Kelly Dodd Hints She’s Filming A New Reality TV Show Following Firing From Real Housewives

Kelly Dodd Hints She’s Filming A New Reality TV Show Following RHOC Firing

I know what you’re thinking — why is Kelly Dodd still getting any attention following her firing from the Real Housewives of Orange County. Trust me, I feel the same — I’d love nothing more than to never have to write Kelly Fraud’s name ever again. But unfortunately, Kelly is thirsty for attention and it’s obvious she and Rick Leventhal need to find some way to make a buck after both losing their jobs. We all just have to be patient, the day will come when Kelly will truly be completely and totally irrelevant. Someday, kids, someday.

Kelly, to no surprise, has NOT taken the time since she was booted from RHOC to reflect on her bad behavior that got her the pink slip in the first place. No, she blames Braunwyn Windham-Burke and her conservative viewpoints for that. My eyes cannot roll any further back into my head. And she’s too busy saying every nasty thing in the book about her former co-stars and trying not to get sued by Heather Dubrow’s lawyers. Thank god Fancy Pants is making a return — I don’t think I could handle another second of Kelly or Braunwyn on my TV.

Kelly always does the most, so it’s not surprising she’s acting like she’s a hot commodity for another TV show now that she joins the ranks of fired Real Housewives. Reality Blurb reports that Kelly apparently hinted that she’s got a new show coming up.

Kelly posted a series of Instagram stories from a mansion (that doesn’t belong to her) filled with cameramen. She literally made it a point to make sure alllll of her 15 fans saw the camera crew surrounding her. “There’s camera people here [filming] a show that might be happening very, very soon,” she said. “There’s things happening… things happening here.” Alright, Scheana Shay, calm down.


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And then Rick is seen in her stories to also explicitly point out the camera crew around him. “Oh, there’s a show happening,” Rick said. “I’m just showing you about the show. The show that’s gonna happen for everyone,” Kelly said.

These two are a match-made in delusional heaven. If I had to bet, Kelly probably hired a few men with cameras to film some lame content for YouTube or something similar. But who even knows what strings Kelly pulled to get in front of a camera again. All I know is that I will NOT be tuning in. And based on last year’s RHOC viewership, it seems like plenty of Bravoholics are with me on that. Team Fancy Pants for Life. 


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