Day 2 ~ Savannah, GA.

We spent the day in Savannah, GA for our second day of vacation. We woke up to rain and felt very blessed that our beach day had been on day one.  We tried to kill a bit of time and let the storms pass, by visiting the local mall. Elijah got his souvenir at the mall (a new pair of pants).

 When I think of Savannah, I think of Live Oak trees dripping with Spanish moss from their branches.  The historic district did not disappoint. We stopped at the visitor's center and got a map of the historic district and advice for where to have lunch.  Then we headed off on our two mile or so walk. We walked under dozens of live oak trees and past such lovely old homes. Savannah was the first planned city in the United States and it's historic district set up in a grid pattern around beautiful park like squares. We walked through a half a dozen of the squares. 

Forsyth Fountain is a famous landmark in Savannah

This British phone booth was outside an English Pub.

The squares were all so beautiful.
Once we made it to the waterfront, we decided to have lunch at Tubby's Seafood Restaurant. Elijah was so impressed with the food and said it might be the best he had ever had! It was especially good. I had Fried green tomato chef salad. Elijah had a Philly Cheese Steak. Honestly, I don't remember what everyone else had because I didn't take pictures of theirs. 

 fried dill pickles 
These fried dill pickles were so good, I barely got a picture of them before they were all gone. The plate was heaping when it came out for us to share. I could have eaten the entire plate all by myself. 

Once again, the heat proved to be to much for us and we started the walk back to the visitor's center after lunch. I would  have been happy to wander the riverfront and look inside some of the little stores, but I have learned to go much more with the flow over the years and not my planned itinerary. It is much more peaceful that way and when it is peaceful, I am the happiest. So, we didn't do lots of things that I had researched in Savannah. But, it was really just a side trip. The real reason we were in Georgia was coming on day three of our vacation. 

We did hope to get ice cream at Leopold's. It is ranked as one of the best ice cream parlors in the country. However, the line was wrapped around the building and it felt like 98 degrees in the shade. We were not standing in that line. When we got back to the visitor's center we decided to sit in the A/C before starting the trek to Atlanta (a four hour drive). While everyone was resting, I went into the gift shop and guess what I found.

Yes, little cups of Leopold's ice cream in nine different flavors. I bought three and we got to taste test their ice cream after all. It was very good ice cream....but one of the top 10 in the nation? I am not sure about that. 

We were refreshed between the A/C and the ice cream and started our four hour journey to Atlanta. The trip took a bit longer because of storms. We stopped at Cracker Barrel for a breakfast dinner. My favorite kind of dinner if I am being honest. We finally arrived at out hotel and settled in for an evening of watching the Olympics. 

Blessings, Dawn

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