Design an Electronic Catan Board in a Day

One of the things that makers sometimes skip over is the design of the project that they’re creating. Some of us don’t do any design at all, we just pants it. The design part of making something can take quite a while – there is sketching to do, as well as 3d-modelling and PCB creation. [Sam March] wanted to try and create something interesting where he did the design in a single day. The result is, or will be, a 3D printed, electronic, Settlers of Catan game board.

As [Sam] goes through his thoughts while working, we get a good, quick, overview of the design process. It’s good to see that it can be done but this is only the design stage – [Sam] will post the video of the build for this design once he’s received the PCBs and the board has been printed. Take a look at some other Settlers of Catan projects on the site, like this 3D Catan board or shock your friends with this Catan timer.

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