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Comfort and standout style rolled into one: I give you the ‘jazzigan’

Last time I wrote about the cardigan, I concentrated on its journey from cosy to cool, but over lockdown it has become almost a statement piece. In many ways, it is the perfect clothing item for now. Just think about the ease of slipping it over a T-shirt that has been worn for too many days, or the way it lifts your look, even when that look involves sweat pants and flip-flops.

The psychology of the cardie seems pretty simple: I feel as if I am being cradled, held by non-judgmental arms of support, swaddled like a baby. This seems to be a lot of what comfort dressing is about: when you wake up and it’s another day of restricted mundanity, your clothes become some sort of armour. (In the early days of lockdown, I’d only leave the house wearing a mask and a Yoko Ono style pair of sunglasses making me feel protected from all unknowables, but pretty unapproachable, too.)
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