How to Spend it: So you got a gift card to J. Crew

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PerYahoo Finance(and PRNewswire), over 80% of consumers received a gift card during the 2019 holiday season, while gift card sales were up seven percent over 2018s totals. Id be willing to bet that a large percentage of us Dappered readers received some of that fantastic plastic. In this new series titledHow to Spend It, were curating a bunch of items from a selection of stores you might/most likely got a gift card to (some very Dappered-y, some less so because Aunt Karen wasnt sure). Our goal is to show you whats worth it at various price points. You CAN spend it all in one place, dear!

Brand Note: So, uh, hello everyone. My name is Adam and I am a J.Crew addict. Were gathered here today so that I can show you a few examples of why J.Crew is, and has been, my go-to clothing brand since ~2012. Sure, theyve been through their fair share of ups and downs over the past few years, but I believe theyve turned a corner and have cleared some of those quality and price hurdles. You can see some of these changes for yourself if you know what to look for: new labels and tags, better materials, and *slightly* more competitive pricing (believe it or not). Always keep your eyes peeled for their frequent 30-50% off coupons(prices below dont reflect additional discounts, being that J. Crew cycles through promos so fast) and as usual specific pricing, sizes, and availability will often vary greatly, so check your local store or online frequently for the best deals!

Pricing Note: As of post time (2/18/20) J. Crew is running a 30% off select full price, and an additional 50% 60% off select sale items code WEEKEND. That hasnt been taken into account below, being that promos turn over quick at J. Crew, and things live forever on the internet. So Hooray if you get a big discount!

Under $50

J. Crew

TONS of goodies available under $50, especially if youre willing to wait for one of the semi-frequent 40% off sales. Im a big fan of the garment dyed slub cotton tees and snap them up whenever theyre on sale. The white linen pocket square is THE one to own as it goes with practically every suit and sport coat!

Under $100

If were honest, most of the J.Crew staples were familiar with are going to be in the $50-$100 MSRP range. Thats not exactly cheap, but frequent sales can slash the sticker shock a lot. Consider these the first big step up from your Old Navy, Target, or UNIQLO items where youll notice the better fabrics, cuts, and construction. Im especially fond of the chambray shirt, buffalo plaid Oxford, and stretch chinos. I have subjected those to years of very, very frequent wears. The infamous Killshots are now in stock, too, but I prefer the white and green Stan Smiths.

Under $200

J. Crew

The sub-$200 tier is full of interesting jackets, cashmere sweaters, and some great Japanese denim. The Blundstone boots are great options for foul weather or just kicking around the yard with your little Gremlin. Dont be afraid to throw this camo rain jacket in your style rotation camo patterns are very in so long as you wear them as your statement piece to add a pop of color to an otherwise basic, understated outfit.

Under $300

J. Crew

Why $300? Its a great starting point for some nice Goodyear welted shoes or a staple sport coat. We previously reviewed the unstructured wool/cotton jacket and I remember being super impressed with it. Seems like the holiday and post holiday sales crush have limited the stock on these things online as of post time, but you may have luck in store.

Under $500

J. Crew

These are the stretch goals and luxury splurge pieces. Even if you didnt receive a gift card this large, maybe you want to make a sizeable dent in something thats considered investment worthy. Side note: I personally own the Barbour Ashby jacket and its WORTH. IT. Spend a few extra bucks on the matching hood and youll own this forever.

OVER $500

J. Crew

If your wealthy boss Bernie mysteriously kicks the bucket and youre his sole heir, now would be a good time to consider updating some of your basics to some of these eye-wateringly expensive grail worthy pieces. Coat and suits can and will go on sale (although theyre often excluded). Aldens on the other hand? Yeah. Good luck with getting a promo code to apply to those.

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About the Author:Adam Terryis Dappereds resident shoe & denim expert. Hes a thirty-something Technical Trainer in the heating and manufacturing industry. He enjoys bourbon, boots, sneakers, and raw denim. Hes also a new(ish) dad!

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