53 Best Men’s Denim Jacket Outfits for 2020

The start of spring means warmer, sunnier days, flowers blooming, birds chirping, and finally an end to puffy jackets that make you look and feel like a marshmallow. Finally, you can break out shades of white, sunglasses, and of course, denim jackets.

Denim jackets are the ultimate wardrobe staple, with a versatility rivaling regular jeans, and Chelsea boots. A denim jacket is the only thing you need to throw on to finish off your weekend wardrobe, and you’ll look like the most fashionable man on the block.

Not only does a denim jacket go with any outfit, but it comes in an array of styles and colors, not just the usual blue.

1. Denim Jacket with White Shirt Outfits

Street Fashion Mens Style
White Shirt Mens Style
Denim Fashion Mens Style
Black Denim Mens Style
Jacket Denim Mens Style
Simple Fit Denim Mens Style

Channel your inner James Dean by throwing on a white t-shirt, and perhaps a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses to go with a denim jacket in the classic blue. But, the great thing about a denim jacket is that it comes in a number of colors, not just the usual light or dark blue, and a white shirt goes with all of these.

A white shirt with a light or white washed denim jacket provides a fashionable contrast when paired with black jeans. Keeping your outfit simple and monochromatic is the perfect style statement when it comes to a denim jacket look. This keeps things classic, yet totally casual at the same time.

Pairing denim jeans with a denim jacket can be a minefield when it comes to pairing it correctly, so go with contrasting colors like a white denim jacket with black jeans or a light washed jacket with dark blue jeans. When pairing this with a white t-shirt you’ll create a look that says, “I just threw this on without thinking about it, but I’m just that stylish.”

2. Denim Jacket with Topcoat Outfits

Stylish Mens Style

Just because you’re a more dapper gentlemen who prefers wearing button downs and chic jackets over a t-shirt and jeans, doesn’t mean you can’t still wear a denim jacket in a classy way, sophisticated way. It’s the perfect clothing item for layering in autumn, winter, and from the strange transition period into spring.

A darker outfit, consisting of a black top coat, shirt, and jeans can be paired with a light wash denim jacket to lighten up the whole outfit, and add more dimension to the entire look. Pairing a top coast with a denim jacket is also a great way to stay warm during the cooler months without appearing bulky or wearing all kinds of winter accessories like scarves and hats.

A top coat can sometimes appear too formal, depending on the style, so a denim jacket is a great way to add a more casual tone ton your outfit. Throw on some extra accessories, like a silver necklace, a chain, or some glasses to take your casual look to the next level.

3. Denim Jacket with Black Jeans Outfits

All Black Denim Mens Style
Faded Blue Denim Mens Style
Grey Denim Mens Style
Coffee Denim Mens Style
Great Denim Mens Style
Male Model Denim Mens Style
Urban Mens Style
Casual Denim Jacket Mens Style
Cool Denim Mens Style
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Casual Black Denim Mens Style
Creative Black Denim Mens Style

The only thing more versatile than a denim jacket itself, are black jeans. Pairing these two pieces together means you can match your look with just about anything; from sneakers and simple t-shirts to more chic loafers and a button down. Black goes with anything, meaning you can wear a denim jacket in any color with these jeans.

If you want to put out a Matrix vibe, pair a black denim jacket with black jeans, and even a black shirt. An all black outfit can be chic and formal, but can just as easily mix in with a casual group of people. Of course, you can also wear a light wash, blue denim jacket, but in this case it looks nicer with light shoes, like a white sneaker, and even a lighter top, like white or lavender.

To draw attention to your denim jacket, especially if it’s a style you really want to draw the eye to, try a lighter color like beige and pair this with a simple, all black outfit.

