Buy: Rubie's Deluxe Frankenstein Adult Costume $61.99


52. Donnie Darko Frank the Bunny Costume


Finding anything else scary enough to stand alongside these creepy creatures in a list filled with clowns, the reaper and Michael Myers would seem challenging. That is until you look at this scary rabbit costume inspired by the cult classic Donnie Darko. This full-body suit looks like a zombified science project seeking revenge and is an easy way to scare everyone (including yourself, should you look in the mirror while wearing it). This costume includes a faux-fur jumpsuit, a mask, and attached mitts, and it would pair well with a knife, ax, or possibly a pointy carrot for a complete and intimidating look.

scary halloween costumes for men donnie darko

Buy: Donnie Darko Frank the Bunny Costume $109.99


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