I’m sure we all recall an exceptionally ugly and impractical piece of furniture

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We have all seen clothes that once worn would ruin our reputation forever. What if we tried to put all the examples together? Would you manage not to laugh? The authors of Ugly Design find such fashion and architecture ‘masterpieces’ and share them with the rest of the world. Are you ready for a big dose of hilarious fails? Make sure you see the entire gallery!
#1 It was supposed to be original. I guess it is in a way…
©uglydesign/instagram#2 Everything boils down to appropriate working place design
©uglydesign/instagram#3 Let’s just hope your guests will never see you cooking
©uglydesign/instagram#4 One of the safest USB drive stashes ever
©uglydesign/instagram#5 In case you get hungry, some food is always at hand
©uglydesign/instagram[#6 Professional finger nail care is not an easy job at all
©uglydesign/instagram#7 When you give up smoking, even the curtains remind you of the bad habit
©uglydesign/instagram#8 What kind of alcohol are they having?
©uglydesign/instagram#9 Every girl dreams of having a pink inflated coffin
©uglydesign/instagram#10 You will never forget to brush your teeth again
©uglydesign/instagram#11 If some blouses do not follow the rules of symmetry, why do trousers have to do it?
©uglydesign/instagram#12 It does not look fresh at all
©uglydesign/instagram#13 Don’t we all keep toothbrushes between our toes?
©uglydesign/instagram#14 Oh yes, this one is really seductive
©uglydesign/instagram#15 A must for egg lovers. They will look perfect in your living room
©uglydesign/instagram#16 How many pairs of shoes can you fit in there?
©uglydesign/instagram#17 Let’s see what the Johnsons are having for dinner today
©uglydesign/instagram#18 A circle of rock and meat
©uglydesign/instagram#19 Have you got a lighter?
©uglydesign/instagram#20 The baby heads from horror movies coming back again
©uglydesign/instagramWhich image did you like the most? The single-leg pants one was my favorite!

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