How to Wear Lace Up Boots

Lace up boots are all the rage right now in fashion and the media. You may have seen your friends, celebrities, or even models wearing different types of lace up boots. If you have a pair of your own but you arent sure how to wear them, try wearing them with skinny jeans or even a pair of leggings to find a style that works for you.


[Edit]Putting on Lace Up Boots

  1. Add tall socks to your boots for a pop of color. If your boots are black or brown and youd like to throw in a pop of color on top of them, wear tall socks that will peak between your boots and pants. If you want to keep a classic look, opt for neutral and toned-down colors, like black, white, or beige.[1]
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    • Some stores sell socks that are specifically made for boots. These are usually thicker and will be easier to pull out of the top of your shoes.
  2. Tie your boots tightly for a comfortable walking shoe. Lace up boots are used for fashion and function. If you want to take a hike in your boots or are planning a long walk, make sure that your boots are tied snugly and fit on your feet well. This will cause less strain on your feet over time.[2]
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  3. Keep your shoelaces loose for a relaxed look. Some boots have shoelaces that can be tied loosely or not at all and still stay on your feet. If you want to look relaxed and fashionable, keep your shoelaces loose and your boots slightly floppy when you wear them.[3]
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[Edit]Styling Flat Lace Up Boots

  1. Look casual by pairing your boots with relaxed fitting jeans. Jeans that are loose fitting imply a more laid-back style. Pair your lace up boots with a relaxed or loose fitting pair of jeans that you can cuff at the bottom to emphasize your shoe.[4]
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  2. Pair your boots with skinny jeans for a chic, stream-lined look. If you want to look put-together and stylish, skinny jeans are the way to go. Pair your boots with a dark-wash skinny jean that will compliment the rest of your outfit.[5]
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    • You can tuck your skinny jeans into your boots, or let them bunch up at the top.
  3. Dress up your boots with a midi skirt and tights. If you are going to an event or just feel like adding some pizzazz to your outfit, you can pair your lace up boots with a midi skirt and tights for a more polished, dressed-up outfit. Try wearing a floral dress with a black or brown pair of boots, or add a pop of color to a neutral dress with boots that have a bright color.[6]
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    • Sheer black tights are a subtle way to dress up your outfit, while tights with a pattern will call attention to your legs.

[Edit]Styling High-Heeled Lace Up Boots

  1. Wear your boots with a dress and tights for semi-formal events. Heeled lace up boots can be paired with a dress if you're going somewhere that calls for a little more formality. Add a pair of tights to elevate your outfit and make it formal enough to wear to weddings, dances, and parties while still allowing for the comfort of a boot.[7]
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  2. Style your boots with loose fitting jeans for a high fashion look. Lace up boots with skinny heels look the best with relaxed fitting jeans. Add a chunky handbag or a large scarf to complete your oversized look.[8]
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    • Wearing oversized clothing can overwhelm your frame if you are petite.
  3. Create a sleek look by pairing your boots with skinny jeans. The contrast between the chunky wedges and the sleek, straight line of skinny jeans creates a dynamic outline that you'll look great in! Choose a dark-wash pair of skinny jeans to go with neutral lace up boots that have a wedge heel.[9]
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  4. Elongate your legs with high-waisted jeans. Heeled boots are going to add length to your legs, but if you want your legs to look even longer, pairing your high heel lace up boots with high-waisted jeans will do just that. Choose jeans that go up to your belly button and wear them with your lace up boots.[10]
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    • Accentuate your waist by tucking in your shirt or adding a belt to your jeans.

[Edit]Picking Outfits for Lace Up Knee High Boots

  1. Emphasize your legs by wearing a midi dress or skirt. Midi dresses and skirts hit at mid thigh, which means your legs and your boots will be accentuated. Wear your lace up knee high boots with a dress or skirt to events where you want to look both casual and stylish, like birthday parties or housewarming get-togethers.[11]
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    • Knee high boots with midi dresses and skirts are not quite formal enough for very fancy events.
  2. Pair your knee high lace up boots with jeans to cover up. If you like the look of knee high lace up boots but you dont want to show off a ton of leg, pull them on over a pair of your favorite skinny jeans. Your boots will still accentuate your legs, but youll stay covered up.[12]
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  3. Show off your boots while staying warm by wearing an overcoat. If its the winter time but you still want to use your boots to make a statement, pair them with a large overcoat that stops just above the top of your boots. People will still be able to see them as you walk, and it will be the first thing they notice as they see you.[13]
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    • Try to get an overcoat that isnt the same exact color as your boots, or it could wash you out.
  4. Mix comfort and fashion by wearing your boots over leggings. Lace up boots are great to pull on over tight-fitting leggings. Wear patterned leggings with neutral colored boots, or mix it up and add a pop of color with a bright pair of lace up boots.[14]
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    • Wear an oversized scarf or sweater to stay cozy and complete your look.


  • Try on your outfits in front of a full-length mirror so you can see yourself from head to toe.



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