A carpet spot remover, TikTok popular cosmetic puffs and reusable Swiffer pads

From CB: If you use eyeshadow and haven’t tried this Revlon eyeshadow primer yet you don’t know what you’re missing! My eyeshadow stays on longer without creasing and it looks more vibrant after just a small dab. This tube has lasted almost a year so far and I didn’t want to tell you that because I know a lot of you will tell me to throw it out. I’d also like to vouch for this excellent 100% pure hyaluronic acid, which is such a bargain at 8 ounces for $20! My supply of that has also lasted 10 months and half the bottle is left. It’s just as good as more expensive hyaluronic acid. Here are some more things Hecate and I are looking at on Amazon.

A carpet spot remover that works on furniture and upholstery

From CB: My couch is stained and I have carpet stains I’d like to remove too. I saw this product in a video from Do it on a Dime. She said it works wonders to remove stains on fabric, particularly couches. Folex Carpet Spot Remover is the #1 bestseller in upholstery cleaners and accessories. You get 32 ounces for $13. This cleaner has over 78,000 ratings, 4.5 stars and a B on Fakespot. People say it really works to get out stains quickly and that it doesn’t have a strong odor. “This stuff is amazing! It works quickly and doesn’t involve a long cleanup process and doesn’t have a strong scent. I’ve used it on our dogs vomit and poop, stains (why do they always make these messes on the carpet instead of hard floors??), hot sauce stains, ketchup stains, wine stains and those pesky oil stains from salad dressings and things like that.” “Before this product I had tried everything from Oxi Clean, to vinegar and baking soda. The spot was literally unremovable, until I used this product, and to my surprise it got it all out.”

Reusable Swiffer mop pads that can be used wet or dry

From CB: These reusable Swiffer mop pads are for the standard size Swiffer mops, not the XL or WetJet models. I’ve been buying the wet pads to clean my bathroom and they’re expensive and I go through them fast because I hate seeing dog hair on the tile. These reusable turbo mop pads are two for under $11, are machine washable and can be used wet or dry. They have over 8,000 ratings, 4.7 stars and a B on Fakespot. People say they’re easy to put on, that they pick up a lot of dust and hair, and that they last. “ I put one on my swiffer mop and I can say I will never go back to the throw always! These are secure, absorb so much dirt and grime and are easy to clean!” “These pads picked up so much better than my swiffer, I live in an 100 year old house, and it’s always dusty. I put this pad on, and it picked up the dust in a matter of seconds. Great pad will buy again.”

Triangle shaped cosmetic puffs for effortlessly blended makeup

From CB: We featured cosmetic puffs ages ago and mine are getting old and need replacing. These bestselling TikTok-popular triangle cosmetic puffs from Pimoys are just $7.19 for six or you can pay a little more for other colors. They have over 5,300 ratings, 4.7 stars and a B on Fakespot. Apparently these are really popular due to TikTok.People say they’re soft and easy to use for both applying and blending makeup. “I loved how soft they are they are so easy to use and make your makeup so smooth. I’m loving using their powder puffs for my setting powder it allows me to really set my makeup!” “Use these for powder, they make such a difference smoothing out esp under eye.”

Dishwasher cleaning tablets for a fresh-smelling machine and sparkling dishes

From Hecate: We’ve featured the Affresh washing machine tablets here before. The company also makes tablets for your dishwasher. After the gasp-inducing waft that came from my machine this weekend, I cannot tell you how quickly I bought these. I’ve been much better about cleaning out the catch and making sure the floor is clean but it just seems like it needs help. Which is weird to me, because the job of the machine is literally to clean. My confusion aside, I am happy these tabs exist and can’t wait to put them into action. It’s recommended by most of the major dishwasher manufacturers and promises to eliminate limescale. These have over 71K reviews, 4.6 stars and the same score on ReviewMeta. I liked this person’s review mostly because they started it by saying they also thought a dishwasher cleaned itself when it washed dishes, so I didn’t feel so stupid. But then they said these tabs work really well, “I used 2 of the pills because I had a lot of build up and it really did a great job! I’ll be using it on a monthly basis from now on.” Reviewers confirm that they do work against limescale, “I live in an area with hard water and the dreaded lime scale… One cycle with this stuff & the inside of my dishwasher looks like new.”

Snail mucin essence reduces fine lines and dark spots

From Hecate: I don’t think I ever would’ve thought as a kid that snails and slugs would be the in thing for beauty when I grew up. The only time we’d ever have a snail close to our face was on a dare. Now it’s more like I dare you not to use this snail serum for dark spots and fine lines. The serum boasts 96.3% snail secretion filtrate that is proven against anti-aging. What it doesn’t have is parabens, sulfates or phthalates and is not tested on animals… tell that to the snails? The COSRX is Amazon’s Choice with over 23,000 reviews and 4.6 stars that ReviewMeta confirmed. Despite its name, the serum doesn’t leave any trail on your skin, “One of the things that I love most about this essence is that it absorbs into the skin very quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy or oily residue behind.” What’s nice is it works with a variety of skin types, “I have combination-dry as well as acne-prone skin and I have found that this helps me with repairing and maintaining my skin barrier as well as helping with my overall skin texture.”

Cord organizers that work so well on kitchen appliances

From Hecate: I saw these on Buzzfeed over the weekend and can’t believe I don’t have them for everything I own. I’m sure somebody is going to tell me they’ve been around forever but my dumb cords are all sloppily wrapped around my appliances and they look sloppy and nasty. These little discreet organizers stick to the back of your kitchen gadgets for the cord to wrap around and a clip in the center to keep them put. And right now you can get six for $12. The got 4.6 stars for over 650 reviews that ReviewMeta confirmed. They work on all types of cords, “they work well the skinny or larger cords and the plug holder is a great touch.” Customers confirm it cleansed up the counter, “These worked for most of my kitchen appliances and keeps the cabinets and counter looking so organized and chord-free!”

Colorful blouses in fun patterns for a fashionable spring

From Hecate: I have learned over the last few years that I have the most boring blouse collection. I have cool pants, skirts, dresses, etc., but my blouses are all white, black and blue. So I’m trying to branch out a bit because how easy is it to throw a neat blouse with a pair of jeans and head out? I want to check out these Big Dart collection blouses, especially the ones with the vibrant patterns. That’s exactly what I was looking for. And I like the drape of the silky material too. The shirts cost $30, although they are on sale for $25 this week. And they’re sized XS-3XL. Over 26,000 people reviewed the with 4.3 stars that ReviewMeta confirmed. People say it’s a real head turner, “This shirt made heads turn honey! The color is true to the pictures and it’s just a fun shirt to wear! Just get it!” And customers say it’s made well for the price, “ It was nicely made and in my hands the fabric had a nice slightly heavy silk-ish feel.” There is a little discrepancy on sizing. A few reviewers said the sizes were right on but a few said size up. I guess it depends on how you want to it look on.

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