How Sangita Patel Hosts “ET Canada” in Quarantine


One trick I started years ago is I never put my phone right next to my bed. So, I wake up in the morning to a 1984 clock next to my bed. It still works! It still buzzes at me when I need to wake up, around 7:30 a.m.I havent been sleeping well. Im so off because Ive been sleeping late, so Ive been waking up late. It used to be very important to me to sleep eight hours a day, its important for my health, and thats fallen apart for me right now. I think Im anxious, things get in your head, especially at a time like this. I think its the unknown, and I think thats what a lot of people are feeling. Theres a lot of anxiety. My husbands a radiologist and my sisters a nurse, so knowing that theyre out there gets me emotional. You just say a prayer every night. Ive become more religious, Ive noticed. More spiritual through this experience.When I wake up in the morning, I write down three things I am grateful for, what do I want throughout this day, how do I feel about myself. I started this in January, at a period I was learning that I need to get out of my head. I had my first anxiety attack last year, and I didnt know what it was. Ive always been a person who didnt really speak about their emotions, and Im finally learning to be able to do that. Growing up, my mom always used to say if someone else is happy then youre happy. I lived by that mantra, and I still think its important, but now Im learning that I need to be happy too, for other people to be happy. So, its been a lesson.I make sure the kids are up, go down the stairs, and then I check my phone. Im on Twitter way too muchIm on social media way too much. Im trying to limit my time on it. Even right before this all happened, I was finally able to go on Instagram at 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. and not check it throughout the day. I changed the way I used social media and it was great. It was so good for my health, so good for me mentally. Now, Ive never checked my phone this much. But I just want to know whats happening and be on top of it.My girls, theyre 13 and 10, are having their breakfast. Theyve come to the age that they know how to make certain foods for breakfast, so I let them do that on their own. My youngest daughter likes Pillsbury croissants. She puts chocolate chips in it, rolls it up, and puts it in the oven. The other one has cereal. I dont eat with themI like an empty stomach before I work out.The kids get ready for online schooling at 9 a.m.

8 a.m.

I’m an Entertainment Reporter at ET Canada, and we have aZoom meeting with our team each morning to connect.Before quarantine, I would travel once a week somewhere to do interviews with ET Canada, watch a movie, do junketsso travelling was a big part of my life. In a typical week, I would be on the road, and go into the studio three days a week. Now, were so lucky we can do a show from home. Its so spectacular that ET Canada is still on theair through all this. Were creating new content, and were able to create a show through our phones with ET Canada at Home.

10 a.m.

I drink lemon water in the morning, and I take my pre-workout drinkan energy drink called C4. It gives me enough energy to be able to carry heavy weights, because I try to do 95 to 100-pound squats, so I need a bit of a lift.I still do my CrossFit workout, so I do a lot of heavy weights. My CrossFit gym gives us a workout to do. I dont do all of it because of what I have at home right nowbut I have a barbell, I do bar lifting, I do my dumbbells. I hate cardio, so a lot of weightlifting is happening in our basement. Most of the time I come up with what I want to do.Working out at home is not the same as going to the gym. I drag my feet. I drag husbands feet. He has to come down with me, and we start competing against each other to see who finishes first. We motivate each other for sure.

11 a.m.

After working out, I have my protein intake. I started drinking chicken brothits pure protein. Its like a hot tea, tastes like chicken noodle soup essentially.I take a shower and get dressedmy pants are always my pajama pants, and then I wear something nice on top. If Im on air, Ill do my hair and makeup. It just takes me five minutes. Its a very casual look! I’m home, right? I don’t have full makeup at home!Im part of the COVERGIRL family, so I have access to a lot of good makeup. There are just three basic makeup products I need in my lifemascara, lipstick, and powder. My eyebrows are out of control, and theres nothing I can do about it.I start doing some work on my YouTube channel.

12:30 p.m.

Today is my first day filming ourET Canada Live seriesat home! Its a daily digital series, onET Canada‘sYoutube and Facebook platforms. Its so much fun to do because I love doing live TV. We talk about the top headlines of the day and people can tell us what they think, and we do interviews using Skype or Zoom.

1 p.m.

Before I started isolation, I was teaching myself how to do fasting during the day. I got IBS about two years ago and fasting really did help with the stomach problems. It keeps my stomach from bloating and getting hard.Im trying to stick to fasting, but its not working as well at home because Ill start snacking in the middle of it! So, lunch is that broth, its really heavy so its really great. But by 1 p.m. Im having cookies and coffee! In isolation, Ive been making everything and anything. Ive been inspired to cook again and let me tell youIm eating a lot of food right now. We snack so much. My daughter made chocolate cake with her own icing now. The other day I made cornbread because we had Mexican food. All these snacks that I just pick at when Im not even hungry! Its so not me.I interview Drew and Linda Scott over Skype. (Drews one of the Property Brothers.) He and his brother Scott are in the middle of releasing a new show called Celebrity IOU. Its great to talk to Drew and Linda. We talk about what theyre doing in isolation. They take on my #FitnessTuesday challenges, which is so much fun to watch them do it! Its good to hear theyre doing well, and were all working on the same thing. We just want to continue life the way we know but at the same time stay calm and be together.I prep for future interviews. Doing interviews is my passion. I dont even call it interviewsI call it chatting with people. When I sit down with someone, I always think of them as my best friend for the next four minutes. I do research on my own. I spend two to three hours getting to know this person in so many different ways. When you do an interview, they may say something that can take you to a different conversation, and you want to be ready to go there.

6:30 p.m.

For dinner, Im making biryaniits a chicken and rice dish, infused. You have to put it in layers, and flavouring in between and you have to grill some onionI dont know what Im doing! It took me almost four years to perfect it, so I only make it on special occasionsor in isolation.Sometimes dinners just sandwiches. One night was just cereal. You have those moments.After I cook dinner, we sit down at the dinner table, and no one is allowed to touch their phone. Its very important that we all sit together, and we have a conversation about what the girls are doing in school.

8 p.m.

We clean up the kitchen and plop down together on the couch. We play a game called Phase Ten and watch TV. Theyre really hooked on Friends right now, so we watch it with them. Were going through all the old school shows with our kids. Were thinking about Saved by the Bell or The Wonder Years next.

11 p.m.

I wash my face, put my creams on and go to bed. But last night I went to sleep with my makeup on. And two nights ago, too. Ive been off of my nighttime ritual. I should get back on it.What Im realizing now is that the amount of time I wasnt able to spend with my family before quarantine. Now that I am, its become very precious to me, to be able to be there for the girls when they need me. Before, it was all that guilt that built on me when I was travelling and not being here. I feel like the older they get the more they need to speak to mom, so in that way, this time has been really great. In the last two or three weeks, Ive spent more time with my girls than I have in a year, because Im always on the road. I am truly grateful for the time we have. I mean, we drive each other crazy once in a while, but thats expected. To see them grow at this age is just spectacular.I cant wait to hug my friends, my family. I love hugging, I used to have a hashtag called #SangiSqueeze, because I squeeze people all the time! I miss the connection with people, and I hope people dont forget to make that connection. We walk down the sidewalk now and people dont even look at you anymore, or we cross the street to be two metres away because we have to. But I hope people dont forget what it means to have a connection and physical contact, and I hope we can get back to that spot.

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