If you are a new mom, you will find that one thing you often have too much of for your baby is clothing

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Some times you have so much that you find your baby doesn’t even have the chance to wear something before they grow out of it.
Many people love to give baby clothes for baby showers or as gifts for a new baby. If you are a second time (or more) mom, this still rings true – people just love to pick out tiny little clothes for your new baby even though you probably don’t need them. And in this newly minted minimalist lifestyle that many people are committing to (thanks, Marie Kondo), many parents are trying to limit the amount of clothing they keep in their house for their kids. But how are you supposed to know exactly how many pairs of pants, pairs of shoes, onesies, and pajama sets to have? One way is to create a wardrobe capsule.
What is a Wardrobe Capsule?
One way to help pair down the number of clothes your baby has is to create a wardrobe capsule. A wardrobe capsule is basically a set number of staple clothing items in your closet that you can rotate regularly. They are generally simple in color and design so that you are able to pair items together easily, creating several different outfit options out of just a few items.

There are several different examples of wardrobe capsules that can be found online. The wardrobe capsule for an adult will look different for than that of a baby as there are different needs for babies and adults (after all, there aren’t many adults that need to make sure they have a couple of onesies in their drawers). But in general, wardrobe capsules will recommend that you have a set number of different clothing items like pants, shirts, sweaters, and pajamas for regular everyday wear.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule- depending on your lifestyle and your needs, you may need different items on hand. For example, you may need some formal wear options if you regularly attend special events. And your baby may need some extra onesies if they spit up constantly. What you add to your wardrobe capsule is up to you, and many of the capsule suggestions are just that- suggestions. The main idea of a wardrobe capsule, whether it’s for your or your baby, is to limit the number of items you have in your closet so you don’t become overwhelmed with the amount of clothing, and so you can more readily invest in sustainable and eco-friendly clothing items.
What Should Be in Your Baby’s Wardrobe Capsule?
Are you wondering what items you should have in your baby’s wardrobe capsule? A simple search online will give you several examples, but here is what we, as experienced mothers ourselves, suggest:
Leggings- 3 to 4 pairs Onesies- 5 to 6 for newborns and infants, 3-4 for toddlers Zip up PJs- 3 pairs Sweaters- 2 to 3 sweaters T-Shirts- 5 to 6 for newborns and infants, 3-4 for toddlers Dresses- 2 to 3 dresses Rompers- 2 to 3 rompers Shorts- 3 to 4 pairs Baby Hats- 1 beach/active hat, 1 everyday hat Shoes- 2 to 3 pairs for walking babies Swimwear- 1 to 2 suits Bibs- 3 to 5, maybe up to 7 for baby’s who are teething
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What to Look for in Eco-Friendly Baby Clothes

Nowadays, some brands label themselves as “green” or “eco-friendly” when they aren’t actually produced with sustainable materials or in environmentally friendly ways. It is important to consider eco-friendly clothing when it comes to your children because babies’ skin is extremely sensitive. Blended fabrics and fast-fashion clothing are often made with harmful chemicals that can cause skin irritation for your little ones. Additionally, much of this clothing is made in ways that are extremely toxic or harmful to the environment, releasing toxins into the air and using large amounts of water. When it comes to clothing, there are few things you should look for to ensure that the clothing you are investing in is actually ec0-friendly.
Organic cotton or fabrics like TENCEL, hemp, linen, and bamboo are good options as they are often produced in more sustainable ways. Look for non-toxic labels like Oeko-Tex, BlueSign, GOTS, and Ecocert Research the brands to see how they produce their clothing to ensure that you are not supporting companies that utilize child labor, dangerous labor practices, and have safe working conditions for their employees.
How to Best Recycle Baby Clothes

