HOT Deal: Milwaukee M12 Cordless Inflator and Compact Charger + Power Source Bundle (11/21/19)

Milwaukee M12 Cordless Inflator Holiday Promo Bundle 2475-20T

Over at Acme Tools, they have what looks to be a really good deal on a Milwaukee M12 cordless inflator special bundle kit (2475-20T). It comes with the cordless inflator (regularly $79 for the bare tool), an M12 2.0Ah battery, and an M12 compact charger and power source, plus USB charging adapter.

Milwaukee M18 cordless power tool users, dont forget that your M18/M12 multi-volt charger can recharge this battery too.

I really like this package deal. The USB charging adapter and power port gives your M12 2.0Ah battery purpose even when you dont need the inflator. Actually, I have one right next to me as I type this. Milwaukee supplied one on in NPS (media event) goodie bag, and it has been quite useful.

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While the power bank adapter isnt quite slim enough to carry in your pants pocket (well you can, but should you?), its a good size for carrying in a jacket pocket or a bag.

The charging port/power adapter has a battery fuel gauge, micro USB charging port for recharging your M12 battery, and USB A port for use with standard charging cables for recharging your phone or other device.

The inflator can supply up to 120 PSI and has a backlit display with digital air pressure gauge. It has a built-in 26 air hose and an all-brass Schrader chuck. At the rear, theres storage for a ball inflation needle, Presta chuck, and inflator nozzle.

Its a compact and convenient cordless inflator, and this bundle gives you a lot for $99. Seeing as how the bundle is $139 at another retailer, I would bet that $99 is the lowest price this special bundle will go.

Theres no mention of when the deal might end.

At the time of this posting, Acme Tools lists the deal as arriving soon. They are also hiding the price from search engines, requiring you to add it to your cart to see the price.

Price: $99 (Free shipping over $49+)

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