Corduroy, though often associated with decades prior, has been making a comeback in recent years – and we’re pretty happy about that! Not only does the corduroy trend allow us to add a splash of texture to an outfit, but corduroy is also a...


Corduroy, though often associated with decades prior, has been making a comeback in recent years – and we’re pretty happy about that! Not only does the corduroy trend allow us to add a splash of texture to an outfit, but corduroy is also a comfortable and sustainable addition to your wardrobe (provided it’s made of organic cotton). 

If you haven’t worn a lot of corduroy in your day – and hey, you’re not alone if this is the case – you may be a little bit perplexed when it comes to incorporating this unique fabric type into your wardrobe. While corduroy can certainly be used as an appropriate fabric in button-up tops and jackets, this article will focus on the best corduroy pants you can incorporate into your wardrobe. 


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1. Todd Snyder Slim Fit Italian Stretch Cord


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Our best overall pick comes courtesy of Todd Snyder, an American fashion company based in New York City. Todd Snyder is known for casual apparel products inspired by army simplicity.

These corduroys show simplistic touches at their best. Coming in a range of classic colors, these pants feature a slim fit and a classic five-pocket style. The beauty is in the details of this pair of pants that include a zip-up fly, belt loops, and Italian corduroy. This is the best choice for anyone who is new to incorporating corduroy into their wardrobe and wants to start with something classic. 


2. Brunello Cucinelli Straight-Leg Corduroy Trousers


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Brunello Cucinelli is a fashion brand born out of love for Italian fashion and culture. In fact, this brand takes it one step further by proclaiming to be “humanistic” and uplifting the dignity of the artists and craftsmen with whom they collaborate. Since its inception in 1979, the company has opened stores around the world, including within North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. 

These straight-leg corduroy trousers from Brunello Cucinelli come in two simple colors and make a wonderful addition to a capsule wardrobe. These pants, which come in a straight leg style, are made of a satisfying cotton and elastane blend and come in a five-pocket style. Brunello Cucinelli may have been a company best known for their cashmere products, but this pant makes it clear that they have mastered other fabrics as well, including corduroy. 


3. UNIQLO Corduroy Ankle-Length Pants


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If you haven’t been acquainted with UNIQLO, be prepared to meet your new favorite budget fashion brand. While it has been well-known in Japan and across Asia for many years, it’s only recently that UNIQLO has begun to make waves in the North American market. Think of it as similar to H&M and Urban Outfitters – its specialty is quality, basic apparel at a fair price.

UNIQLO makes a few decent pairs of corduroys, but their ankle-length pants are a true standout. Made from a stretchy fabric with an elastic waist, these pants do the impossible by combining style and comfort. They also come with a unique and trendy slim and straight fit. Even if these don’t become your primary pair of corduroy pants, you can’t really go wrong with their budget price point. 


4. L.L. Bean Stretch Country Corduroy Pants


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L.L. Bean is one of the most beloved American clothing companies out there, mostly thanks to their high-quality utilitarian clothing pieces and reputation for outstanding customer service. As corduroy gives off that down-to-earth vibe, it’s no surprise L.L. Bean offers their own interpretation of corduroy pants. 

These cords are true classics, coming complete with a spandex and cotton blend and a concealed waistband. They bridge the gap between comfort and utility, and pair well with a pullover sweater or flannel shirt. They can also be quickly dressed up with the addition of an Oxford shoe.


5. Carhartt Straight Leg Corduroy Trousers


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Carhartt is an American company dating back to the 1800s. Whether you know it for its work clothes or its signature tuques, Carhartt is well-loved for continuing to be a family-owned company and for offering lines of clothing made in the good old USA. Carhartt’s clothing has also been featured in cast wardrobes in movies and TV shows, further adding to the brand’s notability. 

