I don’t know bout ya’all but #lockdown was great on my palate, not so great on my hips #hipsforrealsdontlie

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Yhooooooo Yhoooo Yhooooo

I fell into the banana bread trap and made a loaf with #zakariyyanoah18 right in the beginning of lockdown. I tried Mexican and Japanese and Cape Malay[1] vibes and it was all going well till I put a jeans on. Uh-oh…Long story short (and round) I picked up the 7 kilograms I had lost in the two months leading up to lockdown. It doesn’t help that Faeez loves being in the kitchen; and whatever he makes is so lekkkkkkerrrrrrrrr[2]!

Did I enjoy all that food, yes!

Did I cry after I picked up the weight, hell yes!

Do I regret it, YES and NO!

Yes because losing weight is no joke!

NO because I had so much fun with Zakariyya making all these treats #inthenoahkitchen and I distinctly remember how happy I was when I rolled my first frushi roll (fried sushi) lol! The memories are great, the tummy rolls not so great.

You know it’s bad when your son exclaims “Ooooh mommy, you’re so soft!” Thanks my child, thanks *rollseyes*

Anyhoo it is what it is. I cannot go back and choose a salad over a crunchie. But something did happen along the way to make me stop in my track“pants” and make some serious changes (more about that in a later post, I promise). For now, if you want to see what we made and ate over the first few months of lockdown then scroll down to see all kinds of deliciousness and where to find the recipe, if I followed one :)

The first batch of cookies I made during lockdown using a @fatima_sydow_cooks recipe. They were a complete flop but this was a terrible “schooling from home” day so we baked cookies together to make up for the shitty day we had.

The first time Zakariyya made and ate pumpkin fritters.

Very serious for this banana bread and rightfully so; it was delicious!

Anas was so restless this night. I decided to make koesisters [3] (also who decides this when their less than 3 month old baby does not want to sleep???) Five minutes into the koesister making exercise and in his Ubuntu baby carrier and he was a goner. I ended up making the mixture, raising the dough, shaping and frying after midnight with a baby attached to me. This is a very easy recipe from @fatima_sydow_cooks
Check out her Instagram® page, recipe books and spice range that has just hit the shelves in South Africa.

I got this recipe from @rafiqas_kitchen_diaries on Instagram® Super soft and moist and real old school Cape Malay snowballs. I was surprised how quick and easy this was. Check out her page for awesome recipes

A @cooked.inc recipe using my most beloved @instantpotsa Never ever has #boeber been this easy

¡Hola! Burrito

Faeez had #pwaasa lissies this night and #homemade hit the spot

I am not a lover of a sweet breakfast but the one flapjack I did manage to eat was super yummy!

I am not one to make something out of a box but this was surprisingly tasty and quick to make. If you are pressed for time in the Ramadaan then this is a quick fix from @spicemeccaza for the #boeka table

My absolute favorite but my Archilles heel was this damn #crunchie. Best I have ever had but pure butter and sugar is bound to land up somewhere; this time my ass. I found this in @naqiyah_mayat Instagram® stories but not sure if its on her feed. Be warned, these are so addictive *drool*

I told Faeez I was craving this even though I had never eaten something like this before

When my body was like ” Damn girl, gimme soup”

I attended a virtual Asian cooking workshop with the most talented Mariam from @cooked.inc
I cooked along and had this super soft and flavoursome Mongolian Beef dish for Sunday lunch #biesmillahmalekker

Faeez was next level with this cake. It had fresh strawberry juice and pulp in the cake batter, strawberry meringue frosting and then the fresh strawberries chilling on top.

By now you will know we like Mexican food :)

I had the most fun making this. I had attended a sushi-rolling class many years but never attempted it until 2020. The frying part was also new to me but my cuz helped me with that with very descriptive Whatsapp voicenotes, Thanks Amirah x
I found this Youtube video online to help as well

These baked potatoes deserved an Instagram® feed for themselves.Very decadent and yet again, Faeez outdid himself

[1] Cape + Malay. A. noun phrase A member of a predominantly Afrikaans-speaking and Muslim group being partly descended from slaves or political exiles sent to the Cape in the 17th and 18th centuries from Indonesia, India, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Malaysia, and Madagascar; Cape Muslim noun phrase; Malay noun sense 1

[2] Adjective good; pleasant. “the lekker local flavour of South Africa”

[3] A koe’sister or koesister is a traditional Cape Malay pastry often described as a spicy dumpling with a cake-like texture, finished off with a sprinkling of coconut. 

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