DIY Construction Truck Easter Egg Hunt

If you follow regularly, you know that we surprise our children with unique Easter Egg Hunts every year.  Some of my favorites include: Nerf Easter Egg Hunt, Pirate Easter Egg Hunt with a DIY Cannon to shoot Pirate's Booty snacks, Astronaut Easter Egg Hunt, Hard-to-Find Eggs Easter Egg Hunt, and Glow-in-the-Dark Easter Egg Hunt Ideas. Our posts for DIY Easter projects are popular too, including How to Make an Easter Egg Tree and How to Convert a Plastic Easter Basket to a Flower Pot.  We obviously LOVE Easter Egg Hunts!  In today's post, we'll share tips for a Construction Truck Easter Egg Hunt that is sure to create happy childhood memories.

We set up an Easter Construction Site for our son to find his Easter Eggs.  The theme was inspired by some whimsical products from Antsy Pants - the Construction Truck Play Tent and Ball Pit where we mixed Easter eggs with the balls. This is a fun activity for all ages, but is especially helpful for toddlers who are working on large motor skills.


The Antsy Pants Construction Truck Play Tent is the centerpiece of our Construction Truck themed Easter Egg Hunt.  This play tent is great for pretend play.  It's also nice because the kit is more versatile than you may realize from the outside. The pieces that you use to build it may be reconfigured and used with other covers or even sheets  for little ones with big imaginations. 

The Antsy Pants Ball Pit is the second most important part of our theme.  I think that 30-something and 40-something year old parents remember playing in ball pits as children. As children, we remember how much fun they were. It was a fun sensory experience. On the other hand, our parents recall how they cringed as they thought about all of the germs in those public ball pits.  This little ball pit is nice to have at home because it's only for our children and we don't have to worry about the germs from public settings.  We dumped two bags of the Antsy Pants Play Balls (100 count) into the ball pit because we wanted a moderate layer of balls that we could mix plastic Easter eggs for a fun toddler-level Easter Egg Hunt. If you have older children, it would be better to use four bags of the balls.   

We used a variety of plastic yellow, orange, and gold Easter Eggs to go with our construction truck theme.  

My favorite part was that we placed some eggs into the bucket of the Construction Truck Play Tent.

Here is another view.

We also hid some inside of it!  This was very exciting to our toddler. Even our 8-year old loved it.

The hidden eggs in the Ball Pit were also memorable and fun. They had to dig into the Easter Construction Site for the eggs!

We created a construction themed Easter basket.

We also placed eggs on dump trucks and construction trucks. Some were hidden around our house and outside too.

We ordered a construction worker costume for our toddler, but he is going through the terrible 2's and didn't want to wear it. If your child is easy going, I love the costume and think that it's great for memorable photos. However, even if you have a particular toddler, the entire Construction Truck Easter Egg Hunt still created perfect memories for our family even without the fun costume.   We also created little signs that you are welcome to print and use below.

PS - If your child is obsessed with other types of vehicles such as Fire Trucks, Ice Cream Trucks, School Buses, and more, visit Antsy Pants because they have many whimsical play tents that speak to many different childhood dreams.

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