Dax Shepard Taught Kristen Bell a "Silly" but Effective Trick For Defusing Kid Tantrums

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Kristen Bell's Momsplaining web series is back in action, and it looks like we're in for yet another hysterical season. In the fourth season's first episode, Kristen teams up with fellow celebrity mom Jennifer Garner to give advice to three women in different stages of motherhood, and let's just say they don't sugarcoat anything. When a pregnant woman named Emilie expresses some nervousness about giving birth, Kristen bluntly says, "It's gonna look like a homicide. There's way more blood than you think there should be." Well, damn! We can always count on her to keep it real.

After playing a hilarious game called "Did My Water Break or Did I Pee My Pants?" with water-filled condoms, the group gets on the topic of dealing with dreaded public temper tantrums. Jennifer's go-to meltdown-defusing method? "You just have to be like, 'Can you believe this little sh*t is having a tantrum?' That is the mindset," she says. Kristen swears by a slightly different technique, which she learned from her husband, Dax Shepard. "I take the advice of my husband a lot because he says sometimes when they're having a tantrum, you have to treat them like the hot girl in high school - just ignore them and then they'll come to you," she explains, adding, "I thought that was so silly when he said it, and then it actually works."
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Watch the newest Momsplaining video above to see what else Kristen and Jennifer have to say about motherhood - including Kristen's funny story about her water "breaking."
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