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s. 5G: App on Your Device? Or Seek Knowledge, Ask a Friend, Colleague, or Respected Resource You Know, Trust, and Love (and Not a Corporation)

By Patricia Burke

Weather Forecast: Clearing Ahead

For many years, I worked in and around waterfronts and pools, at one point directing an multi-pool facility.

As every summer camp director and aquatic manager knows, the phrase “chance of late afternoon thunder showers” is very stressful.

For years, a significant part of my (anxious) life revolved around listening to weather reports.

By mid-week, predictions for the weekend would note a “chance of showers.”

Then, when the weekend arrived, there would be an absolute deluge. A colleague eventually explained to me that weather reports were not accurate, due in part to tourism and economic concerns for the nearby Cape vacation area. By listening more carefully to how a “chance of rain” was portrayed, I was amazed to note that he was right, and that the weather reports, including snowfall predictions, spoke in economic code.

Can we have a better understanding of the rhythms of our planet/home, and not depend on our devices and their overlords? With grace-filled ease and harmony?

Life is about rhythm. We vibrate, our hearts are pumping blood, we are a rhythm machine, that’s what we are. – Drummer Mickey Hart

We are rhythm, and so is the planet.

Over time, as I began studying yoga, and especially the Meridian System of Oriental Medicine, I read Harish Johari’s book Dhanwantari.

I learned how the ancient masters recognized the impact of patterns of electromagnetic frequencies on the human energy field.

And, I became familiar with the quality of energy expressed by the moon.

For example, while commuting one day, the sun is bright and warming, yet the next day, (a fire day) it is blindingly bright, and everyone wears sunglasses. (Better yet, the masters would recommend avoiding driving during the hours when the sun’s angle sharply hits the windshield.)

One morning while sitting in a circle with campers, the ground is dry. But the next day the ground remains damp and our pants get wet even though the temperature is the same. What is this about?

I began to listen differently to weather reports. I noted whether there was a chance of rain, but I paid attention to whether the moon was in a fire, earth, air, or water sign. I still do. As I dove in deeper, I began to understand the practices of gardening with the moon, meal planning with the moon, detoxing with the new moon.

I began adoring the moon’s influence on the waters of the planet and on us, which one Theosophy teacher described as “the creative active intelligence of the cosmos, playing and expressing its rhythmic dance.”

I would notice over the course of the day when the energy changed, as the moon moved from one sign to another. The day might heat up and get noticeably more fiery, sometimes dry, sometimes humid. Or, the rains were coming.

This is how vast bodies of knowledge have been accumulated … by paying attention, inwardly as well as outwardly, and by listening to others.

This is how communities recognized that cutting hooves of animals was inauspicious at certain times, or that herbs would spoil and mold when harvested at the wrong time. The sky was the clock and the calendar.

And, I wasted much less. Because another descriptor for revering the planet’s energy and influence is a “sustainable lifestyle” that has nothing to do with corporations.

Unlike a “smart grid” which pollutes the natural electromagnetic environment, energy consciousness is non-harming, pure, and wise.

Unlike an electric vehicle, energy awareness is free, and available to all. Developing a more reverential lifestyle does not involve mining for rare earth and conflict minerals, and ewaste outsourced to impoverished nations, or other forms of exploitation and disaster capitalism. And unlike the corruption of “clean energy,” no highly paid statisticians are lying about return on investment or energy savings.

Harmonizing with the planet’s rhythms is pure, untainted, right living, and the birthright of human existence. Initiatives that don’t direct human endeavor back to Natural Law are not sustainable.


The Indian masters developed an intricate science of health practices “including suggestions for breathing, nostril and hemispheric dominance, planetary and lunar influences, and cyclic changes in the endocrine system.” Eastern masters brought these teachings to the West back in the 1960s. (Hemispheric dominance refers to which nostril is activating which brain hemisphere.) We need them, right now.

In the introduction to the book Dhanwantari Michael Gerber wrote,

“Americans in general had very little practical knowledge about keeping their bodies functioning efficiently. Daily routine of attention to the body performed at home is more effective in maintaining health (especially mental health) than intermittent clinical treatment. The first problem I see in my patients is that they don’t understand how good it feels to be normal. The hyperstimulating American lifestyle of heavy meat intake, alcohol and coffee consumption, disregard of daily rhythms, over-eating, no prayer or meditation, constipation, too frequent and short duration of sex and speeded up, stressful living is producing Americans highly prone to illness with no worthy goals and no examples of human excellence toward which to aspire.  Americans exist in states of chronic stress, fatigue, anger, and insecurity.”

Fear and Terror and Infrastructure Plans vs. Grace

There are several insights that Americans and individuals everywhere can adopt to begin to heal from the generalized state of existential terror that is being cultivated around the issues of “climate change” and “covid,” especially as another wave of lockdown initiatives may be unfolding. Wisdom schools address both human health, and environmental concerns.

The first insight is that the human body is an exquisite instrument, designed to offer input from all of the senses. Long before disease sets in, indications of imbalance present themselves. We can learn to read the cues. This means spending some part of the day embodied, and not on a device.

