How I Genuinely Prioritize Sleep

Prioritize SleepSleep. We all need it, we all love it but it seems like nobody ever feels like they get enough of it. Especially in a world where there is very little genuine rest time since, for many of us, downtime involves starring into a screen aimlessly scrolling.

I know that for me, when Im well-slept, everything in life flows better. I am less stressed, more patient, a better mom, better at my job, in a better mood, more likely to workout, eat better and overall, feel healthier. I am simply not my best self when Im tired, so, when I became a mom (a working mom at that), I had to truly prioritize sleep. Theres not much room for a tired mom who cant deal kids SHOW UP every day with all the energy and require all of you.

Here are my secrets to truly prioritizing sleep:

1. No blue light

Blue light affects your bodys production of the sleep hormone melatonin (it suppresses it) which is responsible for making you feel sleepy. Limit blue light from cell phones, computer screens and tv screens before sleep by either avoiding it altogether or wear blue light blocking glasses.

2. Know your caffeine cut off

Understanding your sensitivity to caffeine and how long it takes for your body to process it is a MAJOR KEY. Have caffeine too late and youll be bound for a night of tossing and turning. Cut it off at just the right time and it wont stimulate you any later than youd like. Get to know your cut-off time and stop drinking caffeine at the time every day the only exception is if you know youre staying up late.

3. Sober sleep

Sober sleep is the best sleep but if you drink, see #4.

4. Follow the alcohol to water ratio

Drinking impacts sleep quality so if you drink, have at least one glass of water for every drink that you have and cut off drinking a few hours before you go to sleep (this will also keep you from waking up to use that bathroom all night from the extra water).

5. Get religious about airplane mode

The urge to check your phone when it dings or lights up is real as is the habit of aimlessly scrolling. Cut off both behaviors by putting your phone on airplane mode before going to bed and dont take it off until you wake up. This will ease your mind and keep you from checking your phone throughout the night. Bonus tip: keep your phone on airplane mode until after you get ready for the day so you arent stressed about the work emails that piled up.

6. Create an oasis

Having cozy sheets, pillows that you love and a mattress that feels right is a MUST for great sleep. Make sure you love all three and if you dont, fix that asap. Also, be sure youre going to sleep in a clean environment. Pick up those pants off the floor before jumping in bed and I promise you, its a small change that will make a difference.

7. Bedtime

Commit to a reasonable bedtime and try to stick to it as much as you can. No need to explain this one

What sleep tips work for you?

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