Eventually your baby, sadly, will grow up and grow out of their clothing. You will have to decide at that point how to get rid of the clothes that no longer fit and how to replenish your baby’s wardrobe capsule. Of course, if you plan to add to your family you can store the clothes for use for your next baby. Eco-friendly clothing is great for passing down to siblings because it is often more durable than fast-fashion clothing, giving it more uses and wear. However, if you are not having more children or simply do not have the space to store old clothing, there are few options to help you pair down your child’s closet when they get too bi:
Yard sale/sell online Kids consignment sales Consignment shops Donate to women’s shelters Have your favorite baby items made into a keepsake – Pokidots allows you to customize and create beautiful artwork using a special piece of clothing from their wardrobe. We can’t rave about them enough!
It is highly recommended that you do not throw away clothing. Clothing that is thrown away simply ends up in our landfills and destroys our natural resources because it often takes years to biodegrade, if it does at all.
Best Eco-Friendly Brands for Your Baby’s Wardrobe Capsule

Beya Made

Leggings that aren’t leggings? These cute pants from Beya Made are made from the same 100% organic cotton as regular leggings but their style and design make them look like “regular” pants. This way your baby can be stylish yet comfortable enough to crawl, walk, and play easily.



Lamaze Organic Baby Leggings Set

Neutral leggings that can be paired with a variety of outfit options are a must-have for your baby’s wardrobe. These 100% organic cotton leggings from Lamaze Organics give you several options with neutral colors and simple designs. They have a variety of colors for boys, girls, and that is gender neutral so you can stack your baby’s wardrobe with just a few options yet have endless outfit pairings.


MilkBarn Organic Cotton Leggings

The only time people who can get away with patterned leggings and still look cute are babies. These adorable MilkBarn leggings are sweet and silly, but also super comfortable as they are made from 100% organic cotton. The elastic waistband and ankles make moving around easy and agile, so baby won’t feel restricted as they crawl, walk, and play.

KYTE BABY Bodysuit

These KYTE BABY onesies are a staple in any baby’s wardrobe. You always need a few simple and plain onesies to have on hand, and these ones from KYTE BABY come in a variety of neutral color packs. And since they are made with 100% organic cotton, they are durable and soft to wear every single day.


Simma Newborn Unisex Bamboo Onesies

The Simma Organics onesie is made with organic bamboo, meaning that it is soft, durable, and sustainable. They are unisex, so they can be worn by boys or girls, and they have a variety of sweet designs with cute characters and colors.


Spunky Stork 

Who doesn’t love a baby in a punny onesie? Spunky Stork has silly and sweet onesies, tees, and even mommy-and-me sets that will have everyone smiling when they see the cute and witty sayings on you baby’s belly.


Zip-Up PJs

Boody Eco-Wear

Boody Eco-Wear makes 100% eco-friendly and organic cotton clothing. These zip-up pajamas come in a variety of neutral colors that make it easy to have on hand for your little ones and any siblings that might come after. The zip-up feature makes diaper changes simple, especially with squirmy babies.


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Burt’s Bees Unisex Baby Sleeper

Burt’s Bees organic cotton pajamas are lightweight and cozy. Your little one will love sleeping and hanging out in these comfortable and soft pajamas.


Lamaze Organic Baby ZipUp Pajamas

These sweet zip-up pajamas from Lamaze Organics are made with 100% organic cotton and have a convenient zip-up feature that makes diaper changes easy. They will keep your little one cozy and warm at night without the additional loose blankets that can make sleep dangerous, and the footies keep their toes warm.



Burts Bees Lightweight Baby Sweaters

This Burt’s Bees lightweight hoodie jacket is great for playdates or errand running. It is thin enough to be worn in a car seat but warm enough to wear on chilly days. It is another staple to have your child’s wardrobe capsule.


Dordor & Gorgor Organic Baby Cardigan

This cute cardigan is a great staple to have in your child’s wardrobe capsule. The neutral color goes with just about anything and its a perfect option to have on hand when you are out and about or to keep in your diaper bag as an extra to have on hand.


O2 Baby Organic Cotton Sweater

This sweat pom-pom sweater from O2 Baby Organics is a cotton knit sweater that is lightweight yet will give your baby warmth on chilly days. The hood adds extra protection and warmth during the fall and winter months, and the neutral color makes it a great option for boys or girls.