4. Denim Jacket with Joggers Outfits

Hot High Fashion Denim Jacket Outfit
Black Denim Jacket Outfit

While a denim jacket can easily bring a more relaxed feel to a formal outfit, it can always be paired with joggers if you’re going for a super casual look. If you’re going to wear a denim jacket with joggers it’s best to go with a simple blue, or light wash; a dark wash denim is better paired with a fancier outfit for a night out. However, if you do wear a darker denim jacket, pair it with blue or black joggers to keep everything in the same color family.

If you’re pairing a denim jacket with joggers, it doesn’t have to look like you just rolled out of bed; you can easily make this a somewhat put together look. Pair a good fitting cotton shirt with your denim jacket, fitted joggers that are tighter around the ankles, and a cool pair of sneakers. To add another dimension, layer a hoodie underneath.

Obviously, if you’re wearing joggers, you won’t be going crazy with the accessories, but a casual baseball hat is always something to add.

5. Denim  Jacket with Chinos Outfits

Denim Casual Mens Wear
Chino Casual Mens Wear

Wearing a denim jacket with chinos is the perfect symbiotic combination of two super versatile clothing items. Chinos can easily be worn with a sophisticated outfit, a smart casual look, or a casual style, just as a denim jacket can. By putting together these two pieces, you can wear your outfit just about anywhere with the right accessories and item additions.

For a formal look, wear your chinos with a dark wash denim jacket and a loose button down; add some leather loafers and a longer, wool jacket for cooler seasons, or a v-neck sweater when it’s warmer. For a smart casual look, a v-neck sweater also works, but you could pair a darker color with a light wash denim jacket, and neutral colored chinos. Wanting a fully casual look? Chinos can look formal very easily, so to dress them down, pair your denim jacket with a simple cotton t-shirt and laced up leather boots.

While chinos and denim jackets both come in a variety of colors, dark blue or olive green chinos go great with blue denim.

6. Denim Jacket with Indigo Jeans Outfits

Iron Set Denim Jacket
Rugged Style Denim Jacket

While it’s tempting to feel like you have to wear a light wash or white denim jacket with indigo jeans, you don’t necessarily need to go with opposite colors. It’s super trendy right now to wear dark on dark, so take a chance. Pairing a dark wash denim jacket with indigo jeans can easily be worn with an entirely dark outfit; black shirt, and dark brown shoes.

Keep accessories simple if you do decide to wear them as an all dark outfit really looks best on its own. If you must accessorize, go with something that adds a layer of “I’m not trying” kind of cool, like a pair of black sunglasses. Keep shoes fairly casual, as a more refined pair of shoes won’t look right with an all denim look.

An all dark denim outfit looks especially cool when paired with a bandanna or slicked back hair for a biker look; add laced up boots to finish off. A dark denim jacket on indigo jeans can sometimes look like too much, so try a jacket that isn’t too thick in material.

7. Vintage Denim Jacket Outfits

Cool Denim Jacket
Latest Denim Jacket


Casual Fashion Denim Jacket
Trendy Black Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are great for creating a vintage look, as you can imitate an older look with the wash and decoration on the piece. A denim jacket made to look beat up, with varying colors, and studs is a really vintage style. This can be paired with other vintage pieces to create a whole outfit.

To keep your whole look vintage, try an old band or concert t-shirt, and pair it with ripped jeans. A denim jacket paired with any damaged or old items gives a vintage feel to an outfit, and you can play around with colors a bit more than with formal looks. A vintage style is another that can also be denim on denim; a dark wash or black denim jacket paired with black jeans works well.

Denim on denim works especially well with vintage looks to keep the outfit from looking over the top with studs, a variety of washes, or logo t-shirts. Despite going vintage, try to keep the outfit fairly simple, with just one stand-out item, like a yellow tee.

8. Denim Jacket with Hoodie Outfits

Cool Fashion Denim Jacket
Black Men Denim Jacket
Hoodie Denim Jacket

During that strange time where we transition from autumn to winter or winter to spring, it’s hard to know what to wear. A big, puffy jacket is much too warm, and a plain sweater isn’t warm enough. A denim jacket is our saving grace when it comes to this seasonal change, and you can easily layer things underneath, like a hoodie.

