7 Ways to Turn a Woman on without Touching Her


The secret to turning a woman on lies in understanding human emotions and how to activate psychological stimulation.

Humans are emotional creatures, and our behaviors are often driven by emotions. So, if you are trying to get into a woman’s pants, then you must first get into her head through her emotion, hope this makes sense. Here are a few gestures I have practiced intentionally over the years that works like magic in turning a woman on.

Wear A Sexy Cologne.

From my observation, women are stimulated by scents, which makes them feel a lot better and improves their mood.

This is the reason they have perfumes, candles, and scented stuff in the bedrooms, bathrooms, and almost everywhere else.

Now, there are certain colognes you can wear as a man that will have a magical effect on women. Listen, most women reading this piece are guilty of this and can attest to what am saying.

A great smell is one of the best ways to catch the attention of a woman. Most women will sniff at you, and I mean literally, based on my personal experience. If they are your partners, they want to stay close and cuddle, if they are just new acquittances and don’t want anything from you, they will want to get friendlier and find out the colognes you are wearing so they can tell their guys.

Guys, the quickest way to turn a woman off and keep her away from you for good, it’s to smell terrible and not take care of your personal hygiene. So, be a little more intentional, and invest in your colognes, aftershave, and all that stuff, they speak volumes even before you would ever open your mouth. And on a lucky day, it will draw the girls to you or even turn her on.

Whispering into her ear.

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A lot of women are ticklish right around the ear lobes. Now, if you want to turn her on or at least tickle her, which is a sensation that’s not too far away from being turned on, at least if you ask me, you need to learn to whisper sexy words into her ears.

Now, get this, guys. Don’t just go ahead and start whispering because I said you should whisper. No, I am saying, are you listening? I am saying make sure that you have a fresh breath before you whisper, you don’t want her smelling the garlic that was on the food you just ate, else you will get the opposite effect — Turn off.

Keep mints handy. Keep mints and breath fresheners handy, so you’re not caught on the wrong side of this whole conversation.

As guys learn to lean over and whisper sexy things into a woman’s ears like “hey, baby you are looking really beautiful” she’s going to be tackled. It’s going to send a sensation fast down her spine especially if she likes you, and it’s going to go into places you’ve never imagined.

Morning calls.

I got this one from my first date, she always says I have this deep, sonorous voice when I first wake up in the morning and it does something to her that she doesn’t understand. I don’t understand it either, but I just capitalized on it to call her in the morning. As a lady, do you feel better hearing the voice of someone you love first thing when you wake up on the phone? Does it make you giggle a little bit? Am trying to understand this one, but it seems to have worked so far.

Men’s voice sounds deeper when they first wake up, and if you have a little bit of a deep voice, that works even better. You can practice this if you have not before, call the first thing you wake up, or better still send her a voice note. Something early in the morning, just before your voice wakes up. Send her something really sweet and sexy, she’ll thank you.

Cook for her.

Image by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

Being available for your woman in the kitchen does not make you a beta male, I know some guys think this way, but you shouldn’t, after all, some of the best chefs in the world are men, so don’t let any guy tell you otherwise, that you’re being a sissy if you cook for the woman in your life.

Am sure every woman knows there is nothing sexy like a guy who offers to cook for her. A man who goes into the kitchen put on your apron, and puts together a darn sexy, edible, smells great, no runny tummy afterward, kind of food.

Better still, let her watch you do your thing in the kitchen, you know, slicing and dicing and I mean all sorts of things will be going through her head while she watches you caress that knife.

Do you want to turn a woman on? You want to show her that you can not only take care of her in the bedroom and in her life, but you could take care of her belly and that of the kids when she’s ill or doesn’t feel like cooking. Cook for her, that’s sexy. It’ll turn her on. Go and try it and come tell me how it went.

Stay in Shape

Photo by JEFERSON GOMES on Unsplash

Take care of your body. Ooh. Yeah. I mean, listen, I know losing weight and stuff isn’t easy, and keeping in shape takes a whole different level of commitment. I get that. I know that. I understand that, but there’s nothing like having this nice, well-built man who just takes care of himself.

I’m not saying you need to look like Hulk. No. Far from that. But, you know, muscle in all the right places, you know, hair and all the right places. Boy, you want to know what turns women. Stay in shape, they will admire you all day and want to care about that smooth sexy body. Am not a mind reader, but I see that fantasy in their eyes when am working out at the gym.

Chocolates and wine.

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You know what they say about aphrodisiacs, right? They say chocolate is an aphrodisiac. It’s because it releases feel-good hormones when you eat chocolate. It goes into a part of your brain that stimulates the release of endorphins. And endorphins are feel-good hormones. Endorphins are the same kind of hormones that get released when you have an orgasm.

Feed her chocolate, lots of it. Make sure it’s the chocolate she likes. If she likes it with nuts, do that, just give the darn woman chocolate. Okay, and while you’re at it, get some wine. Because women like wine as well, that’s if she drinks.

From speaking to a lot of my female friends, they tell me what red wine does to them, it turns them on.

Send her suggestive text messages.

Photo by Dhaya Eddine Bentaleb on Unsplash

Half of the time you can win a woman over just by your words. It’s not even that deep. Yeah, I know also that a lot of them have also developed skills of seeing through the voice. But largely, women like to hear, and men like to see. She wants to hear it, send it to her. You know, things that will turn her on.

Think, research, find out what your woman loves to hear, and send her messages at the right times of the day.

All I have shared is based on personal experiences, if you try a few of them they will surely turn that woman on without you even moving a finger.

I know women are sophisticated, but a lot more ladies who have read this piece won’t agree more that these things do turn them on, or are you only turn on through touching? My experience suggests differently.

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