Defining Your Fashion Space and Sense

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The world of fashion is a vast and complicated place. There are many different options for style, fabrics, cuts, colours and shapes. And to make things even more challenging - there's also a variety of price ranges! So how do you know what makes sense for your budget? What should you be looking for in terms of quality? What will go well with the rest of your wardrobe? Read on to learn about defining your sense of fashion.

How Can You Define Your Fashion Sense? 
One way to define your fashion sense is by the clothing items you wear. Another great way to know if you have a strong fashion sense is whether or not people compliment what you wear regularly. If others are constantly complimenting your style, it means that you’ve hit the nail on the head with how you dress, and everyone loves it. 

Defining your fashion space can also help identify who has a good fashion sense. A lot of designers fit into this category as they design their brands from start to finish. However, they usually stay away from trends because they want their brand identity to remain consistent across all outlets.

One more way to define your fashion sense is by how much money you’re willing to invest into your wardrobe each month/year. For example, someone who has high-end tastes might have an extremely well thought out collection because it costs a lot to maintain this type of lifestyle.

Which Accessories Should You Not Have While Going Out?
There are several accessories that you should not have when going out. 

These include: Small earrings. They can get lost, are uncomfortable, and you don’t want to be distracted when having fun with your friends. And if they stay in, it is also not comfortable since your ears’ skin will start to hurt after a while. So small studs or no earrings at all is better for everyone. Also, consider small flat belly rings if you have a pierced belly button. Options like gold belly bars are excellent for any style and will not stick to your clothes, causing discomfort. 

A purse that doesn’t match what you wear. For example, if you have short shorts go ahead with an oversized bag, but only then. If not, just use the one that matches with everything else (your outfit). 

A belt that doesn’t match your shoes. This is also one of those fashion crimes that can take away the attention from everything else. It should be mandatory to wear a belt with pants, but if not, make sure it matches at least with what you are wearing on top (purse included). And even more important than all this: make sure it fits well and feels comfortable while walking around or dancing. You don’t want your leather belt pointing out an injury when meeting someone.

Flats. They are fine if going for dinner, but after that, it is time for heels. While getting ready, just thinking about walking around in flats can be depressing enough, so please avoid this at all costs. Also don’t forget, you will probably consume several drinks during the evening, and the last thing you want or need is falling on the floor because of the wrong choice of shoes. Not to mention the pain you can get in your feet or back later on. 

Do You Have a Specific Fashion Choice?
Many people have a specific look that they go for, and it's hard to stray from. Sometimes this works for them because their look is unique, and they don't have to worry about mixing it up. Other people like the freedom to mix it up with different styles, jeans or dress pants. Whichever way you like to go, you should always define your style to wear what makes you comfortable without feeling out of place.

For example, if someone never wears dresses but one day decides to wear a dress, you would consider this straying from their defined fashion sense. This doesn't mean that there isn't room for change, though. One could easily be open-minded enough to allow themselves the ability to put on an outfit just once to see how they feel about it.

What Is the Importance of Having a Distinct Fashion Sense Rather Than Having Numerous Choices?
Having a particular fashion sense can help you define your style. When wearing clothes, ask yourself what the statement you are making is. Rather than having numerous clothing choices for different events or seasons, it makes more sense to have pieces in your wardrobe that are versatile and work well with other items. For example, invest in one pair of black trousers which look flattering on all body types rather than buying cheap alternatives each year because they don't last very long.

It's worth investing in these critical basics as this will allow you to create endless outfits - saving time and money.

Secondly, having a particular fashion sense can help you feel more confident. When people have a specific style, they know what looks good on them and therefore don't need to worry about being fashionable or up-to-date with the latest trends. They have their unique look, which makes them stand out from others who wear the same brands as everyone else.

This is not a positive thing because why would anyone want to wear something that literally hundreds of other people are wearing?

Lastly, having a particular fashion sense allows you to be yourself rather than conforming to society's view of fashionable. It's great if your style is on-trend, but it's more important to wear what makes you happy. This is where your fashion sense comes into play, allowing you to define who you are and not what other people want for you.

Is Your Look Associated With a Particular Belief or Understanding?
Firstly, what do you identify with? Is it a particular belief or understanding that defines how you dress yourself every day? You should start out asking this question because you can draw inspiration for future outfits depending on the answer. Once identified, it will influence your choice of clothes, accessories and makeup. For example, does your look convey power? What about innocence or sensuality?

If it is the power that you want people to see in you then, invest in black pieces such as leather pants with stilettos. Power dressing is not synonymous with being masculine, so choose colours like burgundy instead of navy if you want to retain feminine touches. If jewellery is part of your outfit, make sure it is bold and chunky such as gold chain necklaces.

How Can You Improve Your Look?
In order to improve your look, you need to define your fashion space and sense. First, you must know what style of clothing or accessories best represent you. For example, does your style lean more towards feminine, masculine or neutral? Once you have a better idea of what clothes best represent you, it is easy to focus on specific pieces.

Secondly, your outfit needs to be complete before you step out of the house. Make sure every item of clothing or accessory goes with each other and that there are no holes in them. Also remember it is never a bad idea to have extra clothes/accessories around in case something happens like an accidental spill or tear, which can happen anytime and anywhere.

What's also lovely is having items that go well with the weather. So, for example, if, say, one day it's freezing, then wearing boots would be nice because they are already part of your wardrobe; however, try sticking more towards colours within your style. Lastly, always make sure you put your best foot forward. Even if it's just wearing a cute outfit to the grocery store, always look presentable. 

With the Ever-Changing Fashion Industry, How Can You Ensure You Keep Up Your Looks?
Fashion styles are constantly changing, and this can be overwhelming when you're trying to keep up with your looks. One way to avoid feeling overwhelmed is by defining your own fashion space. This means finding what works for you, no matter how offbeat it may seem compared to others ideas of style perfection.

For example, there's nothing wrong with wearing all black or patterns that clash if they make sense in your daily life. The main thing is that not every person has the same body type, so don't worry about following fashion rules too closely because they aren't realistic most of the time. Instead, just find out what looks good on you rather than someone else who might have a different size or shape.

You've now got the knowledge to create your own fashion space and sense. So, don't be afraid to experiment with different styles or even take risks. You can do it. Remember that society's expectations should not constrain you from what you should wear; this is about embracing who you truly are as a person through style. The main thing is for you to feel confident in yourself and remember that self-expression is essential at all times, especially when dressing up.

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