Carhartt’s corduroy pants are an affordable and stylish option for any man who is looking to step up his corduroy game. Made from 100% cotton, these pants are incredibly comfortable and feature both rear and side pockets. They are designed to have a slim fit at the waist and a loose fit over the leg, which gives them a relaxed, modern look. 


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6. Patagonia Men’s Cotton GI Pants


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Patagonia is one of the world’s most beloved retailers of outdoor fashion. With headquarters in Ventura, California, the company can trace its history back to the 1970s. It’s known for its equitable and environmental practices, which recently have included a “Worn Wear” program that allows customers to purchase gently-worn Patagonia clothing items at a reduced price. This move sets out to combat “fast fashion” trends that are otherwise popular. 

These pants from Patagonia are not necessarily a pair of traditional cords, but they do come in a unique blend of both cotton and corduroy material. They are also known for being Fair Trade Certified and are made in an ethical clothing factory in Japan. 


7. Haikure Corduroy Jeans


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Haikure is a relatively new clothing option out there, having burst onto the scene in 2011. It’s an Italian brand that takes its inspiration from the minimalist Japanese style. Like some of the other brands on its list, it also believes in being a brand that is anti-fast fashion, which means that it upholds values like sustainable and high-quality fashion. In their own words, the company’s values are “pure, nature, and future”.

Staying true to the company’s trend of producing small-batch simple items, Haikure offers a number of corduroy jeans. All of Haikure’s clothing is made in their factories across Italy, which have their whereabouts transparently shown on the company’s website.


8. Taylor Stitch Camp Pant


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If you haven’t heard of Taylor Stitch before, prepare to meet your new favorite clothing brand. After all, what’s not to love? This is a company committed to creating high-quality clothing with a limited impact on the natural environment. The company also prides itself on being socially conscious and using the best possible fabrics for durability. Whenever possible, the company also aims to use recyclable fibers. Taylor Stitch has three brick-and-mortar locations – two in San Francisco and one in Kamakura, Japan. 

Taylor Stitch’s Camp Pant in Bedford Corduroy is a great way to add a touch of texture to your outfit selection. The pants are made from incredibly strong corduroy material known as Bedford Cord, which is known for its resilience. While not commonly known in casual fashion, it’s no stranger to workwear fashion trends including military wear.

These pants come with two back pockets as well as a blend of 98% cotton and 2% corduroy. It is lauded for its comfortable fit as well as its ability to withstand harsh outdoor environments. 


9. Flint and Tinder Slim 365 Corduroy Pants


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Flint and Tinder is an American brand known for its simple, high-quality clothing. Their products are designed to be long-lasting, with durable fabrics and timeless designs. This brand does an effective job of marrying high-quality sustainable fashion with affordable prices, meaning they’re not out of reach of the average consumer.

These slim-fitting corduroy pants from Flint and Tinder come in four neutral colors as well as your choice of either a slim or straight fit. They’re made from a blend of cotton and spandex, which makes them the perfect consistency for laying on your body – not too heavy, not too light. They are also preshrunk, so you do not need to worry about your next load of laundry ending in disaster. They are also made sustainably in a carefully-chosen factory in Indonesia. 


10. Outerknown Paz Cord Pants


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Outerknown is a sustainable style brand founded by professional surfer Kelly Slater. It prides itself on making clothing out of recycled materials, as well as working with factory partners that adhere to the most strict labor standards. Unlike many companies that focus on sustainable basics, Outerknown offers items that feature a pop of color and personality that may be enticing to anyone who is looking for laid-back and unique clothing. 

Outerknown’s Paz Cord Pants are an example of this casual simplicity, as they feature a relaxed fit and come with an elastic waistband. They fit slightly differently than your average corduroy pant, with a baggy waistline and tapering along the bottom. Notably, the buttons on the pant’s back pockets are made out of plastic from the ocean. For a further environmentally-friendly edge, the pants are made from a blend of both organic cotton and hemp materials. Hemp is known for being easy on the environment and for being a naturally durable material.


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