Got Him!

 A different Hummingbird came to the feeder this morning.  At first it had its back to me so all I saw was the darker green of its body, then it sat on the crook of the feeder and I could see its throat.  It was a male!  Usually all my visitors are females but this one was a male.  I was so excited and thrilled that he posed for me showing off his ruby throat.

The allium are blooming in front.  They're a member of the onion family but I've never been brave enough to try tasting them.  Chive blossoms look like this and they taste like super-chives so I imagine that the flowers taste like onions.  I should look that up.

There are a couple pink tulips still blooming too.  It wasn't sunny today so the flowers didn't
open fully.

I finished May Preemie Hat #3 this evening.  This is the last of this color yarn.  I've had it for years and have finally knitted it all up.

Today's toss was that pair of navy knit pants I made the other day.  It killed me to toss them but they don't fit and I'll never wear them.

The prompt today asked what you'd most like to automate in your house.  I said the laundry.  What an endless task laundry is.  I throw dirties down the chute, sort it out, wash and dry it, haul it upstairs, fold and put away, only to have to start all over in a week or so.  I would like to not have to handle it all again and again.


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