8 Styling Tips for a Spring Trench Coat

Regardless of whether that groundhog sees his shadow or not, most everyone in the Northern Hemisphere begins preparing for spring around March, when the sunshine is brighter, the temperatures are higher and the emotional lows of winter start to disappear. As spring approaches, the style-conscious among us will be transitioning their wardrobes for the new season, which means abandoning much of the heavy outerwear required to maintain warmth in the dreary winter cold. Yet, one critical piece of outerwear must remain: the trench coat.

Spring might bring sunshine, but temperatures rarely remain warm enough to justify short sleeves or high hemlines. A trench coat helps the fashionable play around with warm-weather looks while remaining protected from chilly breezes or light showers. Those looking to take full advantage of women’s jackets and coats during the upcoming season might consider the following tips for styling trench coats, provided by the experts.

Look Into Different Colors

The typical trench coat is tan, khaki or brown — but these are far from the only trench coat options. Most women should have this standard trench coat in the closet, but it might be wise to acquire a coat of a different color (or pattern) as well. This spring, bright colors are going to be big, so having a trench coat in white or a pastel hue might be helpful in building trendy outfits.

Integrate Different Textures

Again, the typical trench coat is made of some form of cotton twill, which allows it to be lightweight but durable. However, the smooth look of cotton twill is not right for every outfit. Fortunately, there are trench coats made of shiny leather, faux fur and other materials that add more texture and interest. Having at least one trench coat with a unique texture is a good choice for any wardrobe.

Layer Over Lazy Outfits

Some days, it is difficult to change out of one’s cozy seat set — and with a trench coat, there is no need to. Trench coats can dress up any outfit, transforming them into suitable looks for public spaces.

Dress Down a Fancy Fit

Of course, the opposite is also true. Those trying to reduce the formality of a look can throw on a trench coat to create a more casual outfit. It can be fun to play with dressing up and down different looks using outerwear like trench coats.

Balance Coat With Summer Set

In most parts of the world, spring isn’t exactly warm enough for mini skirts and crop tops — unless there is a light outer layer that will add some warmth. Matching sets made for summer can be more appropriate for spring when one has a trench coat to put on top.

Mix and Match Hem Lengths

Trench coats are longer than most other forms of outerwear, which gives wearers the opportunity to experiment with different lengths of hems on their skirts and pants. Generally, it is inadvisable to match the length of the trench coat with the length of the bottoms, but shorter and longer hems can both look incredible under a long trench coat.

Play With Masculine and Feminine Looks

Men’s fashion and women’s fashion has almost always been remarkably distinct, but in recent decades, the lines have blurred between outfits suitable for men and clothing for women. Mixing masculine and feminine styles creates an interesting contrast in a completed look. Because a trench coat tends to have masculine energy, women might try integrating florals, frills and lace underneath as a means of integrating the feminine feel. Then again, women might opt for a feminine-fitting trench coat and wear more masculine staples, like a button-up and trousers.

Remember the Importance of Simplicity

A trench coat does not need to make a fashion statement. In fact, trench coats and other forms of outerwear can merely be functional aspects of a simple and straightforward outfit. Because the typical trench coat is a relatively plain garment, it is suitable for almost any look, and in many cases, a simpler and cleaner outfit is the right choice.

The trench coat has been a wardrobe staple for decades, and it should remain an essential piece of outerwear through the spring season. Fortunately, the versatility of the trench coat allows for almost infinite applications, and those looking to put together fashion-forward spring looks should find great success with a trench coat topper.

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