7 Signs Youre Already With The Guy Youre Supposed To Marry

Lets face the harsh reality. Marriage isnt meant for everybody. But, if youre in a monogamous and committed relationship, the thought must have popped up a couple of times. While your friends might be diving headfirst into the altar, you might have decided to wait things through before popping the big question (or answering it). End of the day, the person you wind up picking is going to be the one you come home to everyday for the rest of your life. If you think you and your beau are ready to take it to the next level, here are a couple of signs to look out for:

1. He Doesnt Add To Your Anxiety Or Make You Feel Nervous

He Doesn't Add To Your Anxiety Or Make You Feel Nervous


The world can be a harsh place. And in the face of adversity, youd want to have people who love, trust and cherish you by backing you up. You could be feeling a little overwhelmed by all the things getting thrown your way but just speaking on the phone with your partner or meeting up for a cup of coffee should make your day. If your partner is adding on to your anxiety or making you feel insecure and less than, you know its a toxic relationship and you shouldnt proceed further. While its natural for couples to fight, and tensions can rise even in the healthiest of relationships, one needs to understand the difference between healthy bickering and toxicity.

2. Hes Open To Criticism

He's Open To Criticism


If hes not the type of guy who jumps onto the defensive wagon every time you point out even the smallest flaw in something he does, hes a keeper. This means he is humble enough to accept constructive criticism and change the way he conducts himself in your presence. This proves that he is ready to admit that he isnt perfect and that there is always room for improvement. This also shows that he values your thoughts and opinions over his ego.

3. He Tries His Best To Make Your Life Easier

He Tries His Best To Make Your Life Easier


If he goes out of his way to make you happy or do things to make sure youre as comfortable as possible. Or if he makes you feel like you arent alone in the world and that hell be by your side through hell and back, he might just be the one. This might be the signs to look out for it youre looking to make a commitment.

4. He Shares Similar Ideologies And Beliefs

He Shares Similar Ideologies And Beliefs


Sure, The Beatles said All You Need Is Love, but everybody and their mother will tell you that love is never enough. It might be idealistic to think of that one perfect love that will come along and make it seem like two lego pieces fitting together, thats highly unrealistic. Its insufficient that you two love each other. A persons character, tastes, where they come from, etc. all play a part in deciding whether marriage is the right answer or not. You two need to have similar perspectives on life, similar standards, qualities, and attributes that would work well with each other. This would limit any conflicts or grievances you might have against each other.

5. Honesty And Communication Are Never An Issue

Honesty And Communication Are Never An Issue


He never makes you feel like you cannot confide your deepest, darkest secrets in him. Even that deep dark secret about accidentally peeing your pants in high school and telling your classmates it was lemonade. He generally makes it a point to be extremely honest and stay consistent with you. He would never want you ever to question his genuineness or realness. With him, what you see is what you get. Thus, you never need to stress over any unwanted thoughts that you might have when youre around him.

6. He Apologizes When Hes In The Wrong

He Apologizes When He's In The Wrong


He is not the type of man who thinks he is above apologies. He is continually going to demonstrate an ability to apologize to you when he realizes that hes off-base. He goes out of his way to make up for any inadequacies or responsibilities. He considers these to be as opportunities to learn from his mistakes, and he doesnt attempt to acquit himself of his duties.

7. He Loves You For You

He Loves You For You


He never ever makes you feel like you arent enough. He has never tried to pressure you into changing what your identity is and is your biggest cheerleader. He never makes you feel like his affection in dependent on the size of your waist or the type of clothes you don. Hes going to adore you for who you are, paying little heed to whatever imperfections or flaws you may have. His adoration for you surprises the laws of physicality, and he seems to be in it for the long haul.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. How do you know when youre ready to settle down with the one? Do you believe in the concept of soulmates?

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