Here’s How Far People Would Go For Their Perfect Engagement Ring

What’s scarier? Realizing you’re in an elevator and the back of your pants are ripped or getting proposed to and the diamond size of the ring is smaller than you’d imagine? While neither of those scenarios are too far-fetched, it’s hard to imagine how you’d react in the second one. Well, a recent survey is revealing just how people would feel about that.

The team at Shane Co. asked over 3,000 people about their feelings towards diamond size. Surprisingly, people were brutally honest about whether they would be displeased if their partner handed them a ring that just wasn’t up to par. 

Right out of the gate, 4.3 out of every 10 people said that the diamond size would impact their likelihood to accept a proposal by their significant other. So let’s say you do say yes, what’s the next step if you’re unsatisfied? The survey found that 36% of people would ask their significant other to buy a larger carat if they weren’t satisfied! It’s clear that the participants know exactly what they want. And that’s 1-2 carats, as 65% of people said that’s the ideal diamond size for an engagement ring. 

While 57% of people said they would consider upgrading the diamond size for their ring or their partner’s ring over time, there were plenty of feelings expressed towards the buying process as a whole. A whopping 83% of people said that the thought put into the ring selection is more important than the diamond size. Plus we all know these things aren’t the cheapest. When asked how much the average person spends on an engagement ring, a majority said between $1,001-$5,000. 

While some seemed to be reasonable, the survey revealed that others think the size of the diamond could be a deal breaker for them! Afterall, it is a pretty important piece of jewelry.

You can find more on the survey, and even see on a state-by-state basis which states care the most about diamond size, here.

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