6 ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day at home

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Valentine’s Day is one of those polarizing special occasions: some people are adamant about not celebrating while others want to go all out when it comes to romance, or at least leverage the day to express their deep affection for loved ones. Whatever the case, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying February 14th to the fullest, and there’s no need to go out to do it. You can have tons of fun for Valentine’s Day at home with a special someone, on your own, or even the whole family. Luckily, you can find great deals for a special Valentine’s Day.

So, how can you enjoy Valentine’s Day at home? Here are 6 ideas:

1. Have a Valentine’s Day movie night

hisense laser tv

Movie night doesn’t necessarily have to involve a movie. Sure, it can be a feature-length film from one of the top streaming services, streamed from a smart TV (with the appropriate subscription) or using a media streaming device. But it can also involve a few hours of binge-watching episodes of a favourite TV show, whether it’s an oldie but a goodie, or something just released. Enhance the experience with amazing audio through a versatile and space-saving soundbar, for example, and even smart lighting so you can impress a date or spouse by setting the mood via voice or app commands. You can even add another dimension by syncing up smart lighting like the Philips Hue Sync to the content on screen.

Philips Hue lighting by TV

If you’re already set up for your home theatre and you’re looking to add something completely different to make Valentine’s Day extra special, consider something like a popcorn machine, which will offer a more authentic experience that kids especially will love if you’re celebrating with the whole family. To change it up, grab a projector and set it up in the dark basement or, if weather permits, even outside, for a super big screen experience.

2. Plan a game night 

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The great thing about video games is that many of them work over the Internet nowadays, so you can play with friends and family members, or even strangers, virtually. Enjoy a couples PC gaming challenge, or let the kids play online with friends so you and your spouse or partner can celebrate with a quiet movie night or enjoy a romantic dinner. If you find yourself solo come Valentine’s Day, don’t sweat it. Pop online and enjoy gaming with others who love the pastime, whether they’re flying solo as well or simply don’t celebrate.

Game night doesn’t have to involve screen time, though. You can also add something new to your games room, den, or basement, with a retro or arcade game then have a fun family tournament to see who can get the highest score.

The Couples Bucket List card game.

Looking for something even more low-tech? Consider harkening back to the “old days” and playing some board games. Choose a classic strategy game, like Risk or Monopoly, or opt for one of the newer ones, like Settlers of Catan or Codenames. Did you know there are even board games designed specifically for couples, like Flowjo’s The Couple’s Bucket List – 100 Date Ideas Card Game which includes 100 cards with ideas of fun activities to do together and help you reconnect, from building a pillow fort to slow dancing without music. You could also opt for putting together a puzzle. Grab puzzle glue, frame it, and mount on the wall once done as a beautiful memory of something you did together.

3. Create something special in the kitchen

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Going out to dinner on Valentine’s Day is a popular activity, or you could always order in for a romantic night at home. But even better is to cook dinner together, complete with a soothing background music playlist and bottle of wine. If you aren’t great cooks, simply work together to create a beautiful charcuterie board complete with specialty cheeses, deli meats, crackers, fruit, and nuts presented on a nice serving tray. Or, use an air fryer to heat up a selection of pre-made appetizers to nibble on.

For those with a sweet tooth, look into baking gear, like a stand mixer to whip up a batch of delicious heart-shaped cookies or a cake in specially shaped cookware, or go no-bake with chocolate-covered strawberries or indulgent chocolate fondue with a fondue set, paired with cake pieces, fruit, marshmallows, and other sweet treats to dip.

Why wait until the evening? Start the day off right with some indulgent homemade crepes or waffles using a waffle maker and a fancy coffee or espresso made in a new high-end coffee machine you have decided to treat your loved one with.

Coffee maker

To set the mood in the kitchen, use a smart display for background music as well as to follow step-by-step directions on how to make the perfect Valentine’s Day cake or get perfectly seared filet mignons and boiled lobster tails for a fancy dinner. If your loved one is traveling, you can use video chatting to enjoy the occasion together, even though they’re not physically present.

Finally, top the night off with special tabletop and barware from an elegant glass decanter to let the wine breathe while you cook dinner, to adorable heart-shaped drinkware for your coffee, tea, or espresso with dessert, and flameless candles to make the evening perfect before you sit down to enjoy the fruits of your cooking labour.

4. Create a cozy home for Valentine’s Day

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Spending Valentine’s Day at home means you should be able to kick back with your lounge pants and an oversized sweater, or stretchy jeans and a T-shirt, versus getting all dolled up. You also want your experiences at home to be relaxing. Setting the mood with music, lights, and flowing drinks certainly helps, but there are other aspects that are important, too.

A built-in fireplace, or even an electric fireplace, can keep you toasty warm. Then, relax in a massage chair (or side-by-side matching pair of massage chairs!), or under cozy and warm bedding, like a new duvet or flannel sheets. Wherever you are in the home, consider aromatherapy to add an additional layer of calm, de-stressing, and enticing scents. Even if you’re spending V-Day on your own, all you might need is a warm bubble bath, a glass of wine, soothing music, and an aromatherapy diffuser to celebrate self-love.

Considering venturing outdoors? You’ll want the temperature to be perfect there, too. If you’re planning a romantic dinner outside in the backyard, you will probably require an outdoor heater to ensure both parties aren’t shivering in the cold. This might come in the form of a fire table, freestanding patio heater, or even a hanging electric heater that can beam down toasty warmth while you eat under the stars.

Couple in a hot tub cuddling.5. Spa day at home for Valentine’s Day

Speaking of taking things outside, now might be the right time to get a hot tub or sauna installed outside, just in time for a soothing dip in the scorching water that will instantly make you forget about the frigid temperatures outside.

Maybe you want to surprise your partner with a full body massage but prefer to handle it yourself versus bringing someone else into your home. There are portable massage tables you can buy to provide an authentic experience at home. Sure, it might not be up to par with a deep massage by a licensed professional. But it’s far more intimate, personal, and will be appreciated as a thoughtful gift. If you’re going into the occasion solo, consider investing in a foot massager so you can sink your feet in, sit back, and fall into a state of calm.

Finally, even though you aren’t going out, you’ll still want to maintain good personal hygiene and look your absolute best. There are a variety of personal care items that can come in handy, from hair care like curlers and straighteners if you decide to get all dressed up anyway, to shavers and groomers for keeping your beard in tip-top form or ensuring you have silky smooth legs that will pop in that delightful mini skirt.

After Dark personal lubricant6. Spice up bedroom time

For many couples, Valentine’s Day equates to romance and perhaps some bedroom time. If this is the case for you, you might want to consider gifts in the sexual wellness category. You could surprise your partner with new apparel for special time alone, like silk pyjamas, or even change to new silk bedsheets for a different look and feel.

For some, Valentine’s Day purchases might include vibrators or even a new sex toy to add some spice into the bedroom. For others, focusing on practicing safe sex is important, and to do so, this might include condoms, lubricant, and other accessories.

Valentine’s Day can be simple at home

There’s no need to make a big to-do about Valentine’s Day. Even if it’s one of your favourite holidays you love celebrating each year, there are so many ways you can make it exciting and fun, or laid back and romantic, from the comfort of your own home.

Check through this list and chances are you’ll find some items worth grabbing to make your Valentine’s Day at home an extra-special and memorable one. It doesn’t matter if it’s just two people, a family, or even if you’re solo, there’s a way to make the most of the day designed to celebrate love.

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