Complete Style Guide For Buying Plus Size Clothing

Complete Style Guide For Buying Plus Size Clothing

If you are a plus size woman, these are the best times for you. The acceptance, graciousness and respect given to plus size women now is more than ever in the history of the fashion and glamor world. 

Dressing for different plus size body types is now very easy as you can find a range and versatility in all kinds of clothing styles. Gone are the days when plus size was considered a taboo and something to be embarrassed off, today’s women wholeheartedly accept what their natural body shape is. In fact being curvy is the new definition of sexy.

Within the plus size, there are many body shapes and types that will allow you to better understand our requirements and how to dress according to your body shape. The best part is the variety you will find in not only high street brands but also the more affordable ones. 

Be it women activewear sets, flowy plus size dresses, jumpsuits, crop tops, jeans, skirts or gowns, you name it there will be something in accordance to your body shape!

In this article, I will be giving you a complete style guide with great tips for each plus size body type and no it’s not going to be a writing piece that tells you to wear this and not wear that, you can wear whatever you want! 

A Few Things to Clear First

I am very well aware of how it feels to be self conscious of a bigger midriff area, have a broad chest, flabby arms, heavier thighs and thicker hips but trust me, it all about dressing in the right clothes that will enhance your good parts and camouflage the areas that you are sensitive about. Before starting with the style tips I want to first clear some common mistakes in plus size womens clothing.

1.Opting for Baggy, Ill-fitted clothes

Sunside your urge to buy some ill-fitted clothes just so you can not show your curves to the world. Scratch that mentality right now as baggier clothes won’t make you appear slimmer and so will not some shape less kaftan or dress. 

2.Buy as per your Body Shape

This is another major point to be taken care off, as a plus size woman you must fit in some body type like full-straight or rectangular, apple, pear, hourglass or full bust. Know your body type, embrace it and then step out to shop, not before that. 

3.Going All-Black

I know black makes you feel and look leaner but you don’t have to wear black or pt for black for all occasions. Enjoy colors, prints, patterns and different hues but in the right outfit! 

4.Never Accepting, Always Dreaming

Another thing you need to get rid of is holding back on certain styles for time you will be in shape. Well, I hope that you do get the motivation to lose a few inches but that won’t change your body type! So don’t wait to lose weight to enjoy fashion, wear it NOW! 

A Few Essentials to Invest in for Plus Size Clothing

Now that you have a clear mindset and you’re out of your misery let’s get you started on your plus size journey. 

1.Invest in Good Quality Undergarments

I can’t emphasize enough on this point, if you want that perfect fit, confident look and flawless appearance you need to invest in some good quality undergarments. These few pieces will change your life and give you so much confidence from within (pun intended). 

Undergarments include a range of colors in a good supportive bra that not only holds the shape but also makes it attractive with each outfit. Next you want panties that are also supportive yet comfortable. Lastly, shapewear is a plus size woman’s best friend. These will be so handy on days when you want to look flawless and also when you are not so confident to step out. 

2.Understand the Fabrics you Enjoy

Wearing clingy, sticky, body hugging fabric will not make you feel or look good. But on the other hand a fabric that is breathable, stretchy, flowy yet fitted will look impeccable. Women activewear sets come in all kinds of fabrics but the ones that look the best are those made with good quality fabric so understand the fabrics that you enjoy and go for those. 

3.Accessorize to Rise

No one can take away from the power of accessories from today’s fashion scene. They are just as important as the dress itself. If you have an hourglass figure, you can always accentuate your waistline with a chunky belt. 

If you have a pear shaped figure go for statement earrings to offset the look and take away from the areas you’re conscious of. Similarly if you have a straight look then go for a stylish handbag to bring some shape and curve to the outfit. Lastly for apple shaped plus size women, hells will do the trick beautifully. 

Style Guide for Plus Size Women

For plus size women, I would always recommend having a few pairs of high waisted jeans or pants in different washes, distresses and cuts. The high waisted jeans will also give women the coverage they want while allowing them to be confident. 

You can wear them with crop tops, blouses, off-shoulder shirts or with simple tees and look your best. For a more semi-formal attire a wrap around dress in a no brainer, no matter your body type, it will work always. Wrap around dresses gives you that snatched waist line while covering the body from all the right areas. Lastly, I would always suggest having some clarification about your color palette, this means you need to always play around the colors you feel good in! 

Last Words for Plus-Size Women

Being plus-size can be as endearing, beautiful and sexy as long as you dress your body right and don’t run around in public wearing too-short Under Armor shorts and gross overly-tight tank tops. You can achieve a great style by just understanding your body type and working around it if working out isn’t working out for you. 

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