Flower-Shaped Omurice Mold


This made-in-Japan flower-shaped stainless steel rice mold is a neat little item to have in your kitchen arsenal. Its intended for shaping omurice, which is essentially fried rice topped by a French-style omelette, often served upside down by cutting the omelette open or prepared as a fancy-pants tornado omelet.

However, you dont have to be making omurice for the mold to be useful. If you often enjoy other kinds of rice as mealtime sides, itll help make your dishes look more presentable and novel not to mention cleaner overall, since the grains wont be spread out everywhere. Might even be a good way to get finnicky eaters (*cough* my son *cough*) to have more fun eating plain white rice.

Whether its only for yourself or delighting your dinner guests, you just might get a ton of use out of this one little tool. Get it for $12 on Amazon.

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