Keep Cool and Dry With The Best Cooling Body Powder for Men

Advice for keeping cool in warm weather typically focuses on your outer layers — we’re told to wear light, breathable layers and protect ourselves from the sun. But that advice can fall a little short when it comes to taking care of “down there.” Sweat and chafing can be a great source of discomfort throughout the day, but a lot of guys are understandably wary of talking about it. And unfortunately, the discomfort doesn’t stop in the warm months. Wearing thick, heavy pants in winter may keep you warm, but it can result in the same overheating you thought you were getting away from.

It used to be that the only solution for keeping dry was talcum powder, which is messy and can lead to overdrying. Fortunately, many skincare companies are wising up to this specific but widespread need, and there are now plenty of brands that make body powder that keeps you dry in a mess-free and convenient way. And since plenty of men what they put on their body pretty seriously, many of these options focus on using all-natural ingredients and are free of talc and parabens.

If you need a little extra help keeping cool than most body powders provide, we’ve focused on body powders that feature a cooling sensation. Many of these use menthol for cooling, but others use more gentle, less intense ingredients. Either way, they’ll keep you cool and dry, no matter the season. These are the ones to get.


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