Whether walking the dog or sitting on the beach, being off of a device is the only way to be in touch with all of our senses. Withdrawing from, rather than embracing, virtual realities, is a choice point for humanity. This choice of a pure electromagnetic environment creates an opportunity for Nature to begin to re-synchronize and harmonize our energy fields.

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It’s one or the other; wireless devices block the inter-relationship with the cosmos, not only for ourselves, but for others in our environment. Not unlike second-hand smoke, one consumer’s addiction to an environmental pollutant destroys the well-being of others.

The industry practice of conducting data transfers at night should be halted immediately, in recognition of international human rights laws prohibiting sleep deprivation, because it is a form of torture (for example, smart grid transmissions).

Stimulating the nervous system, brain, heart and other organs with artificial frequencies when the body seeks to be in a state of rest is an assault to immunity, endocrine balance, and health. The healthcare costs associated with these instinct-injured practices, which are being covertly introduced into communities without knowledge and consent, have never been considered.

A simple starting strategy is to turn wifi off at night and to seek pure, unpolluted access to the sunrise and sunset light energies. This practice continually re-balances the body, according to the mystics, including Rudolf Steiner.

The second strategy is that we begin to listen and learn from the experiences of our neighbors and neighboring communities. This includes paying heed to those individuals reporting harm from exposures to juxtaposed manmade EMF/RF exposures, soon to be multiplied by 5G.

With rampant censorship, it is crucial that the voices of the canaries receive attention. We can clear our consciousness of the tinfoil hat, conspiracy-theorist propaganda, and ridicule operating system, which has been intentionally installed in the mass culture. We are being played. We can stop.

The third possibility is recognizing that living in a state of existential fear and terror about “the climate” and its tipping point, and about health and covid statistics, is harmful in itself. We can begin to reach for balance in our own lives, recognizing our ability to care for ourselves and each other.

Data & Beliefs Have Been Weaponized

As fears are being translated into the demand for industrialized infrastructure investments, without consideration of health and environmental impacts, data is being weaponized. (The book Bright Green Lies is a good reference for immunization against corrupted industrial energy policy.)

When both health and the environment exist as unfamiliar, threatening unknowns, we can be manipulated to sustain the state of fear that invites expanding, centralized, abusive models of control.

When we understand, know, and love our human form and its relationship with the environment, we are at home.

Right Living and Tools

Harish Johari writes, Dhanwantari “is a book about right living, about synchronizing the individual organism with the cycles of the Cosmos which has given him birth. It is a book about becoming normal. This is a book about techniques of centering, about stabilizing one’s energy, about creating a place within one’s own being to which one can return at will. One who has a center within himself can then look with detachment upon the ever-changing face of the illusory world. And he can even begin to laugh. There is no conflict between ancient and modern language.”

Books Are Tools, Artificial Light is Artificial

A few good printed books that can be referred to again and again as references are a renewable energy resource, and many are available second hand.

Devices with artificial lighting have a different impact on the human energy field than holding a book.

We must question our tools. It’s about how we are using them, but also about how they are allowing us to be used.

History presents ominous warnings about the concentration and abuse of power now manifesting in our lives.

What we are viewing as convenience at the tip of our fingers is a tool in the hands of oppression. It’s not just a matter of surveillance, it’s about manipulation and control of human behavior, not towards noble ends, and without informed consent. Its about the enormous transfer and concentration of wealth that occurred over the last year.

If freedom, liberation, justice, and sustainability are our values, we must get off of these networked devices and frequencies, and back to the foundation of Natural Law. Gratitude, devotion, and love can take us there.

The Disney song, “Colors of the Wind,” written by Judy Kuhn, sung by Pocahontus, notes:

“You think you own whatever land you land on
The Earth is just a dead thing you can claim
But I know every rock and tree and creature
Has a life, has a spirit, has a name.”

It’s not just Earth being treated like a dead thing, it’s the entire sky, cosmos, and electromagnetic spectrum.

The emergency is not fossil fuels, it is that we are still dissociated and severed from the foundation of our lives, and being led blindly into another wave of unconscious and unsustainable consumption, under the guises of freedom and safety. Selective activism that ignores wireless telecommunications and 5G is leading us nowhere fast.

These are precarious times.

Patriarchy has obscured the moon’s influence for centuries, mirroring the suppression of intuition, women, and nature. Our unquestioning enamorment with an artificial, enslaved life is a symptom of the core disconnect. It is time to stop.

As the mystic Lala wrote, “the soul, like the moon, is now and always new and new again.” — Source

“We have to go back to ourselves, to our beloved ones, to nature, because electronic devices help us to run away from ourselves… We do not have the time to take care of our beloved ones and do not allow Mother Earth to heal us. We are running away from self, family and nature.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Ayurveda expert John Douliiard discusses “back to school immune support” here. Listen, in community, from a wired device.

Top image courtesy Barb Payne, used with permission

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Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and internationally calling for new biologically-based microwave radio frequency exposure limits.She is based in Massachusetts and can be reached at

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