Date Day Interrupted

When I had placed my order for the AGA last year, I had anticipated spending all winter {this winter} in the kitchen baking. 

And so when the first one arrived damaged and we were told it would be another 8 months {the end of May!} before another one would arrive, I pretty much set all my new baking experiments aside for the winter. 

But then the AGA arrived much sooner than expected and yada yada yada… All the sudden I realized that the ingredient I really wanted to work with was Meyer lemons and did I miss Meyer lemon season already!? Oh no!

So I placed a call to the Rising Tide Co-Op in Damariscotta {the same place I was able to order Seville oranges to make marmalade last year} and sure enough, while they didn’t have them in stock… They could order them for me. 

So yesterday, we headed to Damariscotta to pick them up. 

Well, actually I had a list of stops {the post office, the library, Rising Tide Co-Op and a new restaurant for us to try} and declared it a “date day” as we were leaving the house together with plans to eat a nice meal out.

So we quickly made the first two stops {the post office and the library} but then as we walked into the Co-Op to pick up the Meyer lemons all the sudden everything kind of slowed down a bit.

The whole produce section was decked out for Valentine’s Day it seemed. 

There were beautiful long stemmed roses and radishes that matched the roses and were those dragon carrots? 

Even the bagged ones looked like the ones you get in the UK {all nice and fat and nubby} as opposed to the typical long and skinny carrots we find bagged up in the chain store supermarkets here in the US.

Yes, it had been a while since we had been to the Co-Op, and true this was my first time in a somewhat regular sized grocery store this year but still.

Everything looked so beautiful, and different that we couldn’t stop looking at all the different products.

Real bagels! And wood fired at that!

Asparagus gruyere ravioli! 

As we wandered around the store looking at all its offerings, I said to my husband… Maybe we should just get lunch here instead of going to a restaurant? We’d get a bigger bang for our buck, that’s for sure. 

It would still be considered a date… Right? 

He agreed.

And so that’s exactly what we did.

Date day interrupted. That’s what yesterday was. And it was fantastic. 


P.S. Has this ever happened to you? You get so caught up in something and you’re like… No, this is it. This is the thing we’re supposed to be doing. And you just go with it.


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