Allen Edmonds Anniversary Sale 2020 – Top 15 Picks

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Allen Edmonds Anniversary Sale 2020

Allen Edmonds has been around for 98 years. Impressive. And each year they celebrate their birthday with a big fat sale. It’s a “select items” sale. Meaning, some items are getting bigger/better discounts than others. This year? It’s not as massive of a blowout as past. Lots of their legendary dress styles are stuck at the $315 price point. Which is good! It’s not just… the best. That said, there’s still plennnty worth considering. Below you’ll find our picks for the best of the best in terms of price to style ratio. Got a tip on something we missed? Send those suggestions into


#1. Fifth Ave. Cap Toe Oxford – $245 ($395)

Fifth Ave. Cap Toe Oxford

Conservative, but the quarter-brogue style perforated cap toe spices it up a bit. Like, a little. One of their standards. Can’t go wrong here. One of the few wheelhouse styles well below $300 this time around.


#2. Suede Neumok Wingtips – $245 ($345)

Allen Edmonds Suede Neumoks

Spring suede. Those things sure look like the real deal. 360 degree Goodyear Welt, Made in Port Washington, recraftable, and more than just a summer shoe. Wear them now with jeans and chinos, keep wearing them with lightweight chinos and summer suits when it heats up, then keep on wearing them into early fall when you break the denim back out again.


#3. Williamsburg Chukkas – $329 ($445)

Allen Edmonds Williamsburg Chukka

Still pretty spendy, but they’re a new, dead-simple style, and chukkas are so darn versatile. Available in coffee, oxblood, or black. More than $100 off.


#4. Boulevard Cap Toe Blucher – $245 ($395)

AE Boulevard Blucher

Prediction: Bluchers/Derbies make a comeback. Because while the style snobs will insist that oxfords (with their sleeker, closed lacing) are necessary for dressed up looks… nobody really cares that much. Go ahead. Wear bluchers with a suit (you REBEL YOU DON’T HURT ‘EM!). At this point (spoiler: it’s always been “this point”) there are more important things to worry about. We might be entering a new time when versatility is paramount. Say, someone owns one pair of super nice shoes (these) and wears the bleeding hell out of them with everything they can.


#5. Nomad Bucks – $195 ($345)

Nomad Bucks

Bucks are seasonal. So not as versatile as the rest of the Anniversary Sale picks. But still, you’ll get plenty of wear out of em’ if you commit to living the buck yeah life. I do wish the Nomad chukkas would still have a decent size range though. Those are all but sold out. If they would have been included in this sale, with a full size run, then I coulda wandered around my house all day growling: “BUCK CHUKKA. BUCK CHUKKA. BUHHHHHHCK CHUKAHAAAAAA” in a Macho Man Randy Savage voice. OOH YEAH SNAP INTO IT.


#6. Strand Oxfords in Walnut, Black, Cigar, Oxblood, etc. – $315 ($395)

Allen Edmonds Strand Captoe Oxfords on

The legend. Yes they have and they will go for cheaper somewhere down the line (whether through AE or through Nordstrom or somewhere else). So while $315 isn’t the best price, it’s a good price. Do we have an in-person review? Yes we do. Thanks for asking (even if you didn’t ask.)


#7. Made in the USA Cedar Shoe Valet – $56 ($70)

Allen Edmonds Shoe Valet

A great place to store your shoe-shine kit. Plus the foot rest comes in super-handy when you’re buffing your shoes. Non-slip rubber foot pads, made out of aromatic cedar, and the metal latch is a nice touch.


#8. McAllister Wingtip Oxford – $315 ($395)

McAllister Wingtip Oxford

All the visual interest of a wingtip, but you still get the conservative toe shape and classy looks of a true oxford. Tons of colors to pick from. Multiple widths to choose from too. All sorts of right.


#9. Cornwallis Dress Oxford – $315 ($395)

Cornwallis Dress Oxford

Contemporary without being overly flashy. Sexy without being thirsty. The Cornwallis might be one of the best looking shoes Allen Edmonds has ever come out with. Is it as timeless as the McAllister wingtip? Nah. Is it, uh… hawt? Yes it is. Full in person review from us can be found here.


#10. Strandmok Cap Toe Oxfords – $245 ($345)

Strandmok Cap Toe Oxfords

A more casual version of the popular Strand. Can get a little funky (see the blue heel/sole on that pair shown above) but there are some less odd options too.


#11. St. John’s Double Monk Strap – $315 ($395)

AE St. John's Double Monk Strap on

Available in black, walnut, coffee, and the dark chili shown here. Full review of these things can be found right here.


#12. Catalina Soft Suede Penny Loafers – $195 ($295)

I mean, if you pair these with some red pants, you’re gonna have to bring it so much that there won’t be anything left to be broughten. bringed. brought. POW! Do note that POW! these aren’t made in POW! the USA. Bummer.


#13. Bond Street Cap Toe Oxfords – $325 ($425)

Allen Edmonds Bond Street Cap Toe Oxfords

Simple, clean, classic, but with a slightly elongated shape for a more contemporary look. That’s the Bond Street. Built on the new 64 last, which is a slightly longer and a touch more roomy through the toe box than the classic 65 (Park Ave., Strand). Standard color range PLUS a couple of subtly textured options, as is shown above.


#14. Made in the USA Golden Bear Varsity Jacket – $415 ($595)

Made in the USA Golden Bear Varsity Jacket

Looks like something an old school baseball manager woulda worn. Made in San Francisco. Leather sleeves, knit collar, cuffs and waistband, cotton body. Contemporary fit should fit closer to the body.


#15. Made in the USA Merino Cool Lobster Socks – $13.65 ($19.50)

Made in the USA Merino Cool Lobster Socks

I mean, they’re Lobster socks. Delicious sea scorpions. What a trick right? That lobsters are considered a delicacy? They’re ocean bugs. Would you put on a silly bib and saddle up, drooling, to a table ready to dip scorpion meat into drawn butter? Probably not. But lobsters are different, right? Because… they live in the ocean? Getting rocked by the occasional hurricane? Point is: we should probably eat more scorpions. The socks will keep your feet cool and well cushioned by way of the merino wool, with sweat wicking properties that’ll help prevent your feet from smelling and feeling like a couple of cheddar bay biscuits. Made in the USA too.

The Allen Edmonds Anniversary Sale runs clear through May 4th. POW!

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