When matching your hoodie to a denim jacket, you can really play around with the colors. For a simple, monochromatic look, wear an all black outfit, including a black hoodie, with a lighter wash or beige denim jacket. In that case, the jacket will be the most noticeable piece of your look.

You can also match you denim jacket with a variety of colors; try a white hoodie, a light blue denim jacket, and cream colored pants. This is a great look because everything is in the same color family, meaning it all pulls together in a nice, cohesive way. If you want your hoodie to be the standout piece in your outfit, go with a white one, and pair it with dark wash denim, and dark jeans.

9. Denim on Denim Outfits

Distressed Denim Jacket Outfit
Nice Denim Jacket Outfit
Black Denim Jacket Outfit
Street Wear Denim Jacket Outfit
Lucky Denim Jacket Outfit
Rail Way Denim Jacket Outfit
Outdoor Denim Jacket Outfit
Style Slay Denim Jacket Outfit
Raw Denim Jacket Outfit
Classy Denim Jacket Outfit
Style Man Denim Jacket Outfit
Vest Denim Jacket Outfit
Cool Black Denim Jacket Outfit
Great Denim Jacket Outfit
Fall Fashion Denim Jacket Outfit
Rugged Style Denim Jacket Outfit
Men Fashion Denim Jacket Outfit
Trend Denim Jacket Outfit

When you think of denim on denim, you probably think of those memory scarring matching denim outfits that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wore to the 2001 American Music Awards. Times were different then (let’s just say it, less fashionable) but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear denim on denim in a super stylish way.

While it may seem counter intuitive, you actually can wear denim on denim in the same color (i.e. a black jacket and black jeans.) However, you’ll want to follow some key rules: keep the colors in the rest of your outfit super simple, draw attention to some accessories, and try to make sure the style of the denim is different between the jacket and jeans (a simple denim jacket, and jeans that have a lot of rips in them, for example.)

Go for a mysterious look with black on black; a black denim jacket, black jeans, and a simple black top, or go for differing shades of blue, but with jeans that have a pattern or rips. Draw attention to accessories such as a cool vintage vest, or a fedora.

10. Denim Jacket with Roll Neck Outfits

Black Men Denim Jacket

A roll neck top looks great with a denim jacket, but you’ll want to be careful in the way that you style it so it doesn’t come off looking too 90s. Rather than a super simple denim jacket, go with something that has some texture and rips, and pair this with jeans that also have something a little different like fading.

The roll neck top can be stretchy and simple material, or something with a ribbed texture for more style. A roll neck top is really chic, thus it can take a denim outfit from super casual to a more smart casual, especially if it’s a darker color like black or navy blue. Pair the outfit with some chic accessories, such as a leather bag, or a noticeable watch.

A roll neck top with a denim jacket looks best with dark denim and a darker top, to keep the outfit looking more sophisticated. Though, if you go with lighter colors, keep everything in the same color family; like a white roll neck with a light wash denim jacket.

11. Denim Jacket with Tailored Trousers Outfits

City Style Denim Jacket

Are you thinking a denim jacket has to go with denim jeans or casual joggers? Think again! You can easily pair a denim jacket with tailored trousers if you know how to style the whole outfit. Don’t try to go with super formal tailored trousers, thinking you can just make it more casual with a denim jacket. It’s best to go with trousers that are somewhat loose, and vintage looking.

Try a dark denim jacket with dark trousers, and black leather shoes for an outfit that matches, but doesn’t appear overly styled. You can wear any kind of shirt with this look, from a loose button down, to a regular cotton shirt. Go with a pair of shoes that have some embellishment to add some flare and give your outfit an edge.

If you wear a denim jacket with tailored trousers, the style of the two items is quite different, so you’ll want to keep everything in a similar color scheme, preferably darker colors, like black or blue.

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