Spunky Stork Love Monster T-Shirt

A cute tee with funny sayings? There isn’t anything sweeter to see on your little ones. Spunky Stork has several funny and witty t-shirts and onesies for babies, toddlers, and even mommy-and-me sets. They are a great option to have in your child’s wardrobe capsule, especially if your family loves puns and dad jokes.


art & eden Baby Girl Organic Cotton T-Shirt

This swing-style shirt from art & eden is an easy addition to your child’s wardrobe. The shoulder snaps make it easier to take on and off over your baby’s head without making it too uncomfortable for them. It is made from 100% organic cotton and low-impact dyes, making it a great eco-friendly option.


KIDENTIAL Organic Cotton T-Shirts

This KIDENTIAL 100% organic cotton t-shirt is just one of many colors of tees available. A few of these are staples in your child’s wardrobe. They are perfect for lounging around the house or for playdates at the park.



Beya Made Sweet as April Linen Dress

If you’re looking for something that will keep your little one cool during the hot summer months, this linen dress from Beya Made is perfect. It is ultra-lightweight but also super adorable. It can be worn for anything from picnics at the park to special events. It is a must-have for your little one’s closet.


Little Lentil Pocket Dress

This everyday pocket dress from Little Lentil is a cute staple to have in your baby’s wardrobe capsule. The bright yellow is great for spring, summer, and even the fall and the 100% organic cotton makes it cool enough to wear even on the hottest days.


Touched by Nature Organic Cotton Dress and Cardigan

This Touched by Nature dress and cardigan combination is great for special events like a birthday party or graduation. They have several different colors and combinations, so you can find the perfect dress to have on hand for a variety of events.



Beya Made

No one loves a good overall like a mom dressing up her little one. Every little babe looks cute in them! This gingham romper by Beya Made is unisex and gender-neutral so a little boy or a little girl can wear it. It is made from 100% organic cotton. Simply put a little t-shirt or onesie underneath (or don’t for those super hot days!) and you have a cute addition to your baby’s wardrobe capsule.


Burt’s Bees Baby Rompers

Little boys look adorable in rompers and they are a quick outfit to have on hand since you don’t have to pair it with anything else. These ones from Burt’s Bees are a great option to have in your diaper bag in case of an emergency since it’s a whole outfit in one piece of clothing. They are also good options for the summertime.


Lamaze Organic Baby Romper

This cute romper is a great option for the springtime and the hotter months as we roll into summer. It will keep your little girl cool but also keep her knees protected if she is a crawler. The snap buttons make diaper changes, well, a snap, too.



Boody Body Baby EcoWear Pull-On Shorts

These Boody Baby Pull-On Shorts are comfortable and perfect for under a dress or worn alone. They are made from 100% organic cotton and come in a variety of neutral colors so you can get a few options to wear with regular, everyday outfits.


Lamaze Organic Baby Shorts

Looking for a comfortable pair of everyday shorts for your little boy or a little girl? Some shorts designs are uncomfortable for babies, especially if they are learning to crawl or are already crawlers. These cotton shorts are not only easy to move in but they are also cool and comfortable. They come in a variety of colors and styles for boys and girls.


Lamaze Organic Baby Shorts

Shorts like these are a staple for the summertime or for those who live in hot climates. Lamaze Organic is made with 100% organic cotton and this style is a great option for little girls.



Indi by Kishu Baby Infinity Scarf Drool Bibs

These adorable infinity scarves from Kishu Baby are super cute and trendy for everyday wear. The neutral colors go well with any outfit. They are made with 100% organic cotton and are great for drooly babes who are cutting teeth.


KeaBabies Organic Cotton Bandana Drool Bibs

These bandana-style bibs are great to wear with any outfit as they are stylish yet protect from those days of intense drool due to cutting teeth. They are perfect to have on hand for everyday use.


green sprouts Muslin Bibs

Muslin is super soft and becomes softer with every wash, so these colorful bibs will quickly become a favorite. They are great for mealtime (although they do stain easily) or to wear during the day to protect from drool.


A wardrobe capsule is a great way to minimize the amount of clothing you have for your child without feeling overwhelmed or wasteful. It provides a steady rotation of outfits that spaces out your days doing laundry without overwhelming your closets and drawers. There is a science behind being happier with less stuff- studies have been conducted about how clutter can cause anxiety, especially for moms. So here’s to fewer baby clothes and less anxiety what to do with all these clothes.


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