Black Friday Deals for Natural + Healthy Living 2019

Black Friday sale sign with lots of health and wellness products

So, pants. Theyrejust not happening today. I have a date with my pjs, aneggnog latte, and some of my favorite online shops. Because parenting is hardenough without circling a parking lot for 45 minutes to find a spot, then rushing inside to find a potty fortwo kids only to discover a line out the door, right?

If you want to skip the lines, too, here are some deals on some of my favorite healthyproducts. Also, if you need more inspiration, my2019 Holiday Gift Guidehas 100+ ideas to cover everyone on your list!

Okay, on to the Black Friday deals!

My Favorite 2019 Black Friday Sales on Natural Products

healthy black friday sale skincare

Skincare, Makeup & Body Care

Toups and Co is offering up to 40% off their organic makeup and beauty products, including their amazing tallow balm and other products like deodorant (with no baking soda for those who are sensitive!).

Tallow is uniquely compatible with our skins biology, leaving it supple and nourished after use. My friend Emilie makes the bestwhipped tallow balm Ive ever tried. It smells amazing, and shes carefully formulated the essential oils in each blend to be safe for use on the face and with children. Im using the Frankincense blend right now and I love it. No coupon code needed the discounts will be applied automatically.

Important note: Many of their most popular products like the Frankincense Face Balm + Charcoal Soap Set tend to go pretty fast and are usually sold out by Friday night, so if theres something you really want I suggest grabbing it quickly.

Click here to shop the Toups & Co. Sale

Mo Natural Magnesium Lotion Magnesium is often called the magic mineral due to its ability to relax muscles, help with stress, and support restful sleep for both adults and kids. (Its really helpful for easing growing pains!)

Unfortunately for some people, magnesium oil can cause an itchy or uncomfortable sensation when applied in undiluted form. This magnesium lotion solves that by blending skin-calming ingredients like organic shea butter, argan seed oil, prickly pear seed oil with high potency transdermal magnesium. They have an extra gentle kid-version, too!

Click here to buy Mo Maggie Magnesium Lotion on Amazon and use coupon code 15momaggie to save 15%

Click here to buy Lil Mo Maggie Magnesium Lotion for kids on Amazon and use coupon code 15lilmomag to save 15%

healthy black friday sale haircare

Hairprint is not hair dye its a way of replenishing brown/black hairs natural pigment while strengthening overall hair structure.

Click here to get 25% off everything with a limit of 2 True Color Restore kits.

real food supplements black friday sale

Real Food Supplements

Perfect Supplements Just for you guys, Perfect Supplements is offering 35% off their products for Black Friday. Thats 35% on all Perfect Supplements products for everyone, plus an additional 10% off for you guys with coupon code MOMMYPOTAMUS10. I use and love their grass-fed gelatin, hydrolyzed collagen (gelatin that can be dissolved in cold liquids), dessicated liver and anti-oxidant rich Revive blend.

Oh and quick note, I love this companys commitment to purity and transparency. They dont just ask you to trust them when they say their gelatin and collagen is free of glyphosate residue they post the lab results on their product listings. This year I think Im going to take advantage of the sale to buy some Rhodiola Rosea, an adaptogenic herb that helps with energy, mental clarity, and sleep.

Click here to shop the Perfect Supplements sale

black friday sale natural coffee

Coffee & Pantry Essentials

Four Sigmatic is offering 20-60% off their AMAZING products plus an additional 15% off with discount code MP15. If you havent tried them yet, Four Sigmatic coffees, teas and hot cocoas are infused with adaptogens that support brain function, help the body adapt to stress, and more. My husband and I always keep a few of their powdered coffee mix packets stashed away in our bags (my purse, his satchel) for coffee emergencies.

