Fashion Trends for Back to School: What Teens Want

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It’s back to school time! Whether you’re a teen or a parent of one, back to school shopping is always a major part of the back-to-school experience. Teens want backpacks and clothes that are stylish but also functional for their day in class. As a parent, it’s important to look for one-stop shopping options that offer everything you need and the styles your kids are pining for.

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Fashion Trends for Back to School: What Teens Want

This back-to-school season, I headed to DICK’S and picked up first day of school outfits for all three of my kids, making this season such a breeze for me to handle. The store houses popular styles across top brands such as
Nike, Adidas, The North Face, Jordan, Free People, and Ray-Ban, just to name a few.

This enabled me to curate the exact looks I was hoping to accomplish for the upcoming season without having to spend a full day hopping from one store to the next cherry-picking brands from individual retailers.

And here’s the best part – they had curated looks set up as well! If you really don’t know where to start, head on over to their website to get ideas on how to style graphic tees, stylish hoodies, utility pants, flow shorts,
footwear, accessories, and more. Personally, I was so thankful for the inspiration.

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Every child is different and my daughter – an 11th grader – is actually ANTI-logo right now. She didn’t want anything that had brand representation on the clothing. That is a huge trend happening in her grade and in her friend group. So, we were SO HAPPY to come across the DSW line, DSG.

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DSG is a private label line that offers an expanded assortment of styles and sizes for women, men, and youth. It’s designed to be inclusive, affordable, and stylish all at once. And guess what? For every DSG item purchased, 1% of the purchase price will be donated to the DICK’S Sporting Good Foundation’s Sports Matter program to help save youth sports!

For Natalie, we picked up sweatpants, sports bras, and oversized sweatshirts – all from the DSG line. She also opted for a white tennis skirt and these Nike Airforce sneakers to round out the look.

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My 9th grader is still very much into sports and sports fashion and so we opted for plenty of Nike, Under Armor, and Adidas. We were even able to get his sneakers and backpack from DICK’s this year and I am so thankful for it!

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I love the bright color options that were available for the sweatshirts. We chose orange for this Nike piece, but they had yellow, and red as well on display.

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And for my 8-year-old, he just wanted comfort with lots of big and bold styles. He LOVES LOVES LOVES Champion! I cannot explain it. It has made a huge comeback with the kids where I live and when he saw these shorts that had the HUGE C on the side, he rushed right over to them and grabbed his size.

Even the sweatshirts – the bigger the logo, the better. That’s why he was drawn immediately to the North Face sweatshirt. He likes the look, but I like the durability and the washability (is that a word?) of the fabric. So, this purchase was a win-win for the both of us.

With my littles, I always make sure that they pick out their clothes because I want to make sure that they are comfortable while in school. With DICK’s, there was not an issue with finding something to wear. Every child had plenty of great options to choose from!

DICKS contactless pickup

Contactless Curbside Pickup

While we didn’t take advantage of this option, I wanted to let you know that you can place your DICK’s order online and then head on over with your car for a contactless pick-up right now! It is super easy, quick, and efficient. All you have to do is order online or on your phone, select curbside as your method of delivery, check-in upon arrival and then a DICK’S associate will have your products delivered to your car in minutes.

So, if you don’t want to spend time fussing around in the stores, you don’t have to. It’s a great option for people who want to do most of their back to school shopping legwork from home.

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