Designing down under: This Australian duo is making garments in-country with love

Two young Aussie designers have firmly committed to manufacturing their entire range of comfortable and stylish wardrobe staples in Australia for the long term – supporting local manufacturers and producing pieces to the highest global standards.

ELLORE, a fashion house established by two young Australian designers, has made an unwavering commitment to producing its complete range of comfortable and stylish everyday clothing within Australia for the long term. 

This decision supports local manufacturers and creates job opportunities in the fashion industry. The brand’s focus on creating fashionable and functional clothing, such as matching tracksuits, T-shirts, ribbed pants and denim jeans, has positioned them as a high-end brand.

Manufacturing locally supports the Australian economy and industry and guarantees exceptional quality. The brand, being based in Melbourne, a city renowned for its textile and fashion industry, allows them to work closely with manufacturers and oversee the entire production process, leading to the creation of beautiful, long-lasting fashion pieces that meet the highest global standards.

Commitment to local manufacturing

Founded by Ebany Mclees, 26, and Olivia O’Neill, 23, these two young designers, manufacturing their products locally has been a well-planned and strategic journey that has already yielded positive results.

Ebany, explains that after they found their footing and decided to make clothing, they took the time to educate themselves about what was best for their customers and the environment. 

They found that manufacturing in Australia was the best option due to the strict regulations and high standards in place, which results in products that are made to last, Ebany said. 

“Australia has a reputation for manufacturing and producing some of the highest quality products in the world. We wanted to bring the best to our customers, and manufacturing onshore made that possible.”

Olivia, added that there are pros and cons to importing clothes made overseas into Australia, and for them, the cons outweighed the pros. She said, “While it’s cheaper to manufacture overseas than onshore, we know it’s kinder to the environment to be manufacturing onshore. 

Buying local also means reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from importing products from overseas. We always want to do our best to make our pieces as responsibly as possible, all the way from design ideas to sampling, production, and freight to our finished garments. We want to create garments with a timeless design that will never go out of style, in high-quality fabrics that are durable and easily maintained, and as kind as possible to our planet.”

ELLORE thus made an informed decision to manufacture locally not just to support the local economy but also to be more environmentally responsible and make sure that the clothes they produce are made to the highest standards and last for a long time.

ELLORE’s decision to manufacture locally

According to Ebany and Olivia, their decision to manufacture their clothing locally was final once they had done their research. They felt that being Australian made was at the core of ELLORE and their customers appreciate the fact that they support local Australian businesses while creating responsibly-made pieces that will remain staples in their closets for many years to come.

Both Ebany and Olivia believe that Australians have a strong inclination to support local businesses, which is ingrained in the Aussie culture. 

They also feel that Australians have very high standards and consumers are likely to find that Australian-made products are of much higher quality than those buying from foreign brands. They believe that as an Australian company, they will always strive to deliver on the expectations of the country’s high standards.

In summary, the founders feel that manufacturing locally supports the local economy and ensures the highest quality standard. Australians prefer locally made products embedded in the Aussie culture and strive to deliver that quality.

The brand values building a community with the people involved in the manufacturing process and is proud of the quality of its fleece wear produced by a garment factory in Melbourne with over 45 years of expertise. The brand also values ethical production and is accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia. 

The manufacturing process of ELLORE fleece wear is a family-run business that has built a network of designers, laundries, printers and suppliers of materials, with a focus on producing high-quality clothing locally.

“We get to go into the factory when the garments are cut and hand sewn whenever we like, and we have the opportunity to see every garment get printed and packed ready for our customers. We enjoy nothing more than being at the heart of the business, and being side by side with our manufacturers really allows us to have our finger on the pulse. Watching our next drop go from a sample dip dye cut out to the final product all packaged up and ready for us to deliver to our customers is mind-blowing.

Supporting local, delivering fast

The Melbourne manufacturers have a quick turnaround time of 12 weeks from when the sample is approved. This means that when the brand approves a garment sample, it only takes 12 weeks for the manufacturers to produce and deliver the final product. One of the benefits of this quick turnaround time is that the brand does not have to worry about long shipping times from overseas and can receive the garments same-day in Melbourne, allowing them to get their pieces to customers quickly. 

The brand also emphasises that they value quality over quantity, and each piece is created with love and attention, which is why they prioritise supporting local Australian businesses while creating ethically-made pieces that are made to last. 

“We value the creation of clothing items more than ever because the amount of people and the team it takes to build that plush soft hoodie for you really is amazing. It really does take a village. 

The fleece wear from the brand is made from premium quality cotton jersey, and oversized garments are brushed on the inside for a soft, warm feel. This shows the attention to detail and quality that the brand puts in the production of each piece of clothing.

According to Olivia, ELLORE is undoubtedly a rare breed in being a fashion range designed and made in Australia. “One way we like to test this statement is to ask people to name an Australian-made brand, and they always struggle to answer and if they do they name an Australian brand, not an Australian-made brand.

“We are proud to be unique in the apparel industry, know what we bring to the table, and know our customers love that about ELLORE.”

ELLORE is poised to significantly impact the fashion industry with their commitment to producing premium, durable clothing while promoting the local economy.

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