Best Mens Yoga Pants

Best Men's Yoga Pants

When practicingyoga, comfort is key. You need to be able to move easily, without your clothing restricting your movement. Settling into those tough poses is hard enough.

In chilly weather, yoga shorts aren't warm enough, which is why you need a pair of mens yoga pants. Bonus: women love a man in yoga pants.

Although mens yoga pants have now become the go-to piece of clothing for all occasions, lets talk about what they're really made for - practicing yoga.

The brains at Harvard Medical Schoolhave found that yoga has some serious benefits beyond the mat.Not only will yoga help you build muscle and increase flexibility, but it will also improve self-esteem, give you energy, and lower blood pressure.

Sure you could do yoga in your holey sweatpants from college, but we wouldn'trecommend it. So, whether you're running an errand, watching Netflix, or actually practicing your Warrior II pose, a nice pair of yoga pants for men are a must-have.

The good news is:

We did the researchso you don't have to. We spent hours reading reviews, and even trying out several brands in order to create alist of the best yoga pants for men.

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