Friday Favorites!

(pants, sweatshirt ((cali hoodie)), shoes)

Hallelujah for roads that were mostly clear.

I was so happy to get to have Andrew on my run with me yesterday.  I was shocked he was excited about riding a bike when it was so cold out, but we had a blast and laughed for at least 6.7 of the 7 miles.  

Skye joined me for the foam rolling.  I had no idea what a foam roller was until I was twenty years older than her, and she is a pro.

We had their friends over most of the day, and these two were in heaven.

Gotta love those yearly OBGYN appointments…  I had my blood work done too. 

We had the girls over in our area that are Brooke’s age, and they did their version of Cupcake Wars.  They had 30 minutes to decorate their cupcakes, and things got competitive.

We made some simple tacos for dinner.   I am positive I could eat guacamole every day and never tire of it.

Let’s get chatting about some favorite things!

*I love Valentine’s Day, and I love this ribbon.

*Leftover pizza reheated in the air fryer.  It tastes better this way than it does the day I make it.

*Andrew and I watched this movie, and it was incredible.  It is based on a true story and very, very heavy, but it is an amazing story (based on a true story).  If you need a cry, this is the movie to watch.  The sisters in this movie are sisters in real life too.

*Mel told me to try out the Orange Zest Scones from Magnolia Table; they are heavenly.  

*I quit soda a few weeks ago, so I’ve been on the hunt for ways to get in my caffeine and found this to be the most delicious source (plus, it has some protein and collagen)!

*And I’ll just remind you one more time, my favorite running vest is on sale.


Favorite source of caffeine or do you not use caffeine?

Have any favorite morning rituals?

Any favorite things from this week?

Do you have a busy weekend ahead of you or more of a relaxing one?

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