If You Want More Women in Your Life, You Must Accept This Tough Truth

My learning curve with women was a rollercoaster. A road filled with never-ending ups and downs.

I couldn’t ask for a wilder ride in that sense.

I wrote an entire ebook about all the lessons I learned in 10 years (it’s free, get it here).

When I started going out and talking to girls, I didn’t know what to expect.
It’s like floating in space alone. Everything is pitch black. You don’t see a path and have no idea what to do next.

So you do anything. And hope for the best.

This was back in 2010. The dating industry was even more ignorant, and the knowledge was limited.

Through all this, I realized one universal truth for getting women. It applies to every area of life.

You can’t get women with no risk

Everything is dangerous. Risky.

You risk accidents every time you get on the road.
Someone can steal your car that’s parked outside while you sleep.

Or break into your house while you’re at work. Random sex is risky; the girl can get pregnant.

You take risks every day. You can’t live without risk. There’s no success without risk.

Making money is risky. No sale is ever made without a salesman risking getting a “no” from the prospect. No guy ever got a well-paying job without the risk of getting rejected on an interview.

With women, you risk getting hurt, one way or another. I risked looking like an idiot for years. I approached dozens of girls before I had any success.

I risked getting rejected after a minute, five minutes, a week or a month. Heck, I still get rejected.

Whenever I approached a girl or dated her, my emotions were on the line.

And believe me when I say I felt a lot of pain. It hurts like a MOTHERFUCKER. With time, you risk less since it’s no longer a big deal for you.

But the truth is, there’s no way around it. No trick or method that’ll help you minimize risk with women.

Do you want more women? Good. Accept the fact you’ll have to risk your emotions.

Men shit their pants with women

I keep hearing women say, “Men don’t approach women any more. It simply doesn’t happen.

Most men would instead meet girls through apps from the comfort of their homes. It is the “golden age” of meeting women when you think about it that way.

Apps like OkCupid lets you screen girls by body type. I’m not kidding. What else can a guy ask for.

It’s almost a “personal delivery “system for getting women.

But men pay for this comfort with their balls. They wouldn’t risk anything. Ask a guy to approach a girl in a bar, and he’ll freeze.

He won’t do anything. I bet half of them will make excuses, like “The girls here are ugly”. At best, he’ll tell you, “Forget it”.

Their fear and ego blind them. They won’t put their feelings on the line. Or the “reputation” they have in the eyes of their friends.

The less ego you have, the better you see reality, the better decisions you’ll make, and the better your life gets.

In my eyes, one of the greatest things a guy can say is, “You know what, let’s give it a shot. If I fucked up, all good. I’ll learn from it.”

Since men don’t talk to women in public anymore, it’s easy to stand out.
It’s your opportunity to give them an experience they never had before.

Something real. Exciting. Something they’ll be happy to tell their friends about. Something they’ll be glad to get more of.

Do or die

It’s binary. You either do it or you don’t.

Guys willing to go through the hardship make it sooner or later.
The ones who stand and watch are left with their dicks in their hands.

“Most of the gains in life come from suffering in the short term so you can get paid in the long term”- Naval Ravikant

Our brains trick us into overvaluing the choice with short-term happiness.
That’s what happens when a guy is thinking of approaching a girl.
We’d rather stay in our comfort zones and not risk anything. That’s our tendency.

The problem is, there’s no growth there. Part of growth is pain; it’s doing difficult things.

When you start lifting weights, it’s painful. You feel every little muscle doing its best to perform. You push yourself to the limit, and it isn’t always fun.

But you do it since you don’t grow by lifting weights which are too easy.
It simply doesn’t work. You can go to the gym five times a week and train at a low weight for hours.

You won’t get anywhere. You’ll look the same, feel the same, and ultimately stay the same.

So lean towards pain and difficulty. I’m not saying to become a masochist. Just don’t take the easy way out.


I was a shy guy who couldn’t do shit with girls. But I built myself with time, consistency of action, and the belief things will get better. They did. Don’t think getting women is something only a small percentage of men can do. With enough patience, you can do this too.

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