FALL MOOD BOARD: Goals, Inspirations + Naming Your Style

There’s something ironic about dreaming up fall styles while trying to find relief from 90 degree temperatures. I am thankful to live in a part of the country with four (arguably 3) seasons, because each time they turn, I am ready.

One of my favorite ways to prep for the season ahead is to cast a vision using Pinterest. Usually what I do is go through my Fall/Winter board and start pinning to a Fall 2020 board the top items that inspire me the most. This year I even started a Fall Transition board too. Pretty quickly, an overall theme emerges, and that theme (or vision) helps inform any purchases I make and gives me major inspiration when building outfits. It’s really fun! And it’s an effective tool for honing my personal style.

Last fall, I was inspired by blazers and preppy items (among other things). I couldn’t wait to lean into a more dressy state of being, given I was finally moving out of full-time parenting and into being a parent of all school-aged kids. Obviously, this year is much different. Our kids are all at home for distance learning, and I am pretty much back in full-time mom-mode again (I feel like that’s a post for a whole other day!). For now, blazers and preppy items are not at the top of my ‘to-wear’ list. Instead I’m all about the lounging sweaters and relaxed pants.

Before I dissect this pretty board I made, I want to share my style-related goals for the seasons:


  1. To be comfortable at home, but also feel like my best, pulled-together self.
  2. To create outfits that inspire me, nurture my creativity, and harness my self-expression.


1 – Shades of Chocolate

Cognac brown has been the shade of the moment for quite some time. And while I love this spicy, warm rendition of brown, the calm, collectedness of dark, chocolate brown is appealing as well. I love that chocolate is almost as serious and formal as black, but it carries a warmth that black does not.

2 – Cropped/Tucked Cardigans & Blouses

As the rises of jeans climb higher (here for it), the hemlines of tops must comply in order to show off those jeans. Cropped tops are back in force, and this time for all ages and body types. The amount of different women I’ve seen online and in person wearing a crop top and killing it is significant.

Similarly, tucked blouses and cardigans are a great way to showcase the high rise of your favorite pair of jeans. I like the look of slim, tucked in cardigans and tucked, oversized blouses, all cinched with a good belt.

3 – Jeans: Relaxed + Flare

Let’s talk about jeans for a minute. They are hands down my favorite wardrobe item. They are so versatile, effortless, cool and a true workhorse. I love wearing them in all shapes and sizes, particularly high rise like I mentioned above. This fall, I’ve found myself particularly drawn to relaxed-fit, full-length jeans and flare jeans.

I ended up with relaxed-fit jeans by accident (my summer weight-lifting and nutrition focus lead to some body composition changes). My beloved 90’s jeans were suddenly a bit baggier than they were when I originally bought them, creating a whole new look. Paired with the right belt and top it feels ultra fresh and bit cool-girl. I’m hoping I can still pull them off with chunky sweaters and boots. (For Agolde fans, I see that they just released a pinch-waist version of their 90’s jeans!)

I got hooked on the notion of flares when I saw these jeans a while back. (I ordered a pair and they were too big. Not sure if I’ll re-order yet.) I love the effortless, throw-back, vintage-y vibe flares give off. For now, I’ll continue to style the pair I already have. (See my styling video here!)

4 – Lug soles/ Platform Shoes

The fact that shoe trends have taken a turn toward everything comfortable makes me a very happy girl. I love practical shoes, and now that there are so many stylish options I am *thrilled.* And the return of Dr. Martens might just mean I am reliving my teenage years just a tiny bit.

I bought some platform Dr. Martens over the winter (seen here and here) and I love them. They are extremely comfortable and PNW weather-friendly. This fall I invested in a pair of Park Boots, and I am thrilled with them. I still love Freda Salvador’s lug sole boots, and I wouldn’t mind a pair of platform oxfords. These shoe styles elevate an outfit in more than one way! I particularly love the combination of masculine shoes and feminine tops or skirts!

Name It

Last fall I wrote a post all about how to define your style, and one of the things I suggested was naming your style. One way to do this is to look at outfits you like on others, items you love in your closet, and your favorite outfits on yourself, then pull together a handful of adjectives to describe it. Mine are: ‘casual, cool, with a throwback (70’s/80’s/90’s) vibe.’ I like my outfits to feel relaxed, soft, fun and interesting. Like vision-casting, this goes a long way in helping inform any seasonal shopping purchases, and it inspires me each day when I build outfits!

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