Check out the sale here (scroll down to see individual products)

Paleo Valley These 100% grass-fed beef sticks and pastured turkey are so delicious! I personally like the jalapeno flavor, but my kids prefer the original and summer sausage flavors. They also have an Organ Complex supplement so you can get the benefits of organ meats without having to taste them. Here are their savings details:

  • Spend $75 + 15% OFF + Free Shipping
  • Spend $150 + 20% OFF + Free Shipping + Free Gift
  • Spend + $300 + 25% OFF + Free Shipping + Free Gift

Free Gift Options:Turmeric Complex, Essential C Complex, or Apple Cider Vinegar Complex

Grab yummy snacks from Paleo Valley here

As part of their stock-up sale, Kettle & Fire is offering up to 30% off theirgrass-fed beef bone broths (including their chipotle bone broth & lemongrass ginger pho), organic chicken broth (including turmeric ginger and coconut lime chicken curry) , and yummy keto soups PLUS a mystery gift.

The containers they use are made from mostly wood pulp and a liner that has been tested and shown not to leach even in extreme temperatures. (I asked the founder and think he said one thousand degrees Fahrenheit, but it may have been a little less. Still, my pantry is definitely not even 700F so I feel good about that.)

Shop all Kettle & Fire bone broth flavors and nourishing soups here

ButcherBox is offering FREE STEAK for new members. The Ultimate Steak Sampler (2 Filet Mignons, 2 NY Strips & 4 Top Sirloins) will arrive for free in your first box. This is $75 worthof steaks, for free.If youve never heard of Butcher Box, they deliver 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef, free-range organic chicken, wild caught Alaskan salmon and heritage pork directly to your door. You choose the box (7-10 pounds) that is right for you and how often you want it delivered, and shipping is always free. It is a subscription service, but you can cancel anytime you want to.

Click here for the ButcherBox deal

Kasandrinos olive oil is offering 25-50% off their pure olive oils and amazing vinegars (HELLO VANILLA FIG BALSAMIC). Youve probably heard that grocery store olive oils are often cut with cheaper oils like soy, canola and sunflower, and its true. In one independent test conducted at The University of California-Davis, 69% of the imported extra virgin olive oil they tested failed to meet internationally accepted standards for purity.

Kasandrinos organic olive oil is different because they only bottle from a single source Laconia, Greece. Each batch has a chemical analysis performed to ensure purity, and the olives are pressed within 24 hours to ensure maximum flavor and antioxidant potency. They also only sell from the current years harvest to ensure that each bottle is ultra-fresh.

You can get 25% off all their products with coupon code TURKEY25 or 50% off your whole order with coupon code SUBSCRIBE50 when you join their subscribe and save program.

Click here to shop Kasandrinos

black friday sale essential oils

Essential Oils & Accessories

The Oily Amulet is having a big sale on their beautiful diffuser jewelry and leather essential oil carryalls, and with coupon code Mommypotamus10 you can get an ADDITIONAL 10% off orders of $50+. Here are the details:

*The carryalls are slightly imperfect, meaning that they have a small natural blemish in the leather or a little scuff. The one pictured is considered slightly imperfect but I havent been able to identify an imperfection at all.

Shop The Oily Amulet and dont forget to use Mommypotamus10 for an additional 10% off order of $50.

healthy black friday sale essential oils

Plant Therapy Safety is my top priority when it comes to essential oils. Plant Therapy is a brand I love for its quality, commitment to providing safe usage instructions, and pricing.

Today only, you can get 15% off SITEWIDE at Plant Therapy. Use Code FRIDAY at Checkout and Save!

black friday sale healthy baby food

Babies & Kids

Serenity Kids is offering 30% off site-wide on their super nutrient-dense baby food. This the stuff I WISH Id had for traveling and errand days when my babies were little. Its low sugar baby food that uses only ethically sourced meats, organic savory veggies, and healthy fats. The sale applies to your entire first order up to 6 cases from Friday through Monday!

Click here and use my code MP30 at checkout to save 30%

Mama Natural Birth Course If youre looking for an evidence-based, naturally-minded resource, I highly recommend theMama Natural Birth Course created by my friend Genevieve. Its 25% off through Cyber Monday, and it covers:

  • Delayed cord clamping, which boosts babys iron stores by 30% and improves fine motor skills and social development later in life.
  • Skin-to-skin contact, which regulates babys body temperature and blood pressure, reduces stress hormones, and helps initiate early breastfeeding.
  • Gentle cesarean, which can seed babys microbiome, eliminate fluids from babys lungs, while empowering the mama.
  • The importance of eating during labor, and so much more.

Click here to learn more about the Mama Natural Birth Course

black friday sale kiwi co

KiwiCo Crates My kids literally cheer every month with their KiwiCo Crates arrive (and I cheer inside because I know theyre going to learn something new while I have a quiet afternoon). If you want to try them out, you can get 60% off your first crate OR up to 4 months free with code EARLY.

Thats $39.95 for 3 months, $17.95 for 6 months (2 months FREE), and $159.95 for 12 months (4 months FREE)*!*savings based on $19.95 per month, and the Eureka and Maker crates may vary.

Click here to shop KiwiCo Crates

black friday sale kids clothing

Primary If you follow me in IG, youve probably seen at least one of my kids wearing Primary clothing. (Like this photo I snapped on my front porch, or this one at the beach, or this one of them in their Christmas PJs.)

They make 100% cotton, OKEO-Tex certified basics at an affordable price, and everything on this page is 40% off right now.

Although theyre not included in the sale, while Im shopping today Im going to add their PJs to my cart. Every year I buy them a new pair to wear on Christmas Eve . . . and throughout the remaining 364 days until next year. Theyre super cute for photos, durable, and comfy.

Click here to shop Primary Clothing Company

black friday wellness sale

Lab Testing

EverlyWell, the at-home lab I use to track my thyroid and hormones, is offering 25% off all orders under $300 (and 30% off all orders over $300) with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY

Click here to shop EverlyWell

EMF Protection

DefenderShield is offering 20% off plus free shipping (USA only) on theircell phone cases,laptop shields, tablet shields, blankets and more. I love the phone + wallet case, and so does my husband. The laptop shields also work really well as lap desks for homeschooling.

Shop DefenderShield and use coupon code super19 to save 20%

black friday sale natural products

Natural Remedies & First Aid

Genexa is the first maker of certified organic and non-gmo medicine. Their saline spray is amazing for littles (and adults) who feel like the neti pot is too much of a hassle, and it has better ingredients than other brands.

Theyre having a Build Your Own Medicine Cabinet sale save 30% when you purchase 6 or more products.

Shop Genexa here

First Honey products are enriched with medical grade Manuka honey (straight from our First Honey farms in New Zealand!). Their products are 100% safe and natural, and the company says their Manuka honey is 5X more effective than Neosporin. (There are a lot of studies on the benefits of honey for wound healing Ive written about some of them here.)

First Honeys mission is to encourage parents across the country to make the switch from artificial antibiotic ointments like Neosporin to 100% safe, natural and effective first aid like First Honey.

Available on Amazon:

Click here to save 15% with coupon code 15HONEYHONEY

healthy black friday sale red light therapy

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy has been shown to be helpful for collagen production, improving skin clarity, optimizing hormone levels, facilitating muscle recovery and more.

In this post I explain why it works, plus why I love my Joovv red light mini and Solo. Right now, Joovv is offering:

  • $100 off Joovv Mini ($595, normally $695)
  • $200 off Joovv Solo, Duo, Max, Quad, or Elite
  • Limited to one-time use per customer

Click here to shop the Joovv sale

Non-Toxic Mattress

Right now through Cyber Mondayuse the code MOMMYPOTAMUS at this linkto get 20% off an IntelliBed Organix mattress PLUS these exclusive freebies with your order:

  • 100% organic cotton cover
  • Free mattress protector
  • Free sheets

The first five customers will also receive a FREE Blendtec blender.

You can read aboutwhy I love my IntelliBED here.

Use code MOMMYPOTAMUS to save 20% on an IntelliBed mattress here

What are the best deals youve scored this Black Friday?

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