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Chanel Ballerina Flats & Sling Back Sizing & Review

I own a few pairs of Chanel shoes, including the above ballerina flats and their classic sling backs in two different colors: grey & black and camel & black. They both go with so much and are such iconic classics from the brand. As far as comfort, the flats are very comfortable. I never found them to have much of a break-in period and I’ve walked all day in them without any issues. The slingbacks are also comfortable but I do find that the back part can slip off, especially if you a skinnier heel bone, which I do. They’re still very comfortable, but just something to call out.

I do find that the bottom soles of the Chanel flats wear down quickly (as with most flats), especially if you’re a hard walker like I am, so I definitely recommend getting the soles done. This will preserve the integrity of the shoes and make them last way longer. All in all, I find them to be such a worthy investment, especially if you’re able to get them for less than retail, which is how I’ve purchased mine. They look good with everything from skinny jeans to boyfriend jeans to leggings and dresses (although I prefer mine with pants, but just a personal preference). They’ve also been around forever so a true testament to a timeless classic.

As far as sizing goes, I typically wear a US 8.5 (occasionally a US 9, if the brand runs small) and in Chanel shoes, I take a 39.5 almost always.

For sizing reference:

In the Chanel boots I recently got, I also took a 39.5.

In my Gucci loafers and slides, I take a 39.

In the Manolo Hangisi’s, both in the heels and flats, I take a 39.5

In Manolo BB pumps, I take a 39.

In my Loeffler Randall Booties, I take a 9

How I navigate the RealReal:

In the last year or so, I’ve had a few incredible finds on the RealReal: this pair of Chanel Ballet Flats, a Mark Cross ‘Grace’ bag (a style I’ve been wanting for a long time, but not at retail) and yellow Manolo Blahnik Hangsi shoes, a color that I’ve been dreaming about but actually had a hard time finding with most retailers.

I treat the site the way I used to use eBay, back in my heyday of being a self-proclaimed eBay expert. I typically search styles and brands in which I 100% know my size in (whether it’s clothes or shoes).

For example: I knew I loved my blush pink Manolo Blahnik ‘Hangisi’ shoes and would have been more than happy to add another color into the mix. I also knew that I preferred the flat or the higher heel height.

I also knew what size I wore in Chanel flats and been wanting to add a new pair to my wardrobe. I currently have a pair that’s almost 10 years old but they need some major TLC. I’ve recently rediscovered them at the bottom of one of my closets.

For bags, that’s obviously a different story but it’s typically a style I’ve seen and analyzed in person. If it’s vintage, that might be another story but I usually rely on the images and description to guide me.

Narrow down your search: 

Since the RealReal can be overwhelming, it helps to really narrow down your search. Whether it’s the search box and typing in ‘Mark Cross Bag’ or ‘Chanel Jumbo Caviar’ – this can give you a much more focused search. When looking for shoes, I always narrow down the search by choosing what size I am. For example, I’ll type in “Manolo Blahnik Hangsi” or “Chanel Flats” and then further narrow down by choosing the size(s) that work for me. I kind of go into the site with a browsing mentality rather than a focused search. I wasn’t searching for the above flats but as soon as I saw them, the colors felt very “me.” I already knew what size I wore in them and the listed price was fabulous ($375) so purchasing them was almost a no brainer. They retail for over $700+ tax, so a huge difference in price here. They’re not brand new, but that kind of stuff does not bother me.

I also find that if you’re searching for something specific, it pays to check the site every few days a week. New inventory comes in daily (I’m pretty sure?!) so what they may not have today, they may have tomorrow.

Did that answer all of your questions? If not, ask away and I’ll try to include what may have been missed!

Good luck and happy shopping!
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