A Quick Quiz to Check If You Could Join Special Forces

How would you like to be in the special forces? To get there, you have to be great at dropping in unseen to, break things, and most people can only dream of joining this select group.

Answer these questions, and you might be able to see if you have a shot at making the grade. Check your results at the end of the video! If you do manage to complete SEAL training, you'll have gained some pretty impressive skills. Between the scuba diving, parachuting, and handling explosives, all they need is a course on pickup lines to fill out a full row of James Bond bingo.

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#1: How good is your eyesight? 0:25
#2: How many sit-ups can you do in 2 minutes? 0:58
#3: How many pushups can you do in 2 minutes? 1:29
#4: How many pull-ups can you do without taking a break? 1:59
#5: How quickly can you run 1.5 miles, about 26 American football fields, while wearing long pants and without stopping? 2:38
#6: How long does it take you to swim 500 yards in a single go? 3:30
Not everyone can be a Navy SEAL 4:17
If you answered mostly A 5:02
If you answered mostly B 5:21
If you answered mostly C or D 6:19
SEALs have pretty impressive skills 7:55

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-Only about 35% of adults have natural 20/20 vision and its relatively rare for a person's vision to be better than that.
-Remember that sit-ups only count if your chest goes all the way from the floor to your knees.
-The average 20 to 29-year-old man can usually manage 17 to 29 pushups in one sitting.
-Chin-ups or pull-ups are much harder than pushups because you need to lift your whole body weight with just your arms.
-On average, it takes 9 minutes for a man between the ages of 20 and 24 to run 1 mile. That works out to be around 14 minutes and 15 seconds for every mile and a half.
-The average swimmer can reach speeds of about 2 mph. That's a little over 9 minutes.
-You cant take the test if youre over the age of 28 and will be automatically turned away if you have poor eyesight or are colorblind.
-If you answered mostly A, then congratulations, you're one world-class athlete.
-If you answered mostly B, you still might be special forces material. Training is extremely difficult, and only candidates at the peak of physical fitness will be considered.
-Dont feel bad if you answered mostly C or D. If you manage to complete the training, you'll have gained some pretty impressive skills.
-The ability to operate on sea, land, and air is so vital that its actually what SEAL stands for. Another cool ability SEALs have is that they can hold their breath for an impressive 2 to 3 minutes